The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, November 7, 2011

Regional Cell Phone Service vs Nat'l

Wow...we got slapped upside the head hard by US Cellular!  Seems they are only a regional carrier, and although they tout nationwide service, that only includes their voice.  Oh, you can get data nationwide, but it costs them for us to use another provider's towers.  We cost them $1000 last month!  We've been with US Cellular for over 13 years and we checked ahead of time to make sure that keeping them would be ok.  "No problem!"  That's what we heard from both their toll free customer service and also their in store people.  Never was it mentioned that we could not use data while roaming.  And since we are always going to be roaming, this isn't going to work.  To US Cellular's credit, they will NOT be charging us a cancellation's cheaper to dump us!

So, we're now with Verizon, a National company.  And actually, we got free phones and also we will be getting the same service for around $10 less per month than we were paying.  I'm sure that these economic times are hurting everyone, and before now, this was not an issue for US Cell.  I asked them why they are making this an issue for their customers, and she just kept saying we're costing THEM, too bad, figure it out.  WOW, and this is after we've been loyal to them for 13 YEARS!!  Verizon was amazed we'd been with any company for such a long time, as it's pretty much unheard of in the cell phone industry.  We were able to do everything over the phone, and our new phones will be Fed Ex'd to our site on Weds.

So, what does everyone else do out there for their phone/internet service?  Especially those who don't travel to the same spots each year.  Although we will be staying here at Leaf Verde through April, we probably won't be here next year, or if we do return, not for the seven months we're doing this first winter out.  So, dear RV Family, how do you handle this?  It sounds like Verizon will be our answer, but we're curious!  Thank you!

Miss Tracie is doing ok, as ok as one can be dealing with death for the first time.  I booked her plane tickets for Christmas, and we're anxious to get our hands on her and love and smooch her to bits.  We can't even begin to express how much we appreciate all of your prayers sent her way.  Poor sweet Tracer....I wish she never had to know this pain, yet we all know death is a part of life that must be dealt with.  Knowing so many 'strangers' are in her corner helps more than mere words can convey.  

We're getting rained on here in AZ!!  Hope everyone is dry and warm!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Love is alive at Cancer Treatment Centers of America Phoenix

Wow, has this been internet hell this week!  Not just heck, but true Hades.  We finally had to get access through the park, which wasn't too bad at $10/month.  I would just like to know why my phone is so messed up.  We're paying an extra $25/month to have our phones be mobile hot spots, and this last week they haven't worked for beans!!

Speaking of beans, Pirate and I went to Roman's Oasis in Goodyear, AZ on Saturday for a chili feed.  Wow, was it a hoot.  Roman's is one of the most eclectic spots ever!  There is even a tree growing out of the building and also an old power pole that they had to build around.  Everywhere you look, there is something else to see...license plates on the wall, signed dollar bills, Elvis in the corner...and the giant chicken out front goes nicely with the giant pirate on the roof!

This chili feed was to raise money for the local fire departments' Angel Network to make sure ALL the kids have presents under their Christmas tree.  It was a great time, and one contestant even brought music and a microphone.  We were standing around talking and having fun when we met Rosa.  Rosa is an Angel!!  We were talking about giving, chili feeds and toy runs...Rosa told us about another chili feed going on in Wickenburg on Dec 5th.  While she was telling us this, it came out that she works at Cancer Treatment Center.  Then we asked her about her job...and the flood gates of love opened.  I've never met someone so passionate about their work!

Rosa told us how CTCA works, how the patients are so truly loved and cared for...and that her only wish was that she could do MORE!!  Wow, I wish my words could truly capture her spirit.  Her husband Bo looked on with such love in his eyes, it melted us.  You can count on us being there on Dec 5th, if only for another chance to help kids and to be in the same room as an Angel again.  Rosa, you blessed us with your love so deeply.  Thank you!  I just wish I'd been able to get on line sooner to write about you, Dear!  Tell your dear husband we said to take good care of our Angel!

The park is really filling up, and the season has started!  I take Scooter for a walk in one direction, come back the other way to more rigs.  We still don't have any next door neighbors, and our loud Canadians boys across the road have calmed has the Pirate.  One ol Boy is about deaf, and I asked Pirate to have the compassion we would want if MY hearing continues to go.  I'm sure they were also just excited to see each other the first few days, as now they tend to stay inside their own rigs much more.  Susan, our activities director has many things planned each day for those wanting more contact with their neighbors.  So far, I've been feeling so punky that I haven't even got to met Susan yet!!  And, let me tell you about Leonard, one of the staff here.  He not only loves dogs, he helps you spoil them rotten!  He has our growly ol girl climbing in the cart with him, accepting pets along with the treats he doles out.  Scooter is now letting complete strangers, even MEN!! pet her!!  This is nothing short of a miracle.  And Leonard went around to each site that has a dog and 'trick-for-a-treated' them while the goblins were out and about!  We sure love how friendly everyone is here, but Leonard deserved special mention.

There are still several open spots here, and we are really enjoying the Valley Life. We're still tempted to buy a home here, but we're holding strong!  Wow, the deals are unbelievable...and we could rent it out for a few years...but thankfully cooler heads are prevailing.  I will mention that it's not all a bed of roses down here.  I'd use caution in the Mesa seems that every day there is an officer shooting, someone dies, is abducted or some other horrible crime happens to them.  We've seen so crazy drivers down here, too.  Pirate has promised me that no matter how hot it is, when he's on the Harley, he's wearing his leather.  Did you know it's A-OK to make a U-turn....oh, just wherever y'all wanna make one.  I'm sure that Arizona would like you to do so safely, and courteously, but all of the drivers I've seen do it don't even look behind them!! Crazy!

Okie, doke folks, don't know when I'll be online again, so stay safe and have some fun.  Our big goal now is to get the RV washed and the roof protected.  And for heaven't sake, get those wheels covered up!  The UV rays will damage them!!  I can't believe how many rigs I see without even the fairly inexpensive wheel covers.  Go grab a board if you can't afford anything's so important for safety's sake.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thunder in the Desert

Whoa...I have never seen anything more beautiful than the storm we had blow through around 6 pm tonight.  Since "The Valley" around Phoenix is very large...basically a big flat spot ringed by mountains in the could see it coming for miles.  Clouds heavy with their soggy burden, with jagged spikes of lightening leaking form their belly, lumbered across like curtains billowing in the wind.  AMAZING!!  The sky took on hues of red and orange like I've never seen.  Then...the wind and rain! I should say Wind and Rain.  The display tonight deserves capital letters.  It was all over within an hour, but what a show!  I really dig storms, and experiencing one in an RV was beyond my wildest dreams.  The sound, the feeling of exposure, the feeling of being within the storm, yet somehow safe...I'm trying to put it into words, but my mind is failing me... grandiose $10 words just cannot describe the beauty.

Thank you all for your prayers for Miss Tracie.  The service will be held on Friday, with a get together on Saturday.  Luckily, she has the greatest friends, and she will not be alone in her absolute grief.  Unfortunately, as it seems with almost all deaths, nastiness had taken root and there is now a burden of accusation  and betrayal invovled with her step mother, with harsh, hurtful, damaging words being purposely said to my grieving child.  This Momma Bear is not pleased, but Trace is handling things with more grace and courage than I've ever seen in a soon-to-be 27 yr old young woman.  If I could only heal her heart...or beat the living crud out of use getting my foot in it any farther.  I said my piece, and things that were dishonored on his facebook page were changed, but some of the other things that were said still make my blood boil.  My solace is Karma...the much bigger bitch than I could ever be.  What goes around comes around.

Do YOU have your will, insurance beneficiaries current?  Do you have a living will and have your final wishes spelled out?  PLEASE don't leave this burden for your family to sort out on the worst day of their lives.  This is especially true if you are in the middle of life changes, such as divorce, adopting a child, have step children or foster kids you consider your own.  Unfortunately, there was a pending divorce, and these items were not taken care of.  Don't we all think we're going to be in control of our final days?  Won't we all live forever, or at least to a 'ripe' old age.  We all think we're healthy and too young, don't we?  Who thinks at 25 that you've lived half of your entire life?!  What would you do differently right now if you knew that you'd be gone at age 50?

Time, we all think we're the boss of time.  Especially our own time.  One thing that I do know, is I'm thankful for each day that I'm spending living my own dream with my Soul Matey by my side.  I'm so fortunate that I've met my Dream Guy and get to spend each day wondering what he's gonna do next.  That's I'm loved unconditionally.  We laugh every day, and I have no regrets for asking for that first motorcycle ride.  Together, we're unstoppable.

On a much, much lighter note that actually does have a question regarding RV Park etiquette.  The park we're in is pretty large, with 377 spots.  Being this close to so many people is becoming a challenge.  Our 'neighbors' across the road from us are apparently hard of hearing. These ol' boys are brothers or extremely close friends and are parked adjacent to one another.  They spend most of their time outdoors on the patio sides of their rigs.  And they talk...A LOT!  Since one of the ol boys can't hear well, the other talks excessively loud...and excessively!  We joked the first night they pulled in that he must talk in his sleep!!   Pirate has been having quite a time sending love their way, to say the least.  What would you do?  My suggestion is to go speak to them and explain that we can not only hear their every word, but they are drowning out our television and stereo.

Thank you all, once again, for your continued prayers and love sent Tracie's way.  It means the world to us.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Daddies and Daughters

Rest in Peace Dale

I let those on Google + know that my daughter's father passed away Tuesday. This blog entry will have nothing to do with RVing, just so you know that up front.  I'm finally able to write it out, so to speak.  This one is just for me and my Daughter.

If you're still reading, I'd like for you to come away from this post feeling inspired to right any wrongs in your past, to forgive, make peace, step forward, go the extra mile...because this is a cautionary tale with a happy ending...sorta.  When Trace was 4, her father and I divorced.  He was very upset, and decided that to leave the area would be best for him.  He would come visit Tracie, or his parents would take Tracie to Oregon, but slowly the times became less and the time she was 7, she no longer had contact with him.  

There is no judgement...I get it.  You stay away for a bit because it's easier and hurts less to reinvent your life.  Then time passes.  Then more time passes, and you turn around and it's a year, it's two years, it's 17 years and you don't know HOW.  You're so afraid, you just keep doing the same thing, because that's what you know.  I am so glad that his new wife helped him seek Tracie out and supported him through reuniting with her.  Things didn't go so great with the rest of his family, but the most important relationship went beyond his wildest dreams.  

During the time he was gone from Tracie's life, I met and married that ol Pirate.  He became her Daddy, her friend, her man she can always count on.  Tracie is so blessed to have gotten not only a biological father, but a man who loves her unconditionally and will always be there for her in her step father.  (We don't use "step" 'round here...we're all just family.)  And the one person who can always make Tracer smile is her Dad Pirate.  Even through the tears on the phone Tuesday, Pirate was able to ease his youngest daughter's heart with lightness and love.  I love and respect that so much in my husband.  See why I'm over the moon about this man?!  He's just amazing....

Please take the time, right now, to comb through your mind and see if there are any regrets you can fix, any love still to give, any mistakes or choices to change....Dale died from an accident in the home...something that could happen to any of us tomorrow.  Just because your health may be fine, your age may be what is considered "too young to worry about dying," don't take tomorrow for granted. You NEVER know what the day is going to bring when you wake each morning.  LIVE it, do it, breathe it, accept it, make it happen, put it on the line, ask for love and forgiveness, and give it right back.

Please remember Miss Tracie in your prayers.  She has so many emotions to figure out.  Thank you, Friends!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Trying out a new template, so let me know what you think!

I am having a hard time with it as far as ease of use for me, but as a reader, you can choose how you read the blog.  My issue is the options at the top right are no longer there for me to quickly reach the dashboard.

We flirted with disaster this week...we almost bought a house down here in Buckeye.  The houses are just so cheap!  And we're talking luxury homes, with marble counter-tops, tiled floors, garden tubs in the master bathroom with walk in closets.  Ok, it was the garden tub that got me.  I miss having a bath!  But we would have to furnish it, as we gave away or sold all of our stuff.  Thankfully, we came to our senses before we went too far.  We just know in our hearts we are supposed to be mobile.  It's what fits for us.

Today is the one year anniversary of our Boone going to Rainbow Bridge.  I've gotten all of the snot from my nose and wiped my tears...well, Scooter came over and licked the tears dry, but you get the idea.  Boone was our 'once in a lifetime' dog.  I love that saying, which I heard from another resident here at Leaf Verde.  Her love was a boxer.  We cried with each other out at the dog park,  telling our stories and it felt so good to share Boone with someone who didn't know him.  I've decided that instead of cry because I lost him, I'm going to celebrate his one year anniversary of being able to see again at Rainbow Bridge...of no longer being in the pain he so stoically hid from me...of being able to run again, to FLY thru the air!  Miss you, Momma's!!

the zebra tat is the memorial

Thank you, to my Inkslinger, for helping to heal me with love when he painted the oil portrait of Boone and for going that extra mile when I requested a tattoo with B's ashes in the ink.  Boone walks with Mommy Forever!

Pirate spent the day running around the Greater Phoenix area with his pal Mikey today.  When we were looking towards the sky tonight to try and catch a glimpse of Sky Lab passing by, I asked Pirate if looking at the stars made him feel small.  He said, "Nope!  Driving in Phoenix traffic does, though!"  All I know is I'm thankful he didn't buy out the Bass Pro Shop even though they spent two hours in their store.  I love it when these two get together...they are so good for each other's attitude.

For my vaping friends...I'm trying out a new atty...a bridge-less atty!  It has a bit of wick instead of a bridge and so far, so good.  I got three, as they are often out of stock.  I need to get with the exploring around here.  Google swears there are three vape shops here in the Valley, but I bet they are just smoke shops that sell e cigs.  Hope not!

May you all take a minute and reflect on those you love and tell them so today.  Take the time, because you never know what tomorrow may bring...and tomorrow may be too late.  Love to you all, RV Family!  And Sandra and Ardean, please know how special you two are to us.  We'll be there in March if you're serious...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Loving RV Life

Leaf Verde and the staff continue to impress us beyond belief.  Check them out and come spend some AZ Winter with us!!!  We'll be here until the end of April, so any time you're passing thru, the daily rate is low, the monthly rate is around $10/day.  Not only are more and more rigs rolling in each day, but the activities director will be coming in this Saturday.  I've gotten to 'know' Susan via Facebook, and she seems like a tiny firecracker wrapped in fun.  I'm looking forward to exercising in the pool to low impact aerobics with her.  =)

I think we've found our groomer for Miss Scooter, too.  Doggy Spa/Boarding at Pete and Mac's.  Thank you, Sandy, for the recommendation.  Sandy is one of the owners of LV.  When you stay here, you WILL meet Winston, the owner's dog and of course, who Winston's Waggin' Ranch is named after.  Sandy regaled us with Winston stories the other night at the dog park and we were all in stitches at his adventures.  It seems folks wanting to gather, even those without dogs, end up at the dog park toward dusk.  The grounds here are really great, and the love and care put into the dog park really shows.  The grassy area is my Scooter's salvation.  She's had to learn that she IS going to have to relieve herself on sand sometimes, but Momma, take me to the grass, please!

On your travels, please look for this little five year old baby.  Glendale girl still missing  also, if you see a black Chevy Malibu with AZ plates, please please step out of your comfort zone and call it in.  The police have only this one tiny lead.  Thank you thank you thank you, RV Family.  Since we're on the road more than most folks, we can be the eyes and ears for these missing children.

We are planning to go the races this weekend.  Phoenix has so many things to do!  Not only does the Fair start this weekend, but the NHRA finals start Friday!  Take a look at their raceway:  Firebird Raceway  We have found some great spots to eat, too.  Grazie Winebar Anthony and Sean will take great care of you.  For a quick bite to go of fast mex that's to die for, check out this chain Filbertos.  We had tacos for Taco Tuesday, but I heard that their chili renos (sp) are the best.

No issues with the RV yet this week.  Pirate did get some anchor blocks and tied down the awning. Hoping to get some bike time in, too.  We're so boring this week! We'll have to go stir up some trouble this weekend!

Willie heading to his 'secret room' to attack his pink robe

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Internet hell...

OK, so not hell, but it sure feels like HECK!  I've had a heck of a time getting my feed reader to work, so I'm behind with everyone's adventures.  I did catch Michael's post that his house still hasn't sold.  Michael, the right buyer is out there...God's just working out the timing.  I can't wait for you to be free of the bonds and able to run around this beautiful country of ours.

We had dinner last night with our friends that moved down here, Mikey & RC.  These two just make our lives so much brighter and full of laughter.  It's amazing when your mate finds a good friend and then you discover you love their spouse just as much.  We just all four click and play together so well.  Pirate is a Scorpio and I'm a Taurus...Mikey is a Taurus and RC is a Scoprio!  How cool is that?

For all of the talk about "hitch itch" here we are sitting in one spot for seven months right out of the gate.  But we planned it this way to really get used to living in this space and figuring out all the in's and out's of the Gypsy Rose's workings.  I can't remember now if I shared our experience with our awning?  We didn't get it in fast enough one morning and it came off the rails.  It also blew a fuse, so we got to find out how to take care of fuses, too.  I've become the official tank dumper, although I doubt Pirate will let me actually do the  hooking up to the sewer, as hand strength would be involved.  I love and respect my husband so much for finding ways to make me feel 'useful.'

I'm watching my calendar leak  pages like leaves falling from an oak tree...our daughters will be visiting this Holiday Season.  Amy will be in Surprise for Thanksgiving, flying down with a dear friend whose parents are also down in the AZ.  Miss Tracie will be flying down around Christmas time as her schedule allows.  We may not get her on THE day, but she'll work it so she gets the maximum time off to spend with us.  We're not sure when Tony will be able to join us; he's still in the middle of work issues due to his back surgery.  He wants to go back to full duty, but is experiencing the ol run-around with L & I and all the legal issues.

We truly are enjoying our spot here at Leaf Verde.  This park was started by the same family that still runs it today.  You can sure tell it's a family operation, because the attention to details and how they accommodate you each and every way possible.  They are on first name basis with every camper and truly care about them.  I can see why so many people return year after year.  Customer Service like this is truly rare, and we feel especially blessed to have LV as our first winter spot.  We'll more than likely spend at least some time here each year, though not as long as this first time.

Pirate is out riding today with the boys, so I'm going to try my hand at exploring again today.  I loved the comments about appearance and judging.  We're all so human! God surely shakes his head at us sometimes.  We got a discussion going, and that's where it cannot change what you don't acknowledge.  When you recognize areas in your life that you can work on, it's very challenging, isn't it ?  It's up to each of us to take those steps...or not.  I admit that when I see teens or young folks being 'lazy' it does set me off.  Who am I to judge?!  I don't know if before they came to hang at the mall and make things uncomfortable for little ol biker chicks...did they help their Mom with the dishes?  Did they babysit their little sister?  Did they take food to a neighbor or clean up their elderly aunt's house for them?  Remember how we all tried to 'act tough' when in a group of our peers? have that time back, eh?  NO! You're right!  You couldn't pay me to go through those years again, lol!

I'll get this sorry excuse for a blog published before the computer gods frown upon me again.  I'm having a DNS problem.  Probably because of all the moving around we've done.  ??  I'm using my cell phone as my mifi spot, same  phone, same computer, same  passwords....  I find if I go in through a backdoor, I can get where I want to go, but my bookmarks are all messed up.  =(  

Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

Been so nice until yesterday when the temps dipped all the way down for a high in the 70s!  Brr!!  I was liking those 100s...sitting in my chair soaking up the Vitamin Sunshine.  It's supposed to warm again by Sunday and hit the 90s, so I'll live.  We've spent the last few days just adjusting to our surroundings.  It's very interesting here...

We are both heavily tattooed, but this is the first time I've ever experienced out and out prejudice because of them.  The store was one of those discount stores...BeAll's, kinda like Ross, but cleaner.  There were only three other customers in the store the entire hour I was there, and as soon as I walked in, I was followed.  Then, an announcement over the PA said their security cameras were running...and when I walked up to pay, I was asked for ID before I even offered a card!  I shoulda asked if my Platinum card would do!!  Seriously, folks who are heavily tattooed have can't get this caliber of artwork being a skid row bum or a thief. I wrote the company HQ, and they did nothing more than pat me on my pretty head and told me to move along....that was BeAll's y'all can boycott for me.

We've only ran into Biker Prejudice once in Montana.  Seriously, if you have a Harley, you know how expensive THAT is.  People, I don't care how much money you have, what color your skin is, your religion or politics...if you're a nice person, I'll be your friend.  That's MY criteria..what's yours?  How judgmental are we all, really?  Try and stop yourself today and see what kinds of judgments you dish out.

Monday, October 3, 2011


This one is my 'lizard' in Cottonwood, AZ
 Aloe growing 'wild' in Cottonwood, AZ ...he's by the bottom leaf

 Scooter watching Daddy load the Big Scooter
 A Lit'l souvenir from Turquoise Triangle 
 Unloading in Buckeye, AZ
 Home for the next 7 months
 This is from before they brought us our picnic table.  They drove Pirate around to eight different spots so we could pick out the exact site we wanted.
 Our own palm
 Desert Dog
 "I am learning to pee on surfaces other than grass...I miss grass!"
 Our living room in the desert
Pirate & Kitty having fun in the sun!

Leaf Verde is a wonderful park.  We are close to everything!  Major shopping is about 2 minutes away, yet we're tucked into our own little corner of town.  The freeway runs by the park, close enough to hear the traffic, but not close enough to be annoyed about it.  I'm sure once the park starts filling up, the rigs will help baffle the sounds.  

The amenities are awesome here!  The pool area is gorgeous, there are 3 dog runs, including one section that was just planted in grass.  Shuffleboard courts, basketball, heck, you name it.  There is a rather large mini mart where you can buy necessities without having to leave the property.  Each night the park is patrolled by two staff members, so we feel very safe.  

Speaking of staff....all I can say is, "Where did they find all of these nice people?!"  Everyone is beyond friendly here.  Your wish is their command.  Everything is so clean and there is not one speck of junk or uncared for plantings on the property.  

The very best part of it all is how I'm feeling.  I haven't woken up tuff once since we got down here!!  Praise the Lord!!  There have been two thunderstorms since we got here, but I couldn't have told you to expect them like I usually can.  I didn't even have to curl up on the couch in pain!  I'm loving this!  

Willie is VERY happy to be staying stationary!  I did use the 'calm down drops' on him last night when we left to have dinner at our friends.  WillBilly does fine when it's he and Scooter alone, but does NOT like to be alone without her.  The drops worked!  He wasn't glued to the window treatments when we got home from dinner like I thought he would be...yay!

Today, Pirate is riding the Harley over to Mikey's house and they are going to go exploring while I take the truck and go see what stores they have here.  I've found the Walmart, and saw where the PetsMart is.  Now time to whittle down that shopping list.  You can never have enough hooks or velcro straps in an RV! =)  Hope to see y'all soon........have I mentioned how much I love my 'house?'  LOL   ----MUCH----

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cottonwood, AZ

We found a really neat little spot here for two days.  We'd tried finding a place as we came into Flagstaff, but it seemed I had trouble either getting someone on the phone, or the published number was wrong, etc.  We parked at a Lutheran Church when it got dark and were up and out before 7 am.  I called Turquoise last night and not only did they answer right away, but they were the friendliest folks I've talked to in some time!  That's saying a lot, because I sure know lots of friendly people.  They we waiting for us when we pulled in.  They lead us to our spot, noticed that a tree limb was in the way and removed it on the spot so we could back out into an better spot.  They moved their picnic area so we could fit our monster in!  Turquoise Triangle

We're paying for two nights what we paid for one at Zion's Park.  There aren't many amenities, but we don't mind.  It's so quaint here.  It reminds me of my mother's garden, with lots and lots of whimsical signs, lawn ornaments, flowers, trees, quite areas to relax in the shade.  Not someplace for kids, as there isn't a playground.  There are mainly permanent residents, some in older rigs, but everything is clean and kept up.

What impresses us the most is the customer service!  They wanted no deposit via credit card last night on the phone, and when I went in to pay I was given a treasure trove of literature about the area along with the sweetest little note-pad holder with slots for the little arrows in various colors to tag pages, etc.  Also two very, very nice pens.  I know, some wouldn't give two hoots over these, but to me it showed how hard they are trying in today's environment.  With the attitude and friendliness they show, I'd stay here even if it was just a parking lot.  I just love all the little touches, and everywhere you look, you discover another hidden goodie...a gnome over here, a kitty, an eagle, oh...there's a fox and a cougar! Oh, My!  This old hippy biker chick's kinda spot, for sure.

I know I'll see so many by the time April rolls around, but I saw my first wild little litty bitty lizards today!  If Miss Tracie or Number One Son Tony were here, we'd have to check dresser drawers and closets for pickle jars full of new 'pets.'  Tracie and I laughed about that tonight on the phone.  She 'rescued' frogs and such so much as a never quite knew exactly what she was up to at times.  Some of the things she's told me now that she's an adult!!  LOL!!

We are staying through to Saturday morning, with around 100 miles left to go to Buckeye, AZ.  Tomorrow, we are going to ride to Jerome and play around the area.  There are a ton of activities near, including Montezuma's Castle.  Not sure where we'll end up, but I do know we will have fun!

Thanks for sharing your time with us...I'll have pictures of more than lizards tomorrow...perhaps!  =)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

While I've wifi access....

Willie in his tube 
 Pirate washing windows at a fuel stop
 Willie in his Go-Kitty Bag on my lap after the 100 miles of crying
No bars, no wifi...peace and solitude 
 Willie after we stopped...he ZONKED out!  Notice how everything in the loft shifted?
Zion's Park 

 Shots of the rig at Zion River RV Resort
This one is my favorite 
Wow, we're LONG! 
 just travelin' tattooed white trash! It's expensive to be white trash these days!
view from the resort's doggy run 

 meditation tent?  That's what I'd do in there...
 nice set up for kids
It's beyond beautiful here

We're glad we chose this park, even though we now have to backtrack to 14 to meet up with good road to get to Page and down to Flagstaff.  We went by the other park we were looking at in Springdale on the Harley and the road down into the park is worse than some of the roads we've seen!  NO WAY would we take the Gypsy Rose down there!  Since we're too tall to go through the tunnel at Zion's, we have the choice of 59, which is bad road, we've heard, or going north to 14 and then hit 89 on down.  I'm glad it worked out this way...God knows best!

Pirate caught up with the boys today and they are out riding.  We rode by ourselves yesterday through ZP and even though I've been through there before, it still takes my breath away.  I broke into "How Great Thou Art" from the back of the bike!  You cannot look at this much beauty and not want to thank a Higher Power.  It's just amazing!  We stopped at the Thunderbird Cafe for lunch in Mt. Carmel Junction.  Stop in for some of their Ho-Made Pie...quite the interesting story and worth the stop.  Nice gift shop, too!

Even though Zion River RV Resort is on the spendy side for us ($55/night for a 70ft PT), all of their sites are made to could stay here for much less, but we wanted all the bells and whistles for our first 'real park.'  ZRR Park  The folks are so friendly and nice, and we met the most wonderful couple from Houston who are part timers.  They suggest that when we visit San Antonio, we go to a little German town about 30 miles out.   scroll down to New Braunfels  They highly recommend it for something interesting other than the usual stops and it's less expensive than staying in SA.  

Willie and Scooter are beyond happy that Mommy stayed home today with them.  Willie had gotten very sick yesterday when we got back from riding.  He needed a bath, let's just leave it at that.  Poor kitten!  Traveling and we were foolish and feed him a french fry at our Walmart stop.  Never again!  He was  probably crying because his tummy hurt and mean old Mommy made him stay in a cage.  We certainly hope this was all it was, because he has many more miles in his future!

We continue to learn about our new home.  We found out the reason we didn't have cooling to the fridge was because ours is a two way, not three way fridge.  Judy, thank you for the ideas and advice and to Rick for explaining it all to me.  We can't even put into words how much we appreciate the support and feeling of family we feel from all of you!  Thank you thank you thank you!

We still haven't decided if we'll stay another night after tonight or just start heading south again.  Hopefully our next stop will have communication with the outside world other than the times when less than four people are on the resort's wifi, lol.  It is beautiful here, but it IS remote!  The town of Virgin doesn't even have cable service.  But we're liking the 'unplugged' way of life more and more....see y'all down the road and out on the Black Seas!

Monday, September 26, 2011

What a long strange trip it's been...

First off, we're ok!  But, we broke a shock on Utah's I-15...what a rough road through Salt Lake City.  Please use caution going through...huge pot holes, uneven pavement...and of course, still few rest areas.  We were stopped for fuel in Beaver, UT at the Flying J and two of the guys working out of the tire shop there noticed our front tire was unevenly worn.  Then they looked closer and saw the broken shock seal.  God put these guys in our path, and since Pirate was wearing a shirt from Snake Harley in Twin Falls, Idaho, they struck up a conversation.  Seems we know the same guy, Chopper, who used to work there.  Snake Harley really treated us like royalty when we broke down there in 2000...even loaned us a bike to ride while they fixed our starter.

We are all safe and cozy at the Zion River RV Resort in Virgin, UT.  What a nice spot!  The folks are super friendly and they have 70 ft pull thrus.  It's expensive, but a real treat after the day we had today.  Willie cried for 100 miles straight!  We think because of the rough road, and he was tired, we had boondocked at Walmart the night before and he's not used to travel.  He just had a bad day, right?!  One thing we discussed tonight is once we're in Buckeye for the season, we're going to have to continue to take Willie for rides every now and again to keep him used to the truck.  Poor kitty sacked out in his perch after a nice dish of gushy food with warm water to make gravy.  Yup, I spoil my kids!!

Tomorrow Pirate and I are going to ride up to Bryce Canyon.  We have friends coming up on their bikes from AZ to meet up with us, and they should get here tomorrow afternoon.  Then we'll ride Zion's with them, and the cliffs...I can't wait to take pictures for you all!

We learned a thing or two today about travel.  Pirate went into the garage to tighten the tethers on the Road Glide (Rosie) and some of the things on the shelves had fallen..including our BOSE!  We're going to look for netting for those shelves!  Also, I need more cupboard bars, and silly me forgot that my fridge would be off during flight, so I have a cleaning job ahead of me...but that can wait...

Because it's been way too long since I've really been in the saddle and my soul aches for the bike and Mother Nature.  I don't regret a minute of the last two and a half years that I stayed home with Boone and tended to his diabetes and blindness.  Guess what didn't fall...the oil painting of him hanging on my bedroom wall! =)

We don't have over half a bar on our cell phones, but the resort does have free wifi that works at the moment, so I'm off to publish this...thank you for following us on our dream.  Today is the first 'real' day of the real dream...this first ride.  Freeeeeedom!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Going to be a virgin again

For anyone wanting to hook up for a ride through Zion or Bryce, we will be at Zions River Resort in Virgin, ut sun thru tues nights. We are st the walmart in at burley idaho tonight.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Preparing for travel

Omg, my sweet should see the Gypsy today! Total upheaval as we prepare the garage for the Harley. She would probably have a coronary!

Our adventure officially starts tomorrow. We will be staying at the Walmart Inn on Saturday night, and once we get down by the parks, we have three different spots in mind to stay for a few days. We have ridden Bryce and Zion before, but they are worth riding every chance you get. When we get closer, we will let y'all know. I'm really interested in the animal sanctuary, too. Thanks for the tip!

Hoping to hook up with anyone in the area!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

heading to Kanab, not Moab...and I think I inherited Rick's friend Anonymous

So....I was totally mixed up on our route south and when we searched the map yesterday we discovered my error.  I was a little disappointed, but Pirate assured me that when we head toward Colorado and my friend Teri and son GoJesse, we will stop at Moab then.  The cliff dwellings have been there for hundreds of years, so I doubt they will be going anywhere in the mean time.  Silly Cat!

I'm so excited...I've really made the 'big time!'  I got a hate-filled anonymous comment!! Wahooo!!!!! 2 of them, even!! I sure hope anonymous doesn't click on my ads....I'll be in 'big trouble' if they do, lol!  Speaking of ads, do y'all click on each other's ads when you visit a site like mine that has them?  I do!  I know it's not much dinero, but hey, it's beer money or cat food.  I let anonymous in on the little known secret that if an anonymous commentor clicks on my ads, I'll be kicked off blogger...oh, anony-baby...please, don't do it!  Don't click on any of our ads!!  LMAO!!

I'd like to thank Rick for showing me how to handle anony's comments.  I'll admit, the first thing I wanted to do was to disallow anonymous commenting, but where's the fun in that?  Maybe I can take a lit'l heat off Rick?  I'd like to think that I am...he's a great, helpful guy that we all count on in the blog-o-sphere and G+, so however I can help, Sir!  We all know that someone who won't sign in to make a comment like that is passive-aggressive and probably one of those who either dominate or are know *whispers* a bully!  Anony-baby obviously has too much time on their hands and too little brains, so go ahead, I can take it!

Anony-baby should also know that often, I don't bother to even check my comments for days on end.  I usually go through Feedly or Google Reader, so it's about once a week I'll remember to check for comments...unless I've asked a question here and not also on G+...then I check several times a day.

Hmmm...Anony-baby seems to think my shelves are a what?!  We all know what it takes to shove, squeeze, store, shuffle and juggle things around to make room in these oddball sized storage compartments.  Especially when just starting out.  And I know that there is someone who NEEDS to see them!  I wish someone had posted pictures as a guideline for's so overwhelming!  Oh, my!  I just thought...I should post a picture of myself without make up on!  That would be scary!!  I'm old, anony-baby, and really don't care about the good opinion of other people.  I know, I've given her her fifteen minutes of fame now, but it's kinda fun.  See, I like the attention...never seemed to get enough of it as a child.

Anony-baby, you didn't point out that I am messy, you pointed out that you have a need to judge.  You're probably jealous, as well as passive-aggressive and a bully, so you've got quite enough on your plate...I'll say a prayer for you each day, Girlfriend.  I can tell you're female, because if you're male and said that, you can't figure out what THAT says about need to come on out of that closet.

So, back to Kanab, UT.  We will be staying in that area for a few days to ride Bryce and Zion's canyons before heading on down to AZ.  Has anyone stayed 'n played there recently?  Any ideas on great parks?  Your humble kitty-correspondent thanks you in advance!  Now I'm off to click on ads...

So happy for a garage door in my Coach

Willie can watch what's going on without escaping

I love the 'french' door..Willie can see through it, but can also be contained in the living area of the Coach.  This is sooo handy for moving things in and out.  Most of the Road Warrior models have the option for a slider door, but since our entertainment center is on that wall, we're out of luck.  

Scooter goes for her last groom tomorrow...thankfully once we're down in Buckeye, AZ, our dear friends who have moved there will have a good groomer for their dogs.  But once we really strike out on our own, we'll have to rely on locals wherever we happen to be.  We have an outside shower, so we can either wash her outside or just take her in our shower with us.  That may end up being what we do, unless the parks we stay at have a self doggy wash station like this one.  We are going to ask Nicole, her groomer, how to care for her feet and nails ourselves.  She'll need nails done before haircuts, due to her neglect before we rescued her.

Pirate is concerned about the angle of the ramp door and getting the bike high-centered.  We're looking at places we can move the Coach to so we can relieve some of that angle.  I'm sure once we get the hang of loading and unloading, it'll be a piece of cake, but I want spotters for the first time.  I've had to pick that bike up off of my Pirate before, and nearly tore a muscle in half doing it.  I don't know how I managed other than the adrenaline you get...the kind that allows mothers to pick up cars off their babies kind.  It was slow motion and done without thinking...he was underneath and I was getting him OUT OF THERE!  Thankfully, we were only going 5 mph when we hit pea gravel about a foot thick.  The gravel just grabbed those tires and we stopped!  I stepped off the bike like we'd always practiced, then flipped around and lifted the bike.  I had the shoulder injury that we didn't know about and Pirate was thoroughly bruised...Rosie only had a scratch on one of her saddle bags.  Our  friend Mikey offered to come get us with his bike trailer, but we ended up finishing that trip, thanks to prayers and Angels.

We have a 'slight' change in plans for heading south...we didn't realize how far east Moab, UT's totally out of our way, so Kitty doesn't get to go this time.  =(  We will be going through Bryce Canyon, Zion's Park, and Grand Canyon and will probably stay in that area for three days.  More friends than I knew about are coming to meet us there and ride in.  I'm not so sure how I feel about that.  Seems like a lot of folks are hanging from our coattails here...with two friends uprooting their lives and moving to AZ.  I'm really looking forward to some time with my husband...ahem, people!  Pirate did reassure me that this is OUR journey and they can make plans around OUR schedule....I just hope that is what happens.  I've waited such a long time for this and dreamed and schemed and planned for this.  Hopefully the 'newness' will wear off quickly and they will settle into some sort of routine that doesn't include us every day.  I'm going to be selfish with my time because like I said, I've waited far too long to let someone else infect their wishes into this.  Can you sense the agitation, lol?  

Big Sigh...and thanks for letting me rant a bit.  We will only be in Buckeye for 7 months, and that will be the longest we stay in one spot.  We're going to get the kinks worked out down there and do some upgrades to the Gypsy Rose, too.  We will get our screen room and slide toppers while there (the fridge slide REALLY needs help keeping things cool).  Next April/May we will head North and come see the kids, then start planning the rest of our journey.  I'm going to have to get used to traveling in this big ol' Rig by then without getting so nervous.  I just keep telling myself that if we can make through the Big Horn Mountain Range with the Gypsy Rose, we can make it through anything!  That shakedown cruise really did prepare us.

Now I'm off to design our business cards.  I'm printing up cards to hand to folks with the website on it.  That way folks we meet along the way can follow us.

I had a comment on the last entry that said they couldn't live in a fifth wheel.  It's not for everyone, that's for sure.  Most folks have a need for the stix n' brix.  That's ok, not everyone can see themselves doing Harley road trips, either.  It's got to be in your blood, I think.  I just have way too many things I want to see before I get my ticket to the other side.  As King George said, "I ain't here for a long time, I'm here for a good time!" I am the truly independent of the good opinion of other people, I know who I am, and I really dig being's great fun being a crazy old biker chick with too many tattoos!    

Monday, September 19, 2011


 the portable ice maker has been a wise investment
 Willie's tree fort fits perfectly..Scooter is in her doggy bed below the TV
 not much fits in this cupboard above the toilet
 baskets are your friend
 huggable nicely
 these are the oddest sized compartments..7 x 10
 the only spot for towels and linens are in the bedroom closet
 this is where we keep Willie...under the bed skirt
 this toilet paper stand eliminated the need to hang the plastic roll holder that came with the Coach
 kitchen cubby hole
 looong tall cupboards...see why my stepladder is my friend?

 since we don't really use the oven
 it's all about balance
 the pink is rubber shelf great between the glass pans and lids
 lil blurry...
I have a real garbage can now!

I'm sure that I'll change things around once we get down to AZ and spend more time in the kitchen.  So far we haven't used the oven or stove top...or the BBQ.  It's been either out to eat or microwave fare.  Time is just too precious right now to cook 'real meals.'  It's been cool the last two days, but has been so hot, we haven't been hungry anyway.  I do plan on using my crock pot quite a bit...I love Janet Groene's recipes for the slow cooker.  

This last week is going to go fast.  Pirate's goal is to get the Man Cave arranged so we can load the Harley.  I'm getting nervous about traveling already.  Considering the mountain range we had to cross on the trip home from Michigan, you'd think I'd realize we're fine...but I suffer from a profound lack of depth perception, so I get uptight.  I'm that lady that pulls waay to far away from the gas pumps and can't get the hose to reach, lol.  I can't SEE where it is, darn it!  Don't worry, I don't drive much, so y'all are safe...hee hee.  It's also why I am of absolutely no help when we park the RV.  I can't tell if it's 3 feet away, 3 yards away, or 3 miles! I'm so blessed to have married such a patient man!

Pirate drove a total of 1500+ miles this weekend.  What a grueling trip it was, but once he got to Tracie's, it was all fun.  They had a blast and he had so much fun with her friends.  Tracie has the 'cool Dad!'  She is beyond happy to have all of her things out of storage...she said it's like Christmas!  Now all of her paperwork is in one spot, too.  I wish I could have gone, but it wasn't a pleasure cruise.  I'd have been so stoved up...bless you, Pirate!  I missed getting more hugs in, but will get to see her at Christmas. 

I love my home!!  I'm so glad I mentioned to Christine that one little line in an dream coach.  She took it and ran with it and we are so glad she did.  I'm still amazed at how much more the local dealers are charging for the same's called highway robbery!  And everyone was so nice and so one pushed us or tried to intimidate us...General RV has our forever loyalty!  

I sure hope these pictures help someone else...I had no idea once I got my Coach how I was going to deal with the odd sized storage, and there were no pictures out there on the internet to help me.  I'll do more pics once we get down to AZ and are more settled.  I'll do garage pictures then, too.  Right now, it's a disaster zone, lol.  

Send up a little prayer for Pirate...he has to give up his laptop today.  We're going to start sharing mine, plus we have our smart phones.  This way, we don't have to buy Tony a new computer.  I just have to set up his printer and we're ready to roll.  We sure couldn't have done this without all of his help...he's really been Pirate's right hand.  Oh, it's time to start the coffee pot! Now I'm off to read all of YOUR blogs!  Thanks for the comments yesterday, too.  I truly respect you all and value your advice and opinions.