The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, November 7, 2011

Regional Cell Phone Service vs Nat'l

Wow...we got slapped upside the head hard by US Cellular!  Seems they are only a regional carrier, and although they tout nationwide service, that only includes their voice.  Oh, you can get data nationwide, but it costs them for us to use another provider's towers.  We cost them $1000 last month!  We've been with US Cellular for over 13 years and we checked ahead of time to make sure that keeping them would be ok.  "No problem!"  That's what we heard from both their toll free customer service and also their in store people.  Never was it mentioned that we could not use data while roaming.  And since we are always going to be roaming, this isn't going to work.  To US Cellular's credit, they will NOT be charging us a cancellation's cheaper to dump us!

So, we're now with Verizon, a National company.  And actually, we got free phones and also we will be getting the same service for around $10 less per month than we were paying.  I'm sure that these economic times are hurting everyone, and before now, this was not an issue for US Cell.  I asked them why they are making this an issue for their customers, and she just kept saying we're costing THEM, too bad, figure it out.  WOW, and this is after we've been loyal to them for 13 YEARS!!  Verizon was amazed we'd been with any company for such a long time, as it's pretty much unheard of in the cell phone industry.  We were able to do everything over the phone, and our new phones will be Fed Ex'd to our site on Weds.

So, what does everyone else do out there for their phone/internet service?  Especially those who don't travel to the same spots each year.  Although we will be staying here at Leaf Verde through April, we probably won't be here next year, or if we do return, not for the seven months we're doing this first winter out.  So, dear RV Family, how do you handle this?  It sounds like Verizon will be our answer, but we're curious!  Thank you!

Miss Tracie is doing ok, as ok as one can be dealing with death for the first time.  I booked her plane tickets for Christmas, and we're anxious to get our hands on her and love and smooch her to bits.  We can't even begin to express how much we appreciate all of your prayers sent her way.  Poor sweet Tracer....I wish she never had to know this pain, yet we all know death is a part of life that must be dealt with.  Knowing so many 'strangers' are in her corner helps more than mere words can convey.  

We're getting rained on here in AZ!!  Hope everyone is dry and warm!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love is alive at Cancer Treatment Centers of America Phoenix

Wow, has this been internet hell this week!  Not just heck, but true Hades.  We finally had to get access through the park, which wasn't too bad at $10/month.  I would just like to know why my phone is so messed up.  We're paying an extra $25/month to have our phones be mobile hot spots, and this last week they haven't worked for beans!!

Speaking of beans, Pirate and I went to Roman's Oasis in Goodyear, AZ on Saturday for a chili feed.  Wow, was it a hoot.  Roman's is one of the most eclectic spots ever!  There is even a tree growing out of the building and also an old power pole that they had to build around.  Everywhere you look, there is something else to see...license plates on the wall, signed dollar bills, Elvis in the corner...and the giant chicken out front goes nicely with the giant pirate on the roof!

This chili feed was to raise money for the local fire departments' Angel Network to make sure ALL the kids have presents under their Christmas tree.  It was a great time, and one contestant even brought music and a microphone.  We were standing around talking and having fun when we met Rosa.  Rosa is an Angel!!  We were talking about giving, chili feeds and toy runs...Rosa told us about another chili feed going on in Wickenburg on Dec 5th.  While she was telling us this, it came out that she works at Cancer Treatment Center.  Then we asked her about her job...and the flood gates of love opened.  I've never met someone so passionate about their work!

Rosa told us how CTCA works, how the patients are so truly loved and cared for...and that her only wish was that she could do MORE!!  Wow, I wish my words could truly capture her spirit.  Her husband Bo looked on with such love in his eyes, it melted us.  You can count on us being there on Dec 5th, if only for another chance to help kids and to be in the same room as an Angel again.  Rosa, you blessed us with your love so deeply.  Thank you!  I just wish I'd been able to get on line sooner to write about you, Dear!  Tell your dear husband we said to take good care of our Angel!

The park is really filling up, and the season has started!  I take Scooter for a walk in one direction, come back the other way to more rigs.  We still don't have any next door neighbors, and our loud Canadians boys across the road have calmed has the Pirate.  One ol Boy is about deaf, and I asked Pirate to have the compassion we would want if MY hearing continues to go.  I'm sure they were also just excited to see each other the first few days, as now they tend to stay inside their own rigs much more.  Susan, our activities director has many things planned each day for those wanting more contact with their neighbors.  So far, I've been feeling so punky that I haven't even got to met Susan yet!!  And, let me tell you about Leonard, one of the staff here.  He not only loves dogs, he helps you spoil them rotten!  He has our growly ol girl climbing in the cart with him, accepting pets along with the treats he doles out.  Scooter is now letting complete strangers, even MEN!! pet her!!  This is nothing short of a miracle.  And Leonard went around to each site that has a dog and 'trick-for-a-treated' them while the goblins were out and about!  We sure love how friendly everyone is here, but Leonard deserved special mention.

There are still several open spots here, and we are really enjoying the Valley Life. We're still tempted to buy a home here, but we're holding strong!  Wow, the deals are unbelievable...and we could rent it out for a few years...but thankfully cooler heads are prevailing.  I will mention that it's not all a bed of roses down here.  I'd use caution in the Mesa seems that every day there is an officer shooting, someone dies, is abducted or some other horrible crime happens to them.  We've seen so crazy drivers down here, too.  Pirate has promised me that no matter how hot it is, when he's on the Harley, he's wearing his leather.  Did you know it's A-OK to make a U-turn....oh, just wherever y'all wanna make one.  I'm sure that Arizona would like you to do so safely, and courteously, but all of the drivers I've seen do it don't even look behind them!! Crazy!

Okie, doke folks, don't know when I'll be online again, so stay safe and have some fun.  Our big goal now is to get the RV washed and the roof protected.  And for heaven't sake, get those wheels covered up!  The UV rays will damage them!!  I can't believe how many rigs I see without even the fairly inexpensive wheel covers.  Go grab a board if you can't afford anything's so important for safety's sake.