The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I’m a Spoiled Kitty



My Sweet Pirate got some shiny chrome for me!  Arm rests…with a cup holder so I can have my water with me…after our experience with heat stroke several years ago, we always carry water and wear long-sleeve white shirts when we ride.  He almost lost me that trip!


We also have a running joke that whenever we’re riding through boring scenery, such as through the Mojave desert, well…I tend to fall asleep back there!  So now Pirate can run bungee cord through the arm rests and around the tour-pack.  No Kitty is gonna fall off the back of Pirate’s bike!

I went for a ride in the truck yesterday for the first time since we got her back…um…can you say “Hot Rod?”  Sure, I knew ya could!  WOW!!  There is a little computer on the dash now called “Black Maxx” and there’s a new cold-air box under the hood.  We go fast now!  The mechanic let us in on the little secret that our truck was made to race in the ‘underground’ diesel-racing circuit!?!?!  He warned us NOT to engage the turbos while pulling the Gypsy Rose…cuz we may not be able to stop!  Pirate summed it up best, “Da Beast can pull the face off of a house now!”

I can’t get over how QUIET the truck runs now…truly amazing.  She doesn’t wanna stay under 45 mph, though….and that’s not good in town, lol!  We were actually coasting at 35 mph!

The community continues to support our dear family that lost their little boy.  I’m still in awe of our younger folks…whomever tries to say that the youth of today are headed in the wrong direction is going to get an earfull from me!  I can personally vouch for over 150 of them in this one community…and it makes my heart glad.

I found more of those ‘snap hangers’ yesterday, so I’ll take photos as I hang more of our treasures on the walls of the Gypsy Rose today.  We also got a phone call from one of our circle of riding buddies yesterday.  He wanted the name of the park we’re staying at this winter…he finally pulled the trigger on a toyhauler!  He will be coming down to Arizona to join us after Christmas with his grandchildren in the Spokane area.  See what we started?!  And all because I dared to dream….

Tomorrow we head to my orthopedic surgeon for a 90 day check-up.  For the meds I must take, I still need to see my doc every 90 days, so we’ll be using those air miles finally.  We figure I’ll have to fly twice a year alone while Pirate stays wherever we happen to be with the kids.  Then I’ll stay with my folks for a week and see old friends, etc.  Hopefully my daughter will travel to her grandparents during those trips, too! =)

I do need to speak with my doc about my meds, as I’m between a rock and a hard place trying to get my script filled each month once we’re on the road.  I may have to go to a different schedule of pain medications. 

I know it will all work out…everything else sure has so far, so no worries! Less than 30 days and we’ll be out there with you guys!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cats are Patriotic, too!



I just love this photo


The dinner last was a total success!  We don’t have a head count yet, but Pirate and I guesstimate there were well over 200 dinner guests.  I am so proud of our community!  What’s even more impressive is the number of younger folks—friends of the parents—were there to support this family! What a blessing it was to see.


Pirate is currently on the road with #1 son Tony to go retrieve the Ford.  It’s been a challenge to only rely on the motorcycle for transportation…kinda hard to go grocery shopping, lol!


Just last night, Pirate helped one of the other condo owners move a boat that was blocking us out on the gravel apron.  Maybe now we can reposition the Gypsy Rose so Pirate can get the bike in there to see how she sits! YAY for progress!  Once he discovers how much room he will actually have, he can get the rail system up and going.

May we all be kinder and gentler with our words and actions…especially with those whom we love the most.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fundraiser update

There will be a dinner at Kennewick's Country Gentleman Monday, June 27th, starting at 5 pm for Ryder's family.  Cost will be $15 or donation.  If you're in the area and not sure of directions, email me at  

I am so proud of my community and the support and love they are showering upon this broken and lost family.  May the love being shown somehow help heal the deep void in their lives...may this outpouring of true American spirit and love also show others that while we are a nation divided about our political views, when it comes to family, we're all still on the same page.

God bless the Johnson-Morrison-Bates family and God bless the USA!

We are still searching for ways to make that ramp door on the toy hauler not so slick.  Would sure appreciate any suggestions...thank you, Friends.  I'm getting a little nervous about making our pull out date!  We really want to have the new family moved in by August one.  July is going to be beyond busy!  Thanks, also, for all of the blessings and prayers sent our way...we're grateful for each and every one.

Friday, June 24, 2011

For the family...

The yardsale is set...we're going to try and scare up a sponsored Ride event too...more details on that later. Thanks for helping support Ryder's family!
Location: ‎6210 Maryhill Lane, Pasco
Time: ‎8:00AM Saturday, July 2nd

I sure hope this post comes through.  If anyone is in the area, please stop by.  We're in the process of getting a Ride together as well...more to come on that.  A check can also be mailed in care of Ryder Fund.  There are two bank accounts set up, one at Sterling Savings, the other at HAPO Credit Union.  I appreciate the thoughts and prayers, which are really, truly what I ask the most from you, dear Blog Friends.  Please lift this broken family to God and may a way be discovered to honor Ryder and help others in his name.  He was a friendly little fellow who would want other kids to smile and be happy.  I can feel the wheels turning, but haven't hit on the answer yet.  Thank you, Friends!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sadness and Grief

An extended member of our extended family was dealt the harshest blow possible...her little son had his first birthday one day, fell and hit his little noggin and did not come through the surgery the very next day.  From Birthday Cake to Angel Wings within 24 hours.  Ryder Joseph Morrison was a darling little man with an easy smile and lots of kisses for his Mommy.  He loved his little Cousin, Our Bella Boo, so much...and the two Mommies looked forward to a lifetime of closeness between the babies.  I am so thankful that his Mommy is a photographer, so his short life was well documented.  I'd love to show you a picture, but now is not the time to ask permission.

I cannot imagine...I just cannot.  My heart is beyond broken for her!  Even the death of our beloved Boone cannot compare, and I had thought the world couldn't hold enough tears for that.  But, knowing Ryder's Mommy, I fully look to her to start a non-profit foundation in his honor...and if she does, y'all will be hearing about it!

Hug your loved ones a little bit closer...tomorrow is not promised.

It is with a heavy heart that Pirate honor this day --twelve years ago I asked for a ride on his Harley.  We've not been apart except for hospital stays and road trips ever since.  Well, each time I was in the hospital for under a day, Pirate couldn't be  pried away from my side with a crowbar...the longer stays, he's had to leave.

I am a very blessed woman and I don't take it for granted.  May we all love a little deeper today...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Da Beast gets a ride

It was a lil emotional to see her loaded up and hauled off!  I sure wasn't expecting to feel so sad...but the truck will get fixed, and now we have more ammunition for the condo board to trim that darned tree out street side!!

So, sold the car:  check.  Truck outta commish:  check  Motorcycle going to the shop (scheduled maintainance) tomorrow:  check.  Kitty home alone with no transportation:  check  Son lives two blocks away:  check  Okey Dokey?  CHECK!!  I'll be fine...I have plenty of candy for my  pockies and tons on dog treats!

I think Willie, Scooter, and I will stay out in the RV tomorrow night while Pirate is gone.  Sounds like a sleepover!!

Seriously, we are just thankful that the truck CAN be fixed, and it won't cost us $3000 to do it.  Well, I mean, cost Ford.  I 'may' end up calling them and begging for a loaner.  Pirate says they won't because they didn't sell us the vehicle, but all they can say is no, so I'll try it.  Wish me Blessings!!

And bottom line, after our fellow RVer/Blogger friends lost their Mobile Suites 5er in a freak fire...we're REALLY counting our blessings.  Someone ALWAYS has a harder row to hoe.  ALWAYS!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Feeling better! Warmth comes to the NorthWest!

Couldn't believe how high the Mighty Columbia is! NEVER seen it this high before in my entire life!

Could it be...?  Maybe?  PLEASE!!??  Can it be Summer now, please?  Since Mother Nature has seemingly forgotten how Spring works, lets see if she can just skip on thru to the hot stuff!  Blessed High Pressure System, you are the best medicine for these ol' Kitty bones.

Now, my next challenge of the day will be to NOT overdo it.  When will I ever learn, take it slow when I feel good so I can stretch out the feeling.  When you deal with chronic pain and health issues, you have to 'save up' the things you want or need to do for those times when you feel good.  I seem to think that I need to do everything on that list all at once.

Some of the items I ordered from Amazon should be here today.  I sure hope the over-the-sink shelves fit around my faucet fixtures, though.  The kitchen faucet seems like it may be in the way, but I won't know for sure until it gets here.  I ordered one for the bathroom, too.  I'd dearly love to have my magnetic knife safe hung  up, too.  I'm not going to ask Pirate to do it, though.  He has enough on his plate.  It will get hung before we take off...that's all that matters.

Last night Pirate made a special dinner (he loves to cook, even on Father's Day).  I had to go out to the RV for so many things for him, he finally 'gets it' about living in two places at once. Only about another month...I just gotta keep sane for another month-ish!

Thank you, Heather and Manix for hauling off...I mean, accepting the treasures I wanted to give them, ha ha!  I feel so good knowing that you guys have those things...and more to come later, of course!  Like the BBQ, for instance!  I love knowing Chevy and the pups will have Mr. Professor's cool cot to lounge on.  He loved laying on that thing, and it's so large, a pit bull will fit on it very nicely.

Since we've decided to go ahead with a storage unit shared with all the kids, our loft in the RV won't be too crowded with stuff.  I AM taking the precious treasures with us, because I NEED those things on the really tuff days.  Some days, you just need to hold the treasures of your life.  To touch them again and re-memorize their details.  To chuckle and remember the childish script, to marvel at what words they knew at such young ages, the curvy mistakes of those big fat crayons and small hands...I wonder if my mother ever goes through my old childhood gifts and tokens of affection?

It was great to talk with my Daddy on the phone yesterday.  He's my first hero!!  When I was about nine years old I remember asking my Daddy about death.  He promised me on the spot that HE  would live forever, so don't worry about it...he even PROMISED!  I still remind him of it often!! =)  I sure love that Daddy of mine!

We are driving over to Asotin, WA (in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley along the Snake River border) this Saturday to take my folks out to dinner for their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  My brother is also pitching in and it was even his idea!  Go, Big Brudder!!  Pirate and I will celebrate 12 years together this Thursday, too. I told him not yet for four years, so we've only been Mr. & Mrs. for eight of them.  The best 12 years of Tracie and my lives!

I think, think with paws crossed, but I think I have finally found an electronic cigarette that will work for Pirate.  He will vape with me in the truck, but still smokes the real coffin nails more than he vapes.  (Been 6 months for me, other than the two on the shakedown cruise)  I found a slick little device that looks more like a walkie-talkie...has a flush button so he won't accidentally ignite it and cause the sticky fluid to leak all over his pocket.  I really want him to be done with the cigs...they STINK to me, now!!

Thank you to all my blogger friends for keeping me occupied while I couldn't get much done.  I learn so much from all of you that I could never pay y'all back, so I just hope I'm paying it forward for someone else.  That's our goal!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Angels among us and Tim McGraw

 I've lost my pink cowboy hat already here
 View from the VIP Lounge at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA
 Looking up at the crowd...that's the stage RIGHT THERE!!
 Amazing Tim
Our Seats!

The Band Perry.  Luke Bryan. Tim McGraw. WOW!  We sure had a great time.  ...and don't feel sorry for me because of my missing pink cowboy hat, either!  I actually gave it away.  This darling gal comes up to me with a pink cowboy boot in her hand and tries to buy my hat for $30.  Well, I wasn't having that!  I told her it was hers as long as she paid it forward.  We had so much fun with Sweet Katherine and her man!  And after a while, didn't think a thing about it.

The gates opened at 5:30 pm and the long line of General Admission squatters included tents.  The lines were so long, even after we'd waited for the initial rush to go down, that I decidedd to stand in the other long line at the honey huts while Pirate got in line.  Out of nowhere, this gal I've NEVER met comes up to me yelling, "Pink! Pink!  Grab your Honey and come with us!"   She lead us to the head of the line!  We still don't know quite what happened, but we thanked her profusely and gave thanks to God!  We walked on in a daze, just happy for the wonderful little adventures in life.

Then we saw our seats!  I had no idea how great they were and that they let us into the 'VIP' area and that awesome view from the bar.  The drinks were $10 apiece, but the view made up for it.  So, we hung out in there for a while, helped some folks take pictures of themselves and their sweethearts, directed a mother/daughter duo on the back way to get back to Yakima, WA and general had fun with everyone.  Time to take our seats.

There was a sweet couple next to us, around our ages, and we smiled, made small talk, but no real conversations or anything.  They left their seats for a while to go get a drink and when they came back...they brought US each a drink!  

Tim, ever the Southern Gentleman, disrupted his own concert when he saw some dude pushing around a little gal.  He made sure that "good ol' boy" remembers his manners next time and now he has been told:  You don't hit women!!  They took the gal backstage, and I'm sure she had the best time after that!

We had no hassles getting to the concert, no hassles parking, no hassles in lines, no hassles leaving!  All home safe and sound and all is well!  We feel surrounded by Angels and can't wait to get out there on the road.  This is the magic that God kindles for us when we humbly as Him, "How may I serve?"  

I've had more than my share of bumps in the road, so maybe I just appreciate this good life a little bit more than most.  I don't know about that, but I do know that I am dancing 'round this world with the perfect partner that loves me unconditionally and feeds my soul.  I have family and friends who'd do anything for me and love me so MUCH I wanna burst.  So many things to be thankful for.  

I love our life, Pirate!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad News Bears

Silly Kitty...never assume!  We know what that makes 'u' and 'me'!  I had thought Pirate brought the Beast back repaired..nope!  They can't fix it!  They were experts are ruining our truck, so why can't they fix it?!  They will be getting the bill if we have to re-chip it!  Looks like we're going to contact a mechanic in C'da, Id.  (Not sure how to spell Couer d'Alene.)  So....we will have to rent a minivan for our Tim McGraw concert tomorrow night.  Hmm...wonder if we can add the cost of a rental to our Ford bill??

We continue to unload our 'junk' ...I mean, I mean TREASURES!  There is something so soothing about going through your things --almost as if we'd passed on--and distributing our lives among our children, friends, and community. I've got to get back to a Wal-mart soon to get more of those 3M 'snap' picture hangers...what a life saver!  I'll snap a photo of the snapper when I get more...they hold up Boone's portrait just fine!  I even forgot to take the picture down when Pirate took The Gypsy Rose into Les Schwab for her bad wheel.  Nothing budged!

I've decided that I'm going to just keep moving things out into the fiver...hopefully soon we will find a tipping point and just move all the way in!?  I got a few items from Amazon the last two days...cup holders for the walls by Pirate's couch, and also got a magnetic knife safe/utensil holder and a RV oven cover cutting board.  Waiting for my over-the-sink shelves...hoping they fit around our sinks!!  Paws crossed.  Pictures of the concert to follow Sunday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Da Beast LIVES!!

...and so do the techs at the Ford Dealership!!  It took them less than an hour!  Now, if only they had taken the time to program that chip in the first place!  I wanted Pirate to have them reimburse us for at least half of our diesel on the Michigan trip, but he was just happy they weren't making him get out that famous "Scorpio Stinger!"  Just ask the kids about that stinger and his deadly piercing blue eyes!! LOL!!  We NEVER had to spank any of our kids!  And I had my 'snap thang' going with Miss Tracie...we have excellent children, and we'd like to think it's because we love them so unconditionally.  The first time ya do something, it's a mistake...ya do it again...well, that's on purpose and you'll lose TV or internet.  (Thanks Miss Faith! that is her favorite quote to her three boys.)

I keep searching for more and MORE RV blogs to follow, and when I added the gadget of blogs I follow, I found I am following 90!  WOW!!  I must say, Terri & Doyle continue to be my favorites, as they also full time in a Heartland Road Warrior.  I LOVE the mods they have done to their coach!  Their unit is a 361, ours a 405, but we almost went with their model, and they ours!  It's so funny what makes a certain coach "the one."

If you read back to last years' posts, you'll see a write up about Heartland.  After searching in magazines, buyer's guides, and the internet, when we stumbled upon their website and read about the company...we were hooked.  Again, special thanks to Christine McBride at General RV for daring me to dream and making that dream come true.  We recently priced the Cyclone (sister) line at a local RV dealership...they STILL aren't even within $15000 of what we paid!  And that includes the cost of taking delivery and driving 5000 miles round trip!

I love my Coach!  I wish we already lived there.  Each time I walk up my staircase here at the condo and my knees groan in protest, I just tell 'em wait!  Soon there will only be three steps to navigate, only 400 sq ft to clean instead of 1800, and only one bathroom to scrub instead of three.  Getting older and becoming decrepit isn't for sissies!

Found online that we are doing the exact right things to prepare Willie for travelling.  We do still need to make that further step and start taking him for rides in his Tube.  Good think his 'high value' treat is dehydrated chicken.  It's easy to store in a pocket and simple, not too messy to feed.  He and Scooter always vacuum up the crumbs.

I'm going to try and get some organizing done out in the Gypsy today....wish Scooter calmness!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm at a standstill here!

I can't complete my kitchen until we're closer to moving in...we keep having to schlep back out to the RV to get this or frustrating!  I almost wish--ALMOST--that we had a deadline to meet.  GRR!  Pirate can't start on his garage until he can see how the Road Glide sits...I can't load anymore of our stuff until we're not in the house and needing those things!  LOL, what a blessed life we lead!

We ARE  going to have to live out there soon so we can start the few repairs we need to make.  Too bad we're in the Summer months.  We've yet to hit the mercury higher than 82, but in this neck of the woods, that will happen sooner rather than later.  With only 30 amp service in the gravel apron out back, this will be a challenge to cool.  I guess we'll find out if the portable unit can hack it and let the condo swelter while we're completing the move out?

I also am having a hard time getting out there whenever Pirate happens to be out on errands.  Miss Scooter has decided since our Michigan trip to NEED both of us 24/7.  Not too handy!  If Pirate is outside in the Gypsy Rose, she cries.  If it's me out there, she howls.  If he's gone to the store or out with Tony...she whines at the slider the entire time.  Good thing we have a PetSafe no-barking device!  She can only whine when we're out on the Harley...right?

Willie just wants to play, eat, sleep, play...depending on what YOU want him to do..he'll be busy doing the opposite, for sure. He is a big helper, though!  Just ask him!

Not much else going on...repairs continue, I keep struggling with what to make for dinner, and we are just so happy God has richly blessed our lives!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Buffaloes and Palm Trees

Al's Oasis Saloon out of Reliance, SD

I took this pic on our trip home.  Buffaloes and Palm trees are very near and dear to our family, so I had to take it!  I just wanted to let everyone know that the trip to the Ford Dealership went calmly and smoothly (so far) and no one was injured, shot, or jailed today!  We'll see come Weds morning, but it sounds like all they need to do is program the chip.  Now, if only they had done that BEFORE we left for Michigan!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pictures of Pirate's Mods

Here is the tire shield Tony & Pirate made out of some insulation board, procured from the insulation company Tony used to work for back in the "olden days."

This is the area where our generator would have gone.  Now we have soo much storage!  We are going to pick up at least one 2000 hp generator at some future point.  Since we have the 110 AC unit, don't forget that it's also a dehumidifier, we probably won't need 3500 hp to run the Big AC.  If we do, we'll just add a second 2000 hp.  AND, they will reside in the truck!  Well, that's our plan for now, at least.  We shall see how it all shakes laid plans of mice and men and all.

Again, wish us luck or bail money for tomorrow's showdown at the Ford Dealership!!

Another night at the Gypsy Rose Inn

Little Mister had fun "helping" me reorganize the kitchen

A great time was had by all!  We watched the DVD last night and had great fun seeing Tony, Gibbs, Kate, Ducky, and Abbey seems so young!!  This DVD included the first four shows of the entire, what a cool story...and nice to know the extra 'b' in Gibbs stands for 'bastard!' LMAO!!

I always wonder if other fulltimers buy simple items, like the previous pictures of my tea, with the thought in mind...I can use that container for...LOL!  I mean, I could put things in there!!  Or Pirate could use it out in the toy hauler area...I mean, Clubhouse!!  What a useful product I have procured!!  I am the Queen of Shopping!!  Ahahahhaaa!!!  Well, that's what I tell myself, anywayz!

Just wanted to let my fellow bloggers know that y'all keep us going.  We love hearing your adventures and what are the awesome spots to stop to eat  or camp.  We were actaually considering joining the Elks again for the sites, but heard some are curtailing this practice...darn!!  We may still rejoin, as you never know when these memberships can come in handy.  

So far, we have only joined Good Sams'.  I considered joining KOA for about five seconds.  With a limit of 27 days, no discounts for longer stays...well, sorry, but too rich for my blood!  I am going to investigate the Thousand Trails club I keep reading about and seeing such nice properties!  

Gonna get this posted before I lose we are relaxing and cleaning the Gypsy...yep, gonna play with my Yellow Jacket Central Vac...I so love the dust bin feature!  Tomorrow should be an interesting post, as we're making the trip to our Ford Dealer...anyone wanna offer to bail us out of jail if fireworks fly?!  I know you would, Tracer!!  Much you too!!  We've waited three weeks to calm down, but I don't know if I can control him tomorrow....after all, his Bride was in danger because of their neglect!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We just might make that pull out date yet...

...if I learn to cook nutritious meals for my Pirate in this tiny oven, that is! LOL!!  The inner dimensions are 7 1/2" X 17" and the biggest dish I can use is a 13" X 9".  Also, I read that our pans MUST be no larger than 10" in diameter.  DARN!!  I have to say goodbye to my favorite bacon-fryer!!  Our 'misfortune' is Miss Tracie's gain, so it's all good, I guess.  She's going to get all of my jelly roll pans, too.  Good thing I had to 'give up' on baking a while back.  My disabilities make it extremely difficult, so the family doesn't get my good gooey cookies anymore.  Or the pumpkin rolls I made in those pans all of these years.

Pirate took the Gypsy Rose down to Les Schwab to get her bad wheel fixed.  Turns out we had picked up a little hitchhiker along the way in the form of a screw.  Just super glad we have triple axles on our fiver!  We also learned, as Pirate was turning off the propane...or so we thought!  At Wixom, MI and our walk thru, the tech said he would turn off the left tank, and we didn't check it!!  We had been using the right tank.  ALL THAT TIME we were travelling with the propane ON!  All the fuel stops....OH MY!  We certainly have angels on our shoulders!!  NEVER take anyone's word on what they did or did not do!!  Check for yourself!!

I'm hoping to get out and vacuum my Gypsy today.  Pirate is taking some well earned rest, so the slides are still all tucked in.  I so do not want to hassle him, so I'll just wait.  I know HOW to kick the slides out, but I'm not sure what his plans are.  The other day he had all of his little gizmos and gadgets all lined up on the tailgate, with the truck perfectly positioned...and I needed to go to the store for a prescription.  He was soo sweet, he just calmly put away his things and brought the Beast around.

I DID ask that we take the kids out there this evening and watch our Netflix DVD so I can send it back.  Just hoping I get the chance to get out there to tidy up first.  If not, I can always vacuum tomorrow!

ARGGHH!! I've lost internet yet again.  This is actually the 3rd time I've tried to write this post!  Now I'll finish up and fire up the phone so I can post.  I just wish my modem would support both of our laptops at the same time, but I'm not complainin!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Splendid Splendide

I finally found the instruction manual for my washer/dryer combo...  Wow, just when ya thought there was nothing new in keeping clothes clean, hee hee.  Interestingly, the directions state that dryer sheets should NOT be used.  They also highly recommend using powder, rather than liquid soap.  Hey, whatever it takes to have clean clothing...I'll do it!  I still haven't used the machine yet, as there was NO WAY I was gonna try it on the trip home, and we only have 30 amp service here at the condo, with no water.  It 'sounds' easy to learn, so we shall see.

all tucked away in my closet

We just came in from working in/around the RV for the day.  Pirate succeeded in his quest to reclaim the space our generator would have sat.  He and #1 son Tony cut and painted plywood heavy enough for the job, so now there is a floor in that compartment.  This will also keep road grime and gravel from entering that compartment, as it was literally open underneath.  Pirate was able to stack all of our 'shore' utility cords and hoses inside of old milk crates.  I'll have to snap a picture for the guys!!

My unglazed ceramic tiles arrived today...38 out of the 40 made the trip just fine!  I'm giving away 8 to my TFL who lives in a TT, we're taking 12, and who knows what will happen to the rest.  I should stand outside of Home Depot and give them away!! ha ha...ok, putting away the snarky attitude.

I also dug out the manual for the TV, and found I need an HMDI cable to hook up the laptop.  YAY!!  We'll be watching Netflix movies whenever and wherever we want (that also has cell service for my mifi modem).  We're not 'big TV watchers' and are going to go thru the entire NCIS series.  I do watch baseball, but the way the Seattle Mariners are playing...I'd be just as interested in whatever local team is on the places that have cable at the utility pole.  

Willie made another visit to the Gypsy Rose today.  He stays out in the main rooms longer and longer each time, but eventually returns to the safety of the area between the bed and closet.  I lay on the bed so he knows I'm near, and if I watch in the mirror, I keep seeing blue eyes looking back at me.  He keeps checking on me, too!  He'll venture out a bit, let me pet his pretty head, and peusche~~back into hiding he goes!!

Peusche is actually a second name for Willie-as if he didn't have enough, lol!  When he was brought to me, they swore up and down he was female, so I didn't check.  We named him Lilly, and since he was so small, that quickly became Lilliputian.  Which became Peusche...and Peusche has stuck.  Especially when he wants to motate FAST!!  

We keep working at it little by little...pretty sure we'll make our guestimate on pull out day!  We definitely have "hitch itch!"  We can't wait to be out there with all of the wonderful folks whose blogs we are following.  Just know that you are inspiring us to no end!!  Thank you!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stopping to smell the flowers of life...

Saw these at the grocery store for $4.99 and decided to brighten my own day!

Why is it women generally take care of everyone else, and never take time for themselves?  We rarely remember to spoil ourselves, even when it's not expensive or extreme.  $5 on flowers?  EASY!!  These peonies reminded me of Pirate's Mom.  They were her favorite flower...I never got to meet the wonderful woman who raised my Pirate, as she and his Dad passed away several years prior to our meeting.  We do always joke that it was his Mom who turned that steering wheel into the bank driveway! (Totally random how Pirate and I met, so we know Someone Upstairs had a Hand in it!)  I would have loved to thank her for the wonderful man she raised.  I like to do that...thank the parents of people I dearly love.  I mean, if their parents hadn't had them, I wouldn't have them in my life!!  I hope this is a tradition that gets passed down...I know it means the world to me when someone compliments my kids, so how about spreading some joy?

It's amazing what we put up with, or settle for, in life.  Back when I didn't realize my own worth, I put up with a LOT of crap...mostly from the men in my life, but also from my parents and family.  Neither of my folks were raised with much love or respect modeled for them.  Ahhh, it was such a different time!!  Today, my brother and I would've been removed from our home.  On my folks side, they were such kids themselves when they had Steven and I, and we ARE the first generation off the farm.  They sure didn't have a lot of tools in their emotional toolboxes, for sure.  But they have mellowed with age and grandparenthood.

When you grow up being put down all the time, you begin to believe what's being said to you.  When someone doesn't treat you or love you the way you deserve, it doesn't reflect on YOU as not being reflects on the other person as someone who needs to put down others in order to feel better about themselves.  Pure and simple.  But, children tend to think it's their fault.  It's so sad, but we all eventually either find a better way to be in this world, or we join in and heap insults and slurs on others weaker than even ourselves.  And if you happen to have a small child, guess who is going to get the brunt of it?!  

Humans are naturally selfish.  It's a survival thang, really.  It takes someone with integrity to rise above that natural instinct and put others first.  Usually, becoming a parent takes care of that!!  But not always.  It's a choice we make each day how we are going to move through life. Most of us don't even realize we HAVE choices and just "let life happen" to us.  I was in that mind set for quite some time.  Then, I was just so smothered that when I came up for some air, I found freedom!

Can a person be truly happy in a crappy relationship?  Only if the other person has the patience of Job and can love so unconditionally that they see through the person's pain and lashing out and ride the wave with them, hoping to eventually come out whole on the other side.  I've found that most people are NOT gonna change, so you'd bettered be careful with your heart!!  In a true relationship, each person puts the other first, and strives to become a better person...just so the other  partner will benefit from it.  That's how Pirate and I are.  Most folks are somewhere in between...I'll tell you the secret to happiness:

It's YOUR job!  Not anyone or any don't need the 'right' mate or that perfect job or when you have X amount of money.  If you can't be happy in the bad times, how will you know to be happy in the good times?  MY happiness is MY responsibility, PERIOD!!  If I don't have the "pluck" to ask for what I want, then I deserve what I get.  

Sometimes, the person you thought you fell in love with isn't worthy of your heart.  What then?  What if your entire family puts you down, your mate does the same, and everyone's favorite sport seems to be lying to you?  Then you've got to decide if you're more comfortable being treated like that and learn to stop complaining about it, or you've got some changes to make.  We teach people how to treat us by what we're willing to "put up with."  If 'speaking up for yourself' would make the people in your life kick you out or desert you, then please try and save money, make a plan, and get the hell out!!  NO ONE deserves to be treated that way!!

I've had to start my life over so many times in the past, I quit counting.  But the minute I decided I deserved better, the doors of Heaven seemed to open for me.  Remember, I was going through all of this with a child in tow!  Not easy!!  I had to swallow my pride and move in with my folks more than once on this journey to Pirate.  But each step lead me to where my soul matey was.  If you don't think you can do, you're right, you can't yet.  Once you KNOW you can, nothing will stop you.  How do you get to that place of strength?  One day at a time.

You see, there just aren't any easy just have to step out  on faith.  Get those ducks all lined up, dream, work on yourself and getting strong and confident, develop relationships that are worthy of you so you have support.  Stash every single penny you can.  One favorite quote:  I had one dime to my name and two kids...but I left, cuz I thought I have one red cent to my name and nine to spare!  Find out what gov't services are available...find a church or shelter and decide if their 'rules' fit you.  Couch surf with friends for a month or two to save money.  No matter how hard your situation is, somebody ALWAYS has it worse.  ALWAYS!  So count those blessings, be thankful for what does come into your life, and start building yourself up.  

While you're in this transition, don't take what is said to or about you to heart.  As those used to beating you up physically, mentally, emotionally...they are gonna attack full force to try and get you 'back in line like they like ya.'  They have YOU to lose, so they're gonna do it.  Don't take it in, don't let it flatten you out.  If it does, just get stronger for the next time.  And it will take time, and maybe even more than one time, but you CAN do it!  If I can, anyone else can!

Let's all be good to each other today!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Our countdown clock...

"I could go East, I could go West..." ~Bob Seger, Roll Me Away

I noticed our countdown clock on our blog is getting down into the 40s!  Only 47 more days to pull out!  That's kinda arbitrary, as we don't have a "D-Day" per se.  Just our plan to be out of the condo before the end of July.  I've been reading several RVing might say I am addicted, lol!  I love hearing about those who are already out there on the Black Seas, love their pictures, how they handle family gatherings, etc.  One couple I follow meet their grandchildren at designated times and each child gets their 'birthday' present at that time.  What a great way to connect with the kids and keep Grandparents involved in their lives.  We can't wait to have grandbabies who wanna RV with Pappy & Gramma Kitty!!  Sigh!!  Our Bella from one of our 'acquired' kiddos did come by yesterday in her pink cowboy boots!  And Momma and Daddy told us she discovered how to crawl....time for Baby Jail!!  Gotta break out the playpens now!!

We have a dear friend, Dick Leonard, staying with us for a few days here at the condo.  Dick is the friend responsible for introducing Pirate to Harleys and one of a handful of friends Pirate has had since childhood.  When you ARE a great friend, you HAVE great friends.  Nobody is a greater friend than Pirate.  He truly is a great, great man.  I am a very lucky Kitty!  Who woulda thunk it all those years ago when our eyes met and time stood here we are, together for ...omg...12 years this June 23rd!  Can that be right?!  I guess so! We've been married for 8 years this September.  (Yes, I turned him down for four years!  I didn't say no, just not yet.)

It was truly a treat to see Heather, Manix and Bella yesterday.  Kinda sad to know that this is one of the last times we'll get together here at the condo.  Heather was so sad to look around and the pictures are all down off the walls, lots of furniture is gone already, and the garage looks so bare!  Seems like yesterday Heather and Tracie were upstairs giggling and worried about hair and make-up.  Now both of them are adults with good heads on their shoulders and we're so proud of them!!  ALL of our kids make us proud!! =)

Saying goodbye IS going to be difficult.  We just got a phone call this morning from an old friend at the bank. Elaine wants to have lunch sometime soon so we can all catch up before we hit the road.  She is such a dear, sweet person, and certainly one I wouldn't leave town without loving on first.  I'm hoping we can have some sort of gathering for everyone before we take off...THAT will be an emotional day!

We have just a few things going on this month.  June 18th is Tim McGraw at the Gorge in George, WA, and then June 25th my brother and Pirate and I are taking my folks out to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Miss Tracie has to work, which is the only fly in the ointment.  Otherwise, we just plan to slowly move into the Gypsy Rose, get her bad wheel fixed, dump her tanks, and reposition her so we can get the bike in the garage.  Pirate can't really 'move in' to his garage until he sees how Rosie the Road Glide is going to sit.  Seeing how she sits will dictate if he can move a certain rack into the hold.  IF that rack fits, we're golden as far as how we'll pack all of our leathers and helmets and assorted riding gear.  Let's just concentrate on that rack fitting...I don't wanna think about the alternative, lol!  

I had taken down the 4" foam mattress from atop the loft and put it on our bed.  Well, Pirate isn't so sure it helps.  UGHH!  I do NOT want to haul it back up there!  My solution is to start sleeping out there and find out! We've got to get out there and start watching our Netflix DVDs soon or they'll think we're weirdos...I probably did jump the gun on the Netflix thang.  I still need to figure out which cable I need to hook the PC up to the television...RAdio Shack, my hero!

I continue to tease and love my Pirate, and he continues to cherish and love his Kitty.  I swear I am the most blessed woman on this Earth.  So thankful for my wonderful beautiful life, with my Soul Matey by my side!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What's happening now?

We had a great day, yesterday...we went and spent our $100 at Fred Meyers so we can get diesel 10 cents cheaper per gallon at Shell stations.  Found some great towel racks and bins for the bathroom.  With such a small bathroom (we're used to having 3) we're going to have to boil down our 'bathroom routines' to be able to fit into a very small bin we can scrunch under the cabinet.  Since both won't fit, I'll "let" Pirate keep his stuff under the sink, I'll keep my baskie either in the closet or on one of my shelves in the bedroom.  I also got a nice chrome bin for the spices to live in while traveling.  There is more than enough room for them around the stove top while we're parked.  I also found a nice 'expand-a-shelf' for the canned goods.

We then went to Chief's RV to pick up our ordered front 'footie' landing gear plate.  While there, Pirate wanted a tube to stow the sewer hose.  Chief's didn't have one on hand, so Angel, the very sweet lady at the counter, called over to Russ Dean RV and found that they had it in stock.  We won't forget how nice and sweet that was, Angel!  We'd been a little 'put off' by one of Chief's sales reps, who wouldn't have a Road Warrior on his lot, why don't we buy a Cyclone....hey, buddy....we bought ours from an RV dealer who wanted to work with us and still came in $25k UNDER your best deal!!  YAY, Christine at General RV!!  And guess what? They were more than willing to order our custom RW 405!  I hope Christine made a great big fat commission, cuz she worked her tail off for us!!  Kudos to Rick Yonkers at their Wixom, MI location who worked "paper magic" for us, too!  In fact, each person we met at General RV has been 100% top notch and honest...telling us what NOT to waste our money on, what to spend more for and why...they got us set up and on the road with quality items, not just 'whatever' to get us out of their hair.  Wow, it's great to have customer service in this day and age!

Speaking of NO service...I had heard on Youtube that if you put 4 6" x 6" UNglazed ceramic tiles in your RV oven, it will make it work more efficiently and won't burn the bottoms of your cookies or biscuits.  We stopped by our Kennewick Home Depot...apparently it was too much trouble to bother the 'lady' in flooring...after she loudly screamed across the store "I'M ON THE PHONE" I patiently waited for her to finish.  She didn't even stand up to greet me!!  I told her what I was looking for and she scoffed and said, "We don't carry them any more and cannot order them."  Then turned around and ignored me!!  Typical no service from Home Depot!!  When we got home, it took me all of 3 seconds to Google it and find a website where I ordered a box of 40 for under $55, with tax!  Geez, lady, your attitude just cost you big time!

Pirate is dragging our portable AC unit down the stairs.  It's supposed to reach the 80s today...and our AC went out last summer.  This little baby can cool 800 sq ft, and keeps our entire condo (1800 sq ft) cooled off using only 110 power.  It is also a dehumidifier, so of course we will take it with us.  We found we will be able to fix our big outside unit for far less than the stated $3500.  We also own two of those Eden Pure ceramic radiant heaters.  We barely use our home furnace, so it'll be more than enough to heat our 'wobbly box.'  We can put one heater at the stairs, and the other out in the garage.  It's truly God's Hand that we bought these things before we even decided to full time RV!

Today is a 'catch up on projects' kinda day....which means I get to go out to my new home and 'play!'  Can't wait to get on the black seas for real!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Willie and his new box

He actually came to his travel bag and hopped in ask on his own! He doesn't like being left alone!! Hopefully travel days will go as smoothly.

We made our winter reservations at Leaf Verde in Buckeye, AZ!!'s finally' real.'
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