The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Splendid Splendide

I finally found the instruction manual for my washer/dryer combo...  Wow, just when ya thought there was nothing new in keeping clothes clean, hee hee.  Interestingly, the directions state that dryer sheets should NOT be used.  They also highly recommend using powder, rather than liquid soap.  Hey, whatever it takes to have clean clothing...I'll do it!  I still haven't used the machine yet, as there was NO WAY I was gonna try it on the trip home, and we only have 30 amp service here at the condo, with no water.  It 'sounds' easy to learn, so we shall see.

all tucked away in my closet

We just came in from working in/around the RV for the day.  Pirate succeeded in his quest to reclaim the space our generator would have sat.  He and #1 son Tony cut and painted plywood heavy enough for the job, so now there is a floor in that compartment.  This will also keep road grime and gravel from entering that compartment, as it was literally open underneath.  Pirate was able to stack all of our 'shore' utility cords and hoses inside of old milk crates.  I'll have to snap a picture for the guys!!

My unglazed ceramic tiles arrived today...38 out of the 40 made the trip just fine!  I'm giving away 8 to my TFL who lives in a TT, we're taking 12, and who knows what will happen to the rest.  I should stand outside of Home Depot and give them away!! ha ha...ok, putting away the snarky attitude.

I also dug out the manual for the TV, and found I need an HMDI cable to hook up the laptop.  YAY!!  We'll be watching Netflix movies whenever and wherever we want (that also has cell service for my mifi modem).  We're not 'big TV watchers' and are going to go thru the entire NCIS series.  I do watch baseball, but the way the Seattle Mariners are playing...I'd be just as interested in whatever local team is on the places that have cable at the utility pole.  

Willie made another visit to the Gypsy Rose today.  He stays out in the main rooms longer and longer each time, but eventually returns to the safety of the area between the bed and closet.  I lay on the bed so he knows I'm near, and if I watch in the mirror, I keep seeing blue eyes looking back at me.  He keeps checking on me, too!  He'll venture out a bit, let me pet his pretty head, and peusche~~back into hiding he goes!!

Peusche is actually a second name for Willie-as if he didn't have enough, lol!  When he was brought to me, they swore up and down he was female, so I didn't check.  We named him Lilly, and since he was so small, that quickly became Lilliputian.  Which became Peusche...and Peusche has stuck.  Especially when he wants to motate FAST!!  

We keep working at it little by little...pretty sure we'll make our guestimate on pull out day!  We definitely have "hitch itch!"  We can't wait to be out there with all of the wonderful folks whose blogs we are following.  Just know that you are inspiring us to no end!!  Thank you!!

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