The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Da Beast gets a ride

It was a lil emotional to see her loaded up and hauled off!  I sure wasn't expecting to feel so sad...but the truck will get fixed, and now we have more ammunition for the condo board to trim that darned tree out street side!!

So, sold the car:  check.  Truck outta commish:  check  Motorcycle going to the shop (scheduled maintainance) tomorrow:  check.  Kitty home alone with no transportation:  check  Son lives two blocks away:  check  Okey Dokey?  CHECK!!  I'll be fine...I have plenty of candy for my  pockies and tons on dog treats!

I think Willie, Scooter, and I will stay out in the RV tomorrow night while Pirate is gone.  Sounds like a sleepover!!

Seriously, we are just thankful that the truck CAN be fixed, and it won't cost us $3000 to do it.  Well, I mean, cost Ford.  I 'may' end up calling them and begging for a loaner.  Pirate says they won't because they didn't sell us the vehicle, but all they can say is no, so I'll try it.  Wish me Blessings!!

And bottom line, after our fellow RVer/Blogger friends lost their Mobile Suites 5er in a freak fire...we're REALLY counting our blessings.  Someone ALWAYS has a harder row to hoe.  ALWAYS!!

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  1. Funny, I had a similar post, yesterday. Isn't it amazing how a little gratitude and humility can change your whole attitude?
    Wishing you blessings AND favor,