The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cottonwood, AZ

We found a really neat little spot here for two days.  We'd tried finding a place as we came into Flagstaff, but it seemed I had trouble either getting someone on the phone, or the published number was wrong, etc.  We parked at a Lutheran Church when it got dark and were up and out before 7 am.  I called Turquoise last night and not only did they answer right away, but they were the friendliest folks I've talked to in some time!  That's saying a lot, because I sure know lots of friendly people.  They we waiting for us when we pulled in.  They lead us to our spot, noticed that a tree limb was in the way and removed it on the spot so we could back out into an better spot.  They moved their picnic area so we could fit our monster in!  Turquoise Triangle

We're paying for two nights what we paid for one at Zion's Park.  There aren't many amenities, but we don't mind.  It's so quaint here.  It reminds me of my mother's garden, with lots and lots of whimsical signs, lawn ornaments, flowers, trees, quite areas to relax in the shade.  Not someplace for kids, as there isn't a playground.  There are mainly permanent residents, some in older rigs, but everything is clean and kept up.

What impresses us the most is the customer service!  They wanted no deposit via credit card last night on the phone, and when I went in to pay I was given a treasure trove of literature about the area along with the sweetest little note-pad holder with slots for the little arrows in various colors to tag pages, etc.  Also two very, very nice pens.  I know, some wouldn't give two hoots over these, but to me it showed how hard they are trying in today's environment.  With the attitude and friendliness they show, I'd stay here even if it was just a parking lot.  I just love all the little touches, and everywhere you look, you discover another hidden goodie...a gnome over here, a kitty, an eagle, oh...there's a fox and a cougar! Oh, My!  This old hippy biker chick's kinda spot, for sure.

I know I'll see so many by the time April rolls around, but I saw my first wild little litty bitty lizards today!  If Miss Tracie or Number One Son Tony were here, we'd have to check dresser drawers and closets for pickle jars full of new 'pets.'  Tracie and I laughed about that tonight on the phone.  She 'rescued' frogs and such so much as a never quite knew exactly what she was up to at times.  Some of the things she's told me now that she's an adult!!  LOL!!

We are staying through to Saturday morning, with around 100 miles left to go to Buckeye, AZ.  Tomorrow, we are going to ride to Jerome and play around the area.  There are a ton of activities near, including Montezuma's Castle.  Not sure where we'll end up, but I do know we will have fun!

Thanks for sharing your time with us...I'll have pictures of more than lizards tomorrow...perhaps!  =)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

While I've wifi access....

Willie in his tube 
 Pirate washing windows at a fuel stop
 Willie in his Go-Kitty Bag on my lap after the 100 miles of crying
No bars, no wifi...peace and solitude 
 Willie after we stopped...he ZONKED out!  Notice how everything in the loft shifted?
Zion's Park 

 Shots of the rig at Zion River RV Resort
This one is my favorite 
Wow, we're LONG! 
 just travelin' tattooed white trash! It's expensive to be white trash these days!
view from the resort's doggy run 

 meditation tent?  That's what I'd do in there...
 nice set up for kids
It's beyond beautiful here

We're glad we chose this park, even though we now have to backtrack to 14 to meet up with good road to get to Page and down to Flagstaff.  We went by the other park we were looking at in Springdale on the Harley and the road down into the park is worse than some of the roads we've seen!  NO WAY would we take the Gypsy Rose down there!  Since we're too tall to go through the tunnel at Zion's, we have the choice of 59, which is bad road, we've heard, or going north to 14 and then hit 89 on down.  I'm glad it worked out this way...God knows best!

Pirate caught up with the boys today and they are out riding.  We rode by ourselves yesterday through ZP and even though I've been through there before, it still takes my breath away.  I broke into "How Great Thou Art" from the back of the bike!  You cannot look at this much beauty and not want to thank a Higher Power.  It's just amazing!  We stopped at the Thunderbird Cafe for lunch in Mt. Carmel Junction.  Stop in for some of their Ho-Made Pie...quite the interesting story and worth the stop.  Nice gift shop, too!

Even though Zion River RV Resort is on the spendy side for us ($55/night for a 70ft PT), all of their sites are made to could stay here for much less, but we wanted all the bells and whistles for our first 'real park.'  ZRR Park  The folks are so friendly and nice, and we met the most wonderful couple from Houston who are part timers.  They suggest that when we visit San Antonio, we go to a little German town about 30 miles out.   scroll down to New Braunfels  They highly recommend it for something interesting other than the usual stops and it's less expensive than staying in SA.  

Willie and Scooter are beyond happy that Mommy stayed home today with them.  Willie had gotten very sick yesterday when we got back from riding.  He needed a bath, let's just leave it at that.  Poor kitten!  Traveling and we were foolish and feed him a french fry at our Walmart stop.  Never again!  He was  probably crying because his tummy hurt and mean old Mommy made him stay in a cage.  We certainly hope this was all it was, because he has many more miles in his future!

We continue to learn about our new home.  We found out the reason we didn't have cooling to the fridge was because ours is a two way, not three way fridge.  Judy, thank you for the ideas and advice and to Rick for explaining it all to me.  We can't even put into words how much we appreciate the support and feeling of family we feel from all of you!  Thank you thank you thank you!

We still haven't decided if we'll stay another night after tonight or just start heading south again.  Hopefully our next stop will have communication with the outside world other than the times when less than four people are on the resort's wifi, lol.  It is beautiful here, but it IS remote!  The town of Virgin doesn't even have cable service.  But we're liking the 'unplugged' way of life more and more....see y'all down the road and out on the Black Seas!

Monday, September 26, 2011

What a long strange trip it's been...

First off, we're ok!  But, we broke a shock on Utah's I-15...what a rough road through Salt Lake City.  Please use caution going through...huge pot holes, uneven pavement...and of course, still few rest areas.  We were stopped for fuel in Beaver, UT at the Flying J and two of the guys working out of the tire shop there noticed our front tire was unevenly worn.  Then they looked closer and saw the broken shock seal.  God put these guys in our path, and since Pirate was wearing a shirt from Snake Harley in Twin Falls, Idaho, they struck up a conversation.  Seems we know the same guy, Chopper, who used to work there.  Snake Harley really treated us like royalty when we broke down there in 2000...even loaned us a bike to ride while they fixed our starter.

We are all safe and cozy at the Zion River RV Resort in Virgin, UT.  What a nice spot!  The folks are super friendly and they have 70 ft pull thrus.  It's expensive, but a real treat after the day we had today.  Willie cried for 100 miles straight!  We think because of the rough road, and he was tired, we had boondocked at Walmart the night before and he's not used to travel.  He just had a bad day, right?!  One thing we discussed tonight is once we're in Buckeye for the season, we're going to have to continue to take Willie for rides every now and again to keep him used to the truck.  Poor kitty sacked out in his perch after a nice dish of gushy food with warm water to make gravy.  Yup, I spoil my kids!!

Tomorrow Pirate and I are going to ride up to Bryce Canyon.  We have friends coming up on their bikes from AZ to meet up with us, and they should get here tomorrow afternoon.  Then we'll ride Zion's with them, and the cliffs...I can't wait to take pictures for you all!

We learned a thing or two today about travel.  Pirate went into the garage to tighten the tethers on the Road Glide (Rosie) and some of the things on the shelves had fallen..including our BOSE!  We're going to look for netting for those shelves!  Also, I need more cupboard bars, and silly me forgot that my fridge would be off during flight, so I have a cleaning job ahead of me...but that can wait...

Because it's been way too long since I've really been in the saddle and my soul aches for the bike and Mother Nature.  I don't regret a minute of the last two and a half years that I stayed home with Boone and tended to his diabetes and blindness.  Guess what didn't fall...the oil painting of him hanging on my bedroom wall! =)

We don't have over half a bar on our cell phones, but the resort does have free wifi that works at the moment, so I'm off to publish this...thank you for following us on our dream.  Today is the first 'real' day of the real dream...this first ride.  Freeeeeedom!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Going to be a virgin again

For anyone wanting to hook up for a ride through Zion or Bryce, we will be at Zions River Resort in Virgin, ut sun thru tues nights. We are st the walmart in at burley idaho tonight.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Preparing for travel

Omg, my sweet should see the Gypsy today! Total upheaval as we prepare the garage for the Harley. She would probably have a coronary!

Our adventure officially starts tomorrow. We will be staying at the Walmart Inn on Saturday night, and once we get down by the parks, we have three different spots in mind to stay for a few days. We have ridden Bryce and Zion before, but they are worth riding every chance you get. When we get closer, we will let y'all know. I'm really interested in the animal sanctuary, too. Thanks for the tip!

Hoping to hook up with anyone in the area!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

heading to Kanab, not Moab...and I think I inherited Rick's friend Anonymous

So....I was totally mixed up on our route south and when we searched the map yesterday we discovered my error.  I was a little disappointed, but Pirate assured me that when we head toward Colorado and my friend Teri and son GoJesse, we will stop at Moab then.  The cliff dwellings have been there for hundreds of years, so I doubt they will be going anywhere in the mean time.  Silly Cat!

I'm so excited...I've really made the 'big time!'  I got a hate-filled anonymous comment!! Wahooo!!!!! 2 of them, even!! I sure hope anonymous doesn't click on my ads....I'll be in 'big trouble' if they do, lol!  Speaking of ads, do y'all click on each other's ads when you visit a site like mine that has them?  I do!  I know it's not much dinero, but hey, it's beer money or cat food.  I let anonymous in on the little known secret that if an anonymous commentor clicks on my ads, I'll be kicked off blogger...oh, anony-baby...please, don't do it!  Don't click on any of our ads!!  LMAO!!

I'd like to thank Rick for showing me how to handle anony's comments.  I'll admit, the first thing I wanted to do was to disallow anonymous commenting, but where's the fun in that?  Maybe I can take a lit'l heat off Rick?  I'd like to think that I am...he's a great, helpful guy that we all count on in the blog-o-sphere and G+, so however I can help, Sir!  We all know that someone who won't sign in to make a comment like that is passive-aggressive and probably one of those who either dominate or are know *whispers* a bully!  Anony-baby obviously has too much time on their hands and too little brains, so go ahead, I can take it!

Anony-baby should also know that often, I don't bother to even check my comments for days on end.  I usually go through Feedly or Google Reader, so it's about once a week I'll remember to check for comments...unless I've asked a question here and not also on G+...then I check several times a day.

Hmmm...Anony-baby seems to think my shelves are a what?!  We all know what it takes to shove, squeeze, store, shuffle and juggle things around to make room in these oddball sized storage compartments.  Especially when just starting out.  And I know that there is someone who NEEDS to see them!  I wish someone had posted pictures as a guideline for's so overwhelming!  Oh, my!  I just thought...I should post a picture of myself without make up on!  That would be scary!!  I'm old, anony-baby, and really don't care about the good opinion of other people.  I know, I've given her her fifteen minutes of fame now, but it's kinda fun.  See, I like the attention...never seemed to get enough of it as a child.

Anony-baby, you didn't point out that I am messy, you pointed out that you have a need to judge.  You're probably jealous, as well as passive-aggressive and a bully, so you've got quite enough on your plate...I'll say a prayer for you each day, Girlfriend.  I can tell you're female, because if you're male and said that, you can't figure out what THAT says about need to come on out of that closet.

So, back to Kanab, UT.  We will be staying in that area for a few days to ride Bryce and Zion's canyons before heading on down to AZ.  Has anyone stayed 'n played there recently?  Any ideas on great parks?  Your humble kitty-correspondent thanks you in advance!  Now I'm off to click on ads...

So happy for a garage door in my Coach

Willie can watch what's going on without escaping

I love the 'french' door..Willie can see through it, but can also be contained in the living area of the Coach.  This is sooo handy for moving things in and out.  Most of the Road Warrior models have the option for a slider door, but since our entertainment center is on that wall, we're out of luck.  

Scooter goes for her last groom tomorrow...thankfully once we're down in Buckeye, AZ, our dear friends who have moved there will have a good groomer for their dogs.  But once we really strike out on our own, we'll have to rely on locals wherever we happen to be.  We have an outside shower, so we can either wash her outside or just take her in our shower with us.  That may end up being what we do, unless the parks we stay at have a self doggy wash station like this one.  We are going to ask Nicole, her groomer, how to care for her feet and nails ourselves.  She'll need nails done before haircuts, due to her neglect before we rescued her.

Pirate is concerned about the angle of the ramp door and getting the bike high-centered.  We're looking at places we can move the Coach to so we can relieve some of that angle.  I'm sure once we get the hang of loading and unloading, it'll be a piece of cake, but I want spotters for the first time.  I've had to pick that bike up off of my Pirate before, and nearly tore a muscle in half doing it.  I don't know how I managed other than the adrenaline you get...the kind that allows mothers to pick up cars off their babies kind.  It was slow motion and done without thinking...he was underneath and I was getting him OUT OF THERE!  Thankfully, we were only going 5 mph when we hit pea gravel about a foot thick.  The gravel just grabbed those tires and we stopped!  I stepped off the bike like we'd always practiced, then flipped around and lifted the bike.  I had the shoulder injury that we didn't know about and Pirate was thoroughly bruised...Rosie only had a scratch on one of her saddle bags.  Our  friend Mikey offered to come get us with his bike trailer, but we ended up finishing that trip, thanks to prayers and Angels.

We have a 'slight' change in plans for heading south...we didn't realize how far east Moab, UT's totally out of our way, so Kitty doesn't get to go this time.  =(  We will be going through Bryce Canyon, Zion's Park, and Grand Canyon and will probably stay in that area for three days.  More friends than I knew about are coming to meet us there and ride in.  I'm not so sure how I feel about that.  Seems like a lot of folks are hanging from our coattails here...with two friends uprooting their lives and moving to AZ.  I'm really looking forward to some time with my husband...ahem, people!  Pirate did reassure me that this is OUR journey and they can make plans around OUR schedule....I just hope that is what happens.  I've waited such a long time for this and dreamed and schemed and planned for this.  Hopefully the 'newness' will wear off quickly and they will settle into some sort of routine that doesn't include us every day.  I'm going to be selfish with my time because like I said, I've waited far too long to let someone else infect their wishes into this.  Can you sense the agitation, lol?  

Big Sigh...and thanks for letting me rant a bit.  We will only be in Buckeye for 7 months, and that will be the longest we stay in one spot.  We're going to get the kinks worked out down there and do some upgrades to the Gypsy Rose, too.  We will get our screen room and slide toppers while there (the fridge slide REALLY needs help keeping things cool).  Next April/May we will head North and come see the kids, then start planning the rest of our journey.  I'm going to have to get used to traveling in this big ol' Rig by then without getting so nervous.  I just keep telling myself that if we can make through the Big Horn Mountain Range with the Gypsy Rose, we can make it through anything!  That shakedown cruise really did prepare us.

Now I'm off to design our business cards.  I'm printing up cards to hand to folks with the website on it.  That way folks we meet along the way can follow us.

I had a comment on the last entry that said they couldn't live in a fifth wheel.  It's not for everyone, that's for sure.  Most folks have a need for the stix n' brix.  That's ok, not everyone can see themselves doing Harley road trips, either.  It's got to be in your blood, I think.  I just have way too many things I want to see before I get my ticket to the other side.  As King George said, "I ain't here for a long time, I'm here for a good time!" I am the truly independent of the good opinion of other people, I know who I am, and I really dig being's great fun being a crazy old biker chick with too many tattoos!    

Monday, September 19, 2011


 the portable ice maker has been a wise investment
 Willie's tree fort fits perfectly..Scooter is in her doggy bed below the TV
 not much fits in this cupboard above the toilet
 baskets are your friend
 huggable nicely
 these are the oddest sized compartments..7 x 10
 the only spot for towels and linens are in the bedroom closet
 this is where we keep Willie...under the bed skirt
 this toilet paper stand eliminated the need to hang the plastic roll holder that came with the Coach
 kitchen cubby hole
 looong tall cupboards...see why my stepladder is my friend?

 since we don't really use the oven
 it's all about balance
 the pink is rubber shelf great between the glass pans and lids
 lil blurry...
I have a real garbage can now!

I'm sure that I'll change things around once we get down to AZ and spend more time in the kitchen.  So far we haven't used the oven or stove top...or the BBQ.  It's been either out to eat or microwave fare.  Time is just too precious right now to cook 'real meals.'  It's been cool the last two days, but has been so hot, we haven't been hungry anyway.  I do plan on using my crock pot quite a bit...I love Janet Groene's recipes for the slow cooker.  

This last week is going to go fast.  Pirate's goal is to get the Man Cave arranged so we can load the Harley.  I'm getting nervous about traveling already.  Considering the mountain range we had to cross on the trip home from Michigan, you'd think I'd realize we're fine...but I suffer from a profound lack of depth perception, so I get uptight.  I'm that lady that pulls waay to far away from the gas pumps and can't get the hose to reach, lol.  I can't SEE where it is, darn it!  Don't worry, I don't drive much, so y'all are safe...hee hee.  It's also why I am of absolutely no help when we park the RV.  I can't tell if it's 3 feet away, 3 yards away, or 3 miles! I'm so blessed to have married such a patient man!

Pirate drove a total of 1500+ miles this weekend.  What a grueling trip it was, but once he got to Tracie's, it was all fun.  They had a blast and he had so much fun with her friends.  Tracie has the 'cool Dad!'  She is beyond happy to have all of her things out of storage...she said it's like Christmas!  Now all of her paperwork is in one spot, too.  I wish I could have gone, but it wasn't a pleasure cruise.  I'd have been so stoved up...bless you, Pirate!  I missed getting more hugs in, but will get to see her at Christmas. 

I love my home!!  I'm so glad I mentioned to Christine that one little line in an dream coach.  She took it and ran with it and we are so glad she did.  I'm still amazed at how much more the local dealers are charging for the same's called highway robbery!  And everyone was so nice and so one pushed us or tried to intimidate us...General RV has our forever loyalty!  

I sure hope these pictures help someone else...I had no idea once I got my Coach how I was going to deal with the odd sized storage, and there were no pictures out there on the internet to help me.  I'll do more pics once we get down to AZ and are more settled.  I'll do garage pictures then, too.  Right now, it's a disaster zone, lol.  

Send up a little prayer for Pirate...he has to give up his laptop today.  We're going to start sharing mine, plus we have our smart phones.  This way, we don't have to buy Tony a new computer.  I just have to set up his printer and we're ready to roll.  We sure couldn't have done this without all of his help...he's really been Pirate's right hand.  Oh, it's time to start the coffee pot! Now I'm off to read all of YOUR blogs!  Thanks for the comments yesterday, too.  I truly respect you all and value your advice and opinions.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bubbles bursted

We were sooo excited to see that the rules at Horn Rapids RV Resort in Richland, WA  included immediate eviction with no refund if you didn't clean up after your pup or let it run off lead...that was all fine until the weekend and the park started filling back up.  It really does just take ONE idiot, huh?  Not only were his three dogs off lead, he had them in the middle court grass area and was throwing a lighted Frisbee for them.  This area is ringed by sites with the expressed rules of no dogs in this area!!  Just as I was dialing the number for the office, they went back inside.  I sure hope it was because someone went and had a lit'l chat with them!  Pirate was out on a mission this weekend (the Idaho Falls-Seattle trip) so I just stayed inside the Gypsy.

He should be home any time now!  This was our last big chore, so now it's OUR time!  We have appointments this week, and the papers to sign for the condo, and then it's SOUTH!!  Not sure when we sign papers on the condo, but we let them start moving in. Why not?!  We are so very happy for Juan and Ruby and the kids!

I have a question about etiquette, since we're on the subject:  is it impolite to 'cut through' an empty site?  During the week there are several empties, and I haven't cut through unless there are at least 2 empty sites, so I don't disturb any pups that may be inside a rig.  I know my Scooter is very protective and I wouldn't want that.  But should I just go around?  I really don't want to offend.  I saw the empty sites kind of like a vacant lot.  Is that the wrong way to look at it?  Really looking forward to hearing people's comments...and will NOT take offense...I just want to learn BEFORE I offend anyone.

There's about to be an explosion of puppy happiness...Pirate should be pulling in any minute!!  Thanks for the comments, and Michael...we'll be riding with you before you know it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Please learn from my ignorance...

I have learned SO much today!  I learned where my antenna boost my bedroom, in the same wall plate as the cable hook up...if it's red and you want to use cable, turn it off.  Thank you, Terri & Doyle for your help on Facebook today.  I also just learned that you need to turn your water pump OFF when you're hooked up to water...investigate those 'funny noises!' I found my answers on the internet, because I knew I couldn't be the first person with this questions. I also properly filled my hot water tank!!  I'm so thankful to the Guardian Angel that has been on our shoulders so far.

Pirate is finished with the condo...Praise God!!!  He now can relax and officially enjoy retirement.  He still has that trip to Idaho for Tracie, and that's going to be a looong drive.  Good thing Daddy loves you so much, Kiddo!  He's exhausted!!  Just feed him well and treat him kindly when he's there...he will be sent off with provisions and goodies for the trip, please return him with the same love and care..I know you would anyway, but you may have to keep him in line, lol!  He tends to  be the life of the've been warned!

I think the best piece of advice I could give someone when it gets down to the last minute rush:  HIRE OUT everything you can afford to.  We're wishing we had done that, because the time just slips by.  Also, you're never going to remember everything they tell you during your walk-thru.  Especially if you've never owned or been RVing before like us.  If I could do it over, I'd spend time at dealerships asking 'how-to' questions, picking brains about how systems work.  If you're like me, you can read about it all you want, but it's not until I can touch it with my paws that I really catch on.  Learning is by experience, and I'm most appreciative that we haven't had to learn anything major the hard way.  Praise God, again!!

Soon, it will be wind in the face time...for forever!!!!  I hear the Harley calling to me, and echoes wind through my soul.  Hmmm...I wonder if Willie would look good in leather?

Our first doggy park

Lit'l Miss isn't too sure...they really have a nice set up, complete with self doggy wash station. This park is expensive, $210 per week, but very nice. Horn Rapids RV Resort in Richland, WA.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

It's finally here...Full Time and feelin' fine!

After 2 1/2 years of planning, here I sit in the only home I own, with all my worldly possessions and my Willie Cat and write our first blog as full timers!!  Wahoo!!  We are at a fairly large resort, as the other two places we wanted to stay were booked up because of an event happening in town...something to do with horses and cowboys.  So, it's on the expensive side...but our spot in Arizona will even things out.  We're at Horn Rapids RV Resort and I think over half of the people here work at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.  Lots of trailers have skirting and large propane tanks out in front.  Also quite a few toyhaulers and Harley's here.  We even saw one of those new 3-wheelers called the Can-Am.  Pretty nice bike? car?

Poor Pirate still has to go back into town and finish up work on the condo, but I'll be staying here with the 'kids.'  At least we'll be able to ride the Harley out here to load her up.  There was just no way it was happening at the condo...too squished in.  We have almost all of our things in the trailer now, other than the Road Glide, so now I can really get down to 'arranging and re-arranging' things.

First things first,!  I had cleaned and vacuumed just two days ago, and I'm really surprised how much got tracked inside by bringing load after load in and just moving in the slides.  A lot of 'stuff' ends up coming in on Scooter's feet and beard, too.  She's a pine needle magnet, I swear!  We have full hook ups and 50 amps of power, so I can run my vacuum and AC at the same time to my heart's content. =)

When we packed up Willie, I only used his transfer bag, since we only had twenty miles to travel.  I'll use his tube from now on out.  He did extremely well, though.  He did try escaping the bag while Pirate got us all hooked up, but after only a few meow-bellows he quieted down and was very, very quiet when we were backing in and things were a tad tense.  The 'helper' that was guiding us apparently wasn't used to the big rigs and had to go get help.  When the other nice man showed up, he looked things over quickly and steered Pirate right in!

Twelve more days and we're officially on the Road and sightseeing begins!  I think I'm kind of in shock after planning for such a long time...but I am so glad we did.  I can't even imagine the stress of trying to rush through all of the necessary steps to become a full-timer.  We met a couple who have been full time for 3 years, and they did the same thing as we did, taking a couple of years to plan, selling, giving, donating away the trappings of the 'good life.'  The feeling of just have to experience it for yourself.  No lawn to mow, no lawn mower to own and things tying you down with  payments, insurance, upkeep, worry...just what we have, our pets and our best friend and we're good!  Give me simplicity every time...I never did like keeping up with the Jones.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Two lit’l kitties, sittin’ in an RV….



Hello, Live Writer…haven’t used you in a while…


I like playing with the fonts…don’t know why I always forget about this program. So, we made it through the weekend and are looking at moving to our first spot on Saturday or Sunday.  That gives the new owners of the condo the rest of September to move in and get acquainted with their new home.  I’m so happy for them!  Since they basically had nothing, we’ve left them our King sized Sleep Number bed (none of the kids had room or need), our couch that is a sleeper-sofa, and my Daddy’s chair.  We also left a few bookshelves for them.

A dear friend, new to me, but grew up with Pirate, will be coming down from Wenatchee Friday and volunteered to help Pirate clean.  Berta is a great soul and says she actually likes cleaning, and if we supply the beer, she’s ready, willing, and able!  That sure takes a load off Pirate, and worry and guilt from me.  You’d think I’d have gotten over the guilt by now, huh?

There’s just something about watching someone you love so completely toil and work so hard while all you can do is sit there that really takes it out of a person.  I don’t know if I’d still feel as bad if it was a stranger that had to do all of the work…probably! 

I’m just glad we have friends and family that are such givers and have really pitched in to help our dream become possible.  I’m sure we COULD do this by ourselves, but it is wonderful to have so many helpers in our lives.  My TFL, Brookey, would also dearly love to help, but she’s in the same boat as me.  I know SHE feels bad that she can’t help, too.  I’m trying so hard to get rid of such unnecessary negative emotions in my life.  I think when you grow up with a Puritan work-ethic, and then get sidelined like this, it’s a matter of overcoming yer raisin’! 

That darn work-ethic is what got me in this shape in the first place…I literally worked my shoulders off my body. =(  I waited to ‘complain’ about the pain until I could not possibly lift that last load of ammo.  Sigh!  So many years ago, so young and silly was I. 

I suspect most of us will be blogging about 9/11 throughout the week…it’s so hard to fathom that 10 years have passed so quickly.  My prayer is that all of our troops get to come home soon and for good.  Thank you is not enough, but more than most soldiers will accept.  They do it FOR us, and usually shy away from displays of gratitude…but just know we ARE thankful to you and your families! Because of you, I can sit here in my new RV and watch the birdies with my kitten! I don’t take that for granted one bit.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cat Woman

Cheep entertainment

Have you ever had the pleasure/privilege of watching a kitty 'chatter' at something, especially another animal or a bird?  It is beyond entertaining!  They make a fast 'mewh-mewh-mewh' noise deep within their throats and, if you're lucky, this is accompanied by frenetic tail swishing.  Willie was swishing his tail so hard it was thumping and I would not be surprised if he bruised his widdle self!  He was actually whipping it around like a horse whip, with sweeping arcs and a definitive pattern was involved. In all of my kitteh-owning-owned-by-kitteh days, I've never seen such drama...and I've spent most of my life surrounded by cats!

You can tell by my name that I'm a fan of cats, and most of my friends and relatives come to me with their 'cat questions.' "Why is she urinating outside her box?"  "What does it mean when a cat _____?"  Usually I know the answer, too!  Miss Tracie has also been a lifetime member of the cat-worship club, and finds her friends doing the same and coming to her with their cat questions.  I love this!!!

Cat worship has nothing to do with ancient Egyptians, although they seemed to have had their priorities straight in that regard.  Cat worship is defined by cats as the act of chin rubbing, ear skirtching, and tail twining with fingers.  ANY act by a human designed to show love and adoration for said kitteh qualifies as cat worship.  See, they have never forgotten how revered their ancestors were...and expect the same!  

I have never read a history book to any of my cats, so I don't know how they found out about Egypt, but they all seem to know, anyway.  I know they watch television, and this could be the problem.  Do you leave the television on for 'company' for your cat?  Dust the remote for cattyprints, and I'll bet you'll find tabby-toes on the History Channel and also the Animal Planet.  It's a scientific fact that cats do NOT want their MTV, so it may be the dog that changes the clicker to THAT channel. 

Life is just so much more full and fun with a cat in it...unless you're a dog with prejudices.  I've been pretty lucky and have never had to call my schnauzers off from one of my own kittehs...they are ready, willing, and able to chase 'stranger-cats' but never 'their' cat.  Could it have something to do with the symbiotic-treat relationship they in, if you're giving treats to one, you gotta give treats to the other. ??

Scooter has been a little out of sorts today, and we're wondering if it's because we've been paying so much attention to Willie the past few days.  The Gypsy Rose has always been her special place, with Willie only visiting.  Scooter keeps trying to go back into the condo each time we walk the grounds, and when we did let her back in, she wasn't very happy to see all of 'her thangs' not there!  We'd kept her out because of all the chemicals involved in the carpet cleaning...don't want something on her paws and then have her lick it.

I'm very glad that we've been able to plan for such a long time...we've been at this for about two years now. In fact, I remember thinking back then that we were jumping the gun and digging in way too soon.  Those of you just starting out, please know this:  There is no such thing as too soon to plan for a major life change!  Scour the internet, books, magazines, etc to your hearts content...sign up or even start a blog!  There's nothing like writing it down for the world to see to make it all seem more 'real.'  

Two years ago, when this 'idea' was born, we'd never even been in an RV before, let alone had any idea what all was involved in caring for one.  There is so much to learn and it never hurts to rent or borrow one just to make sure you really want to do this...or CAN!  We didn't, but we already knew this would be the only way to take the pets with us when we ride the motorcycle...we're just kinda learning as we go!  How's that for stepping out there in faith!!  LOL!!  

And as we finish the final touches before we can take off, we're glad we've had so much time.  Hopefully, Willie will be quick to adjust to the driving/riding in the truck part, because you do NOT want to leave your animals in the fifth wheel during flight!!  Can you imagine how you'd feel if when you opened the door of your RV only to find a cat with a broken leg,  or worse?!  I'd worry about those sudden stops and Willie jumping just as that happened.  Just don't do it!!  Or get a motorhome so they can stay in their spots whilst you drive.  

Just ask the Cat Lady!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Good to be Old!

Lord knows I have the body of an geriatric pretzel, but I'm just still a kid at heart.  I am, however, very happy to be on the down hill comes with some pretty nifty privileges!  Remember that old saying "Rank has it's privileges?"  It's true, oh, so true.  But the best part is the wisdom gained of experience and doing.  No one can ever take that away from of the few things in life that is only always yours.  Miss Tracie and I have gone through hell and back a lifetime ago--sure wish I'd figured out all of this before I had to drag a child through the wasteland, so to speak.  But, we made it out to the other side together.  Oh, the things I have learned the hard way!

When you seek approval, you'll never get it.  Once you give up caring what others think, suddenly you'll have approval in spades.  The 'key,' I've found, is getting in touch with your authentic self. You know, that person you love to hate that stares back at you from your mirror?  Yep, that one.  The one that calls you on your 'stuff' and leads you towards things and always tells the truth.  Some days, you cannot meet your own eyes in the mirror, and those are the 'gut check' days.  I can tell you proudly that I now love that gal in the mirror...she's a pretty cool chick!  And she has more empathy than most, tries to be kind (unless you get that stubborn streak going...oh, boy!), and loves her family, nature, animals...

I'm actually genuinely happy, you see.  I've learned that happiness is something that comes from within.  It's something that I create, and is not dependent on situation, station in life, bank account balance, marital status or anything else not between my ears.  I've also learned to make my dreams come true. Others have so eloquently explained this better than I ever could on how to do this, but see it from the end, invest in your dream with research, deep prayer or meditation, see yourself doing/having/being whatever the desired outcome is...and it all  lines up!  This last year proves this to me...reread some of the miracles if you like in past blog postings.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  This is also something I know to be true.  I humbly thank my teachers and gladly pay it forward.  See, that's the other end of this 'deal'--you have to pass it on.  Don't worry, you'll WANT to!  Wow, and here we sit on the brink of our adventure, literally, and all along the way I get to pay it forward to all of the people we'll meet!!  That's exciting!!  Some days, it may just be a smile...but it can make a world of difference in someone's life.  My favorite is smiling and waving to kids from the back of the Harley.  I so need to get back in the saddle, that my soul aches for the wind.

And, in my old agedy wisdom, I've/we've figured out how to make sure every day can be a day in the saddle and I get to take my furry pals, my entire HOUSE, along for the ride.  YAY for old tattooed biker chicks!!  We have all the fun!!