The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I’m a Spoiled Kitty



My Sweet Pirate got some shiny chrome for me!  Arm rests…with a cup holder so I can have my water with me…after our experience with heat stroke several years ago, we always carry water and wear long-sleeve white shirts when we ride.  He almost lost me that trip!


We also have a running joke that whenever we’re riding through boring scenery, such as through the Mojave desert, well…I tend to fall asleep back there!  So now Pirate can run bungee cord through the arm rests and around the tour-pack.  No Kitty is gonna fall off the back of Pirate’s bike!

I went for a ride in the truck yesterday for the first time since we got her back…um…can you say “Hot Rod?”  Sure, I knew ya could!  WOW!!  There is a little computer on the dash now called “Black Maxx” and there’s a new cold-air box under the hood.  We go fast now!  The mechanic let us in on the little secret that our truck was made to race in the ‘underground’ diesel-racing circuit!?!?!  He warned us NOT to engage the turbos while pulling the Gypsy Rose…cuz we may not be able to stop!  Pirate summed it up best, “Da Beast can pull the face off of a house now!”

I can’t get over how QUIET the truck runs now…truly amazing.  She doesn’t wanna stay under 45 mph, though….and that’s not good in town, lol!  We were actually coasting at 35 mph!

The community continues to support our dear family that lost their little boy.  I’m still in awe of our younger folks…whomever tries to say that the youth of today are headed in the wrong direction is going to get an earfull from me!  I can personally vouch for over 150 of them in this one community…and it makes my heart glad.

I found more of those ‘snap hangers’ yesterday, so I’ll take photos as I hang more of our treasures on the walls of the Gypsy Rose today.  We also got a phone call from one of our circle of riding buddies yesterday.  He wanted the name of the park we’re staying at this winter…he finally pulled the trigger on a toyhauler!  He will be coming down to Arizona to join us after Christmas with his grandchildren in the Spokane area.  See what we started?!  And all because I dared to dream….

Tomorrow we head to my orthopedic surgeon for a 90 day check-up.  For the meds I must take, I still need to see my doc every 90 days, so we’ll be using those air miles finally.  We figure I’ll have to fly twice a year alone while Pirate stays wherever we happen to be with the kids.  Then I’ll stay with my folks for a week and see old friends, etc.  Hopefully my daughter will travel to her grandparents during those trips, too! =)

I do need to speak with my doc about my meds, as I’m between a rock and a hard place trying to get my script filled each month once we’re on the road.  I may have to go to a different schedule of pain medications. 

I know it will all work out…everything else sure has so far, so no worries! Less than 30 days and we’ll be out there with you guys!!


  1. Okay, here's the deal. Now, you will get better mileage IF you can keep your foot out of it. Kind of a paradox, isn't it?

  2. LOL!! We did an experiment yesterday...had to drive 172 miles to my doc...we got 17 mpg! Of course, that was with no trailer and he kept to the speed limit. There were some mighty choice back roads, but we resisted the urge...this time, ha ha!