The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Sunday, February 20, 2011

YouTube - Joye 510 PT

YouTube - Joye 510 PT

Video demo of our newest addition to the family!! We are both so pleased with it, and now Pirate has no excuse to go back to the analogs, hee hee!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Joye 510 Passthrough | Joye510 Pass-Thru

Joye 510 Passthrough | Joye510 Pass-Thru

WOW!! Tons and tons of vapor! This Kitty is so darned happy now. I think this is going to be the answer for our favorite Pirate, too. Loverly Vapor, I love you!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Talk with our CPA went well

I'm putting off going to the grocery store because I'm really hurting pretty badly today and am trying to suck it up...just need a bit more time for my morphine  to kick in, lol.  You can kinda see how gross my neck is in this pic, I just sucks!

I am so looking forward to getting the pass through in the mail...hoping it's today! If it is, I'll do a video of it so you can see it.  I'm also getting excited for my Mrs. T's Bakery e-juice to get here....yummy flavors, PG/VG mix, so we'll see how the throat hit and vapor production is.

It still baffles me that my appetite isn't going crazy.  Every other time I've quit, I gain 1-15 lbs, get discouraged and start smoking again.  I seriously can't get over how easy this is!  Ha ha...we'll see when I go down to 0 nic about the appetite, as nicotine does suppress.

Pirate met with our CPA/friend yesterday and he said we're right on track as far as how to structure taking out the 401k, etc.  So, we're all set! YAY! I can't wait to purchase the RV!!  Soon!!

OK, guess I'd bettered get with it here...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vaping is my new hobby, LOL!

Well, it's been 28 days of vaping today.  I couldn't be happier to give up these nasty, nasty cigs.  I have found that Blu, while their marketing is pretty slick and they have 'bright shiny objects' which attract kitties of all kinds, their product just does not hold up.  I'm kinda sorry I went off about now.

If you are a heavy smoker, Blu just ain't gonna do it for ya.  Just won't.  The batteries don't last as long as they claim, their site has 'testimonials' from the same people on at least 2 other sites I found (with different pictures, of course, of course)'s not even keeping Pirate off the analogs, and he's a light smoker.  

I had to order a new starter kit, and still ordered another two batteries.  It's the only way to limp thru with Blu...that could be their new advertising campaign:  Trying to quit? Limp thru...with Blu!!

I ordered 2 510 pass through's for us...USB keeps you powered, and since it does have a battery ( a nice BIG one) you can break away from your power source for an extended time.  You can even hook it up to a car charger and vape in the rig, but if your unit then won't turn on...remove the battery for a few and replace.  Something about the polarity not working with all car chargers??

I plan to use the pass through mostly, with the Blu as back up or for situations where the pass through isn't practical.  Mainly will use the Blu when we're out and about.  Thank goodness we have 6 batteries or it would be a very short journey.

Please note, while I am disappointed in Blu's long-term performance, I am not disappointed with vaping.  Since most folks smoke because they like to smoke, I figure I will probably wean down to 0 nic and still vape for that hand-to-mouth issue.  

This is the first time I've 'quit' and not gained weight!! I am very happy about that!  Even though things taste SO much better now, my appetite isn't raging like usual.  

Totally in love with vaping, the peeps on the forums and you tube...what a wonderful community.  It's almost like that 'bonding' that smokers have carried over to vaping.  Thanks, Guys! =D

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vaping across the Lower 48

I got my 'e-juice' from Johnson Creek...WOW!!  I still can't believe how easy this is...It is SO nice not to be slave to ciggers. I get to NOT stink all over my Bella tonight, too.  

So far, every flavor of juice we have tried is awesome...not a dud in the group.  And it really, really stretches the $$, too!

Still no word on when they'll be letting Pirate go...hoping it's SOON so we can buy the 'Hauler!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I’m here to say, “My Mommy isn’t smoking anymore! Shoutin’ from da rooftops!”



I’ve avoided over 300 cigarettes! Wahoo! That’s way cool.  Saved over $50, but spent much more than that so far…should flip the other way here in another couple of weeks.  I can’t put a dollar amount on my health, though.  I’m sleeping better, don’t stink! and my stamina is returning.  It’s easier to breath, I’m not panting at the top of the stairs…yeah!!


I did order another set of batteries for myself, as I find I am a ‘chain vaper!’ lol!!  I just wish a battery would last longer than 20 minutes…


We still haven’t heard from Pirate’s boss, so we still do not have a time frame.  We plan to be outta here soon, hoping May, but for sure by September.  Can’t wait to see YOU on the road!