The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy with our choice of Coach

We originally were looking at the RW 395...much smaller kitchen

Much happier with my island...and the cross seating.  These were the factors that decided the RW 405

We also realized that having a 2nd bathroom only takes away even more room from the living quarters.  It's so funny how we've wavered back and forth before landing our Gypsy Rose.  Over two years ago, we started researching just what was out there.  Pirate and I have never RV'd before (talk about stepping out on faith!) but knew this was the only way we could make our dream of riding the US on our Harley possible.  A week to ten days out isn't long enough, but it's way too long to leave our four-legged kids.  And I think the Gypsy Rose is the perfect compromise.

When we finally got down to the nitty-gritty and started looking to place offers, I was very disappointed to find no RW 405's for sale!  We came across a 2007 Cyclone (can't remember the model now, but it was in the 400 series no longer made) that was in our price range and figured this would be the 'best' we could do.  I really wasn't looking forward to living in someone else's house, dealing with their stains and messes, nor with any 'funky smells' never know if they smoked, fried bacon, spilled beer, or were hiding mold.  Yuck!

There was a period of time that we were even going to try and forego a toy hauler all together. We'd gone to a local dealership and made the 'mistake' of touring a Big Country Coach, also from Heartland.  We looked at the expansive kitchen, sat in the recliners, noticed all the touches that even included ceiling fans...and we wanted THAT!  Surely there is a way to haul the Harely...we'll figure it out.  Well, yes, we could've bought some product for towing our 850 lbs bike off the back...and never knowing how much stress was going on the unit.  But let's just assume it would work with no's the rub:  Where do you store all of your gear, then?  It can't all fit in the massive passthrough!  Where?  

We couldn't figure that part out.  With the loss of both garage AND loft, we didn't see how it was going to work out.  Sadly, we stopped looking at the nice residential 5 ers and went back to where we started...the Road Warrior Toy Hauler series.  Heartland has two lines of TH's, Cyclone being the more 'upscale' of the two, but there is such little difference for the extra $10 grand, we stayed with Road Warrior.  

I can't believe the incredible deal that we got from  Christine McBride at General RV!  Our local dealer wanted to do us a 'real favor' and sell us a Cyclone 3850 for just under $70 grand...gee, what a deal cuz it's marked down from $86 grand!  No thanks!  In fact, most dealers won't carry the RW line, as they feel the resale value is better.  Ok, cool, thanks for lookin' out, but we wanted a RW...we are going to live in our Coach for quite some time, possible even die there, so we don't care about resale value. (I know Tracie, don't talk about dying.  Love you, Sweetie.) 

So, here we are today, proud owners of a RW 405, custom ordered and we couldn't be happier with our choice.  I wish there were a way to take the bathroom from the RW 361 and put it on our rig, but hey, who needs that much room in the loo anyway?  I barely remember to wear tinted moisturizer there days, let alone spend hours in the bathroom creating hairstyles like a teenager.  

I have a couple of questions for you all today.  First is about screen rooms.  Does anyone have one?  We were looking at getting one for our ramp door instead of the Patty'O room that comes off the door...we'd lose area with the slide out in the way.  The ramp door version comes with the posts to hold the door up off the ground for the 'floor' and side panels allow for fresh air and also privacy.  This will also put our 'relaxing area' out of the next person over's earshot and line of sight.  

Second question is about the ramp doors.  Has anyone else had any problems with the ramp door getting slick if it's wet?  There must be a product out there that will help.  Thank you, everyone.  We're staring that 15 days up there on the countdown clock straight in the face and we laugh!  We'll 'get 'er done' in time.  I know this because God hasn't let us down yet!  Stay safe and cool out there, and we'll SEE you soon.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emotional Day

I know he's in a better place...I was bawling because I feel so sorry for myself...I miss my Little Man! think you've cried all the tears in the Oceans, more still flow.  We started the day with more sorting and packing up treasures of the daughters.  Pirate took more shirts and clothes to the mens' shelter, and found some windshirts with the logo of a dear friend's bar and grill.  Donny passed away in 2001, but the pain reared it's head again today.  Whole lot of memories and Pirate was actually with Donny on his last fishing trip on 9/11.  

Then we got to talking about Boone and it went downhill fast.  I had mentioned earlier in the day that since we're getting a storage unit, I didn't see the harm in keeping some of his bigger toys.  Boone loved those large stuffed animals you see everywhere and we have a froggy, monkey, cow, and big doggy (I'm keeping big doggy forever) along with a special aardvark.  I can't part with them yet.  Nor his lead that we fashioned together once he lost his sight to cataracts.  Silly things, but treasures.

We also packed some very special items up for Pirate's sister and Amy that were some of the last keepsakes from his Mom.  Remember embroidered pillowcases and hand towel?  Yes, a very emotional day.  

After he came home from the mens' shelter, Pirate shared that a couple of the Vietnam Vets there really got to him.  The stare.  If you've ever seen it, you know what I mean.  All he could do was to respectfully stare back, acknowledge the pain, and bear witness to the fact that those who Serve our country are not being Served.  

Thanks to all of you who have gone before sharing your lives you are making it easier for those of us just starting out.  Not just the technical stuff...but the emotional aspect. We knew what to expect, so days like today didn't throw us for the loop it could have been.  The most important thing Pirate and I can tell any other couple wanting to full time in an RV is to remember to love each other, take care of your Bride, dote on your Beloved, and be best friends.  If you have each other, nothing can shake you.  And buy lots of kleenex....the roll of paper towels left on the garage shelf will rub your nose raw.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pirate's Garage is coming together

That's a whole lotta cow!

Tony helped his Dad install the rails and he found these racks for us

Scooter managed to sneak in the picture! We appreciate the diamond kick plates all the way around.

Pirate's wheel chock, waiting off to the side for now

Pirate even has a table for the Man Cave
Posted by PicasaSorry for the messy look tonight.  I'm trying this directly from Picassa and obviously I need to play with this feature a tad more, lol.  But I think I like this version so far.  Like I needed another program to learn! =)  But I think we're all  doing well, thanks to everyone's giving spirit.  Of course, would you expect anything less from Rvers?  We're naturally friendly folks...and always eager to help.  I like that if you have a question, you can have a 'hang out' with someone and get an explanation face-to-face.  All you need is a web cam, and they are under $20 these days.  I'm sure we'll be using that feature to ask RV related  questions once we get on the road in earnest.  That was the first thing I thought of when I saw how well it was working...if someone has an emergency or question, they can do a hang out and actually have someone talk them through a repair or recipe or what have you.  I like that I will be able to chat with our children this way, as well.  We can set up times for Skyping, but if we're both online at the same time....just even a quick hello is possible.  

While I've been learning new software, Pirate and Tony have been working their tails off out in the garage area.  They've got the rail system installed, put up some racks, and decided where to put the wheel chock.  I'm amazed all of our leathers are out there!!  We've just kept out our 'for now' helmets and riding gear.  We will be adding a strap around the leathers for travel days.  Over time, those heavy coats swinging back and forth would pull the screws right out of the wall.  We'll wait a bit to move the tool chest out...Pirate wants to tighten down Rosie and go through her again before we ride next month at his class reunion.  

I got a visit from my TFL (twins for life) Brookey today.  We are so similar, we've decided we're more than friends for life, we're twins for life!  Unfortunately, one of the things we share is dealing with chronic pain.  It's a real treat when we're both feeling ok enough to get together, and I treasure these days.  We know it's going to be a long time until May rolls back around, so each moment means all the more.

Tomorrow I'll get all of the small treasures together for each of the girls.  I want to try and make their packages pretty and fun to go through, but I may run out of steam.  We're leaving Saturday for Seattle, then we'll head up to Bellingham on Sunday.  We'll get to see all of our girls, including Pirate's Sis.  We've got a ton to take to them, and we still have that trip to Idaho looming.  We will probably do that once we're in the RV park here in town mid August.  Pirate is going to make that run alone, then I'll go with him on the Seattle leg.  By THAT time, everything going in storage should be stowed.  

We had a great dinner tonight at a wonderful Italian restaurant called Fat Olives.  Ooohh, it's so fresh and tasty!  If you're passing though Kennewick, WA, it's right off 395, kitty corner to the Starbucks...can't miss it.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

We're exhausted!

Even Willie is tired!

Pirate was able to transfer all of the tools in his Craftsman chest into a smaller plastic bin system he can configure any which way.  We still haven't had the opportunity to get the Gypsy Rose's Ramp Door opened and get Rosie the Road Glide in there.  But between Pirate and Number One Son, they have it mapped out in their heads of how it will all fix together.  We were really hoping a chrome wardrobe rack we have would fit out there, but we're playing it by ear and learning on the fly that just because you WANT something to fit into your RV, doesn't mean it will!

Whew, we're really looking forward to relaxing after we're finally out of the condo!  It's amazing, if you think about it, what all you're going through to get 'out there.'  Major life changes.  Retirement, selling your home, cleaning out your possessions, purchasing that new 'home' is also a biggie, and you probably need a new rig to pull the new house...and somewhere in here you need to move into the new house, make any repairs to the old house, all while going through the emotional 'trauma' of giving away your things as though you've died.  Hmm, wonder why we're so worn out?!  Oh, and throw some road trips in there to get said items to family members who don't live near all takes time and energy.

We are so blessed that we don't have any hard and fast dates to get the condo ready.  I think even Pirate and I would have blown a gasket by now, and we're pretty much unshakable! I can only imagine the stress of during this time trying to keep the house "show ready" at all times with a lock box on our door and worrying about the pets getting let outside while a realtor schleps lookie-loos through. Nope, our worst worry is that Miss Tracie's bed is still in Idaho Falls and somehow we still need to make the 10 hours-each-way drive for her.

Today finds me sporting my least favorite accessory, especially in this hot weather:  Neck brace--my neck muscles have decided they don't wanna hold my head up for me and are on strike again.  How dare they in this heat?!   Poor Pirate! I'm not much help as it is with my limitations, but when I'm down like this, it heaps worry on top of it all for him.  Usually these flares resolve on their own, so I'm not worried, just hurting, lol!  I think I know what 'happened.' 

I finally received the special pain cream with all the lovely muscle relaxers in it to stop the dystonia (muscles on constant ON position).  While I had those muscles 'doped up' and all relaxed, other muscles had to take over and got strained.  I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm chasing my own tail!  One things hurts, so ya fix that, only to discover a new issue.  I am going to 'save' the cream for the really super super super bad days when nothing helps.  This cream reminds me of taking steroids...feels so much better while it's working, but when it wears off, the pain hits you again at full force.  Talk about a rude awakening!  (Take home lesson is wear the neck brace to begin with when using the cream)

Google Plus is a great distraction, and was even on the's growing fast and furious!  I feel so 'special' to be in on the Beta testing.  I'm really starting to enjoy it, now that I understand it's a blend of Twitter and Facebook.  I was kinda 'hung up' about not being able to post on a person's wall. But that's the part that is like Twitter.  And since this is from Google, their other features all integrate and I think that's pretty neato!

Hope everyone has a great Monday.  Sure enjoyed Sadie's adventure today, Donna!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What has happened to Customer Service?!

I wanted to tell them to try this:  Sit & Spin 
this is Miss Tracie Christmas 1986

In May, my HTC phone had totally stopped working...even taking out the battery and putting it back in wouldn't help.  So, I used Pirate's upgrade credit for my Samsung Mesmerize.  At that time, we were told to come in a month or so later for Pirate's upgrade.  Sounds simple, right?  Oh, NO! Nothing is ever that simple.  We were told that records showed both of our upgrade dates were for Nov 2012...what?!  Pirate has had the same phone since 2009!  They actually let us walk out of the store with no resolution, no offer to make it right.  If we hadn't be so upset, we would have waltzed over to the nearest Verizon store and got iphones!

I decided to call their HQ.  I'm so glad I did!  The nice young man from Oklahoma not only cried foul on the store, he fixed what was wrong and is sending out TWO new phones for us.  Wow...did he save their company bacon.  We have been with US Cellular for 11 years because of their coverage.  (Flat tire on the Harley+Mojave Desert = you'd better have cell service! Out of three of us, only our phone had coverage.) 

We are so relieved this issue is resolved.  It really hurt our feelings more than angered us--we've been their best advertisement for 11 years!  

Google + tip:  on the mobile app, you can now change the level of your location status to just your city.  Before, if your profile was public and you made public posts, your EXACT location could be observed by STRANGERS!!  This really worried me, being the mother of two single daughters.  Kudos to Google for getting on that so quickly.  I still have invites if you'd like...just send me an email and I'll fix ya right up!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Bracelets For Ryder

Bracelets For Ryder

Just a quick post for now to let you all have a chance to help out Ryder's family. Ryder's smile was infectious, the love between mother and child palpable, and the devastation of his loved ones complete. Thank you, Dear Friends and Readers, for helping any way you can...please send prayers if that is all you can give, because those are priceless.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I've been cigarette free for SIX MONTHS!!

My personal vaporizer, or e cig, and the vapor (instead of smoke!)

I never, ever thought that I could quit smoking...I'd tried every new idea that ever came on the market.  I'd stick with it for a while, then back on the smokes I'd go.  With an electronic cigarette, you still get the nicotine (you can lower your dose as you go...I've gone from 24 mg to 12 mg in these six months), you still satisfy the hand-to-mouth action and what to do with your hands.  It also 'feels' like smoking, so it really is different than anything else out there.

I have NOT gained weight, which is also a reason I'd go back to smoking.  I know, dumb reason, but smoking is dumb in the first  place.  The flavors out there are only limited by your imagination...literally.  You name it, someone has a juice in that flavor....even beer flavor, coffee, pizza, fruity or sweet flavors.  I prefer either caramel, a nutty pecan, or any coffee flavor.  

When I first started with the e-cigs, I didn't want to put it down.  Well, that can lead to a nicotine overdose very quickly if you're not careful!!  It is nothing deadly, because you will stop before then.  You'll be too busy on the basin!  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, diarrhea and nausea will stop you!  Now I use it just like I would a regular cigarette...after a meal, with my morning coffee, etc.  

Folks will try to sell you the hype that you can smoke this "anywhere" you want to.  Not true.  And in the vein of being a respectful Wal-Mart boondocker, don't try and  push your ecig on the public.  No one has the right to put anything into another's person's 'airspace' so don't be a Rudy Rude about it.  No, it won't harm them, yes, it's just steam or water vapor you're blowing out, but it does resemble smoking, so most folks aren't going to be happy about you vaping right next to them.  (It's like putting out your slides, lawn chairs, and BBQ at the Wal-Mart Inn in the afternoon...just don't do it!!)

It's so nice to smell like cookies instead of cigarette smoke!  My kids always try to guess what flavor I'm vaping, and my two youngest who smoke have been gifted with an entire set-up and supplies.  Tracie is doing quite a bit better with it than Tony, but at least they both have the choice.  

If you'd like to learn more, I suggest starting at ECF, or Electronic Cigarette Forum, and if you'd like to order some lovely e-juice, please visit the site for a great deal. ECF is a group of wonderful, caring people who are always eager to help the people who are new to vaping.  

If you have a smoker in your life that you love and would like to get an electronic cigarette for them, don't get scammed by 'free offers.'  They will over-charge you and keep dinging your credit card.  Stop by a local cigarette store and ask them if they sell disposable ecigs.  Let your loved one try the relatively inexpensive disposable to see if they like the concept.  Then they can decided what set-up they would like...and ask for advice on ECF if you have any questions!  You can also send me a message on Google + and I'd be happy to help answer any questions you might have.  This is one idea whose time has come!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sure hope this is the LAST adjustment to our countdown clock!

These two had bettered get ready

Little do they realize they 'sold' most of their toys in the yard sale, ha ha!  I admit I have a problem, and that's the first step, right?  I cannot pass by a store that has kitty or puppy toys and treats...or CANDY for me, if I'm honest.  (I have always had a need to carry candy in my pockets...)  We also always joke that if you're really super good in this life, you get to come back as one of my pets.  

I think Boone must have been Mother Theresa or a Dali Lama.  He was the most spoiled ever of all my four-legged kids.  The day we brought him home from the breeder I told everyone to just get over it Right Now because I wasn't going to miss one minute of his baby-puppy stage...and I did not!  Each day I nuzzled those puppy smells, touched his ears, toes, everywhere to get him used to a lifetime of groomers handling him...the games we made up!  He was such a smart guy, we called him The Professor and I swear I could've taught him to read!  No regrets with him other than he passed away too soon. (Cancer)  

When Boone died, Scooter complained to the Management that things had quickly gone down hill!  Sissy has a 'slight' weight issue, so we cut back on the treats.  (We'd been giving Boone whatever he wanted at the end, whenever he wanted it.  It was so hard to get him to eat.  Since he was blind, Scooter would wait until he dropped the treat, then rush in to steal it)  Now Sis and Willie have their own little games they play and their routines.  

I can't wait until they are both so comfortable in the Gypsy Rose that they will play chase!  With limited area to run, this could get interesting...and I'm sure there will be several trips 'round the kitchen island!

I think the young man who has no furniture will be coming by tonight or sometime soon to get our couch, chairs, and the last bed besides our King.  We had hoped we'd find a 5er with a king so we could just put in our Sleep Number bed, but none of the toyhaulers had more than a queen, darn it! (Heartland is our chosen brand)  We will either put it in storage or sell it....

Google + keeps growing!!  We're really getting quite the circle  of RV bloggers on there.  I'd like to get my friends and family on Google + so I could dump facebook.  My daughter remembered when we were all on myspace and no one was on fbook.  Now no one is one myspace!  Will Facebook become a victim of Google?  If they start with the games, probably.  Too many folks won't want to leave their farms or fish tanks or mafias.

In the meantime, I did figure out how to get your blog to feed into your fbook notes page!  Go to your notes, then on the bottom left there is an option to manage subscriptions, click on that, and it will prompt you for your url.  Easy!  This blog 'should' self-publish.  It took about my last ten blog entries!

See y'all out there in 25 days...and that's a hard and fast date now...we HAVE to be somewhere the 13th of August with the Gypsy Rose!  Pirate's got a 35 yr reunion at Chelan County Fairgrounds....full hook ups!  There is one special classmate of his that I'm truly excited to meet so I hope she can make it! =)  I'd say her name, but don't want to embarrass her, but B knows who she is and why she's so special to me! 

Anyone who needs a Google + invite, email me!  I still have a ton of them left.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Home Town

The view from atop the "Lewiston Hill"

On the right side is Washington State, the left is and foreground are Idaho.  My little town of Asotin, WA is around that bend in the river towards the top of the photograph.  The entire town has a population of a whopping 1200....about 400 more folks than when I was growing up there in the 70s/early 80s.

The yard sale was a success and we are forever thankful to our son, Tony.  He let us use his house and driveway because of the location.  Tony didn't want to mess with a yard sale, but he did it for us with a smile and at extreme hassle to him and his roommate.  Yep, gotta thank Eric, too!  

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seriously? Only 2 more weeks?!

Willie is trying to convince "Pretty Miss Tracie" that this is HIS ride...

I think I'm going to have to reset the countdown yet's looking like another 3 weeks instead of only 2 before we slip the moorings of our old life and motor out into the Black Seas.

I'm in Momma Heaven having my Tracie home and by my side.  I wasn't allowed to lift a finger, and we have had the best time visiting and laughing with each other.  We also have a friend from Arizona here, and Bobby has been staying out at the Gypsy Rose Inn.  We're down to only two beds left in the condo, so the 5 er is our guest house, lol!

My folks will be over today from the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley.  Actually, they live in Asotin, WA, but it's such a small town, we don't even have a stop light there.  It was a wonderful little town to grow up in.  This is the first time they get to see the Gypsy Rose.  I hope Daddy can tell if he could put storage under the bed for me.  We will just have to unscrew the plywood and see what's under there.

So, there is a little controversy happening in the Blog-O-Sphere over whether the blogging RVers all say positive things on each other's blogs because we're Sheeple or otherwise brain-washed or dumbed down beyond the capability to form our own opinions.  Personally, I'm a positive person and have found 99.9% of the RVing public to also be unusually positive folk.  Be it at a rest stop, park, dealership or blogspot...almost all of us are willing to smile, help out, laugh with you or at you, give you advice, help you work on your rig or whatever you need...fellow RVers are always ready to help.

We liken it to the brotherhood (peoplehood?) of motorcycle riders.  We all wave to each other our 'secret waves' on the road, we stop if we see a bike pulled off along the road (whether we're in a 'cage' or two wheels).  We've also noticed a new camaraderie with the truckers on the road. (Do YOU flash your lights when anyone passes you and is able to pull into the lane in front of you?) 

Life is way too short to get upset about the differences between people...we focus on what common ground we can find.  I will never know what wisdom you might have to share if I don't keep my mind open and mouth shut long enough.  And never, but not ever, should you mistake my kindness for weakness.  My body may not work right and appear feeble, but there's a whole lotta fire in this old blonde chick yet.  

I think our mothers all had it right long, long ago:  If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I haz a spud!




Willie is such a Big Helper…here’s the proof he likes to cook.


I wonder which spots in the Gypsy Rose he will roost on.  I’ll bet his favorite ‘helper spot’ will be on the Island Countertop.  He’s already gotten up there several times, so I think he’ll hang there while I’m cooking and doing KP.

We’ve made the executive decision to remove the 4” foam mattress from the bed and put it back up into the loft.  It made the bed too firm for Pirate’s back—he’s fused in his lower verts.  It will take two of us to get it back up there, but it will be a cushy a soft spot for the rifles.  This idea made me dance with joy, because now I get to use all of that space under the couch for storage of ‘house stuff!’ 

(guess where the canned goods and bulk ‘Costco stuff’ are  going!)

I couldn’t sleep last night (again) so I put price labels on all of the yard sale items…all except Pirate’s garage treasures.  He and Tony will have to decide on prices for that kind of stuff.  We have already sold all of our Gorilla racks!!  Tony also knows of a friend who has no furniture, no anything, so we’re going to be donating a LOT of stuff his way.  This is so wonderful, as we have some things that just are too far gone to sell or donate…my Dad’s chair, our sofa bed, old computer desk on it’s last leg…

I was looking at the closet in the Gypsy and what I’ve already moved out there..yeah, I’m a gonna have ta pare down even more.  Where am I going to wear some of that stuff?  And if a wedding or funeral comes up, I can always go to Wal-Marche’ for a $15 outfit.

Pirate made the executive decision to NOT take his Craftsman tool chest.  Not only will this save us a ton of room, but also over 300 lbs.  We have a light, multi-configurable chest that can be taken apart into whatever drawer combo he wants.

Tomorrow I get to see my daughter!!  =)


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HitchUpandGo RV Blog Directory

HitchUpandGo RV Blog Directory

Our first listing! Lots of great folks on here...enjoy! :)

My Welsh Friend

I just wanted to take the time to shout out to our dear, dear friend, Sandra.  She has been faithfully following our blog, and when Pirate stopped in at his old job, Sandra told him so!  She probably told him a few other things, too, lol!  We love you, San, and will miss you and Ray so much.  When we come into town to see Tony, we will be sure to drop in for a Vodka and laughter! =)  Sandra, do you think our Mariners will EVER see a World Series??!

Another hard day of sorting, moving, and tagging.  It's so funny to discover how much "stuff" a person can pack into their home over the years.  Pirate had SIX gas cans!  All different sizes, too.  The most fun, however, is going thru mementos of the kids' childhoods.  That's what really gets us both.

Then there are the precious little particular, I have a hand-painted tea-pot with bright kitties all over it.  I received it from Pirate and Amy in 2002, right before I could no longer work at the bank.  It's so pretty, so ME, and the meaning behind it, well, that makes it even prettier in my eyes.  But there is no practical way to take it with us.  I'm hoping that either Amy or Tracie will want it.  I'm thinking Miss Tracie will, since I've drilled into her head passed on my love for felines.

The weather is nice, with a low pressure trying to sneak through and hit Spokane (200 miles north).  Just thankful I didn't have to run out to the Gypsy and close her vents.  She stays nice and cool out there with the new arrangement on the gravel apron.  The IDIOT that was parked crossways pulled RIGHT NEXT to us.  We can barely squeeze past, and couldn't open the second door in the garage if we wanted to.  When it comes time to load the Harley and arrange the garage, we're simply going to park beside the A building like our neighbor with the Class A does. (remember the video of Da Beast getting loaded onto the tow rig and how the tree out front is in the way?)

It will be such a blessing to have the ability to just pick up and MOVE whenever we want!

Also, I'm sure my fellow RV Bloggers 'get' this one:  we're starting to run into more and more "prejudice."  As in, folks not understanding why we would sell everything...isn't home ownership the American Dream?  I always answer that the Gypsy Rose is our home and OUR American Dream.  We've got too many things we want to do and places we want to see before it's the final lights out.  We want to be able to show our as-yet-unborn grandchildren their Huge Backyard.  We're even planning on stealing our Bella Boo when she's old enough!!  Since she will be the oldest, she gets to be the Queen or Princess, her choice!   Nothing like the innocence of a child to put life into proper perspective.

Miss Tracie, age 3:  Mom, I know how God made the grass!
Mom:  Really?  How did He do that?
Miss Tracie, with smug look on her face:  GRASSHOPPERS!!

This is also about the same time she asked me if we had a big tall ladder.  I asked her why?  She wanted to climb it so she could touch the clouds.  Oh, I miss that time!

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I have yet to  figure out how to add you all in the body of my blog with the handy-dandy links.  If it's easy, please feel free to school this old blonde chick in the comments section....I'd really appreciate that.  Hope everyone is having a fine, fine Tuesday.  See y'all soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

sorting, sorta...

Willie fell asleep in his catnip this morning!

We're slowly and surely packing, sorting, making messes, disorder everywhere!  We spent the night out in the Gypsy Rose again last night.  It had been a week, and Willie was hesitant to get into his "Go-Rig."  We realize we need to get our ducks lined into a better row and spend more time out there...otherwise, Mister Dink Stinker Cat-Face will not be happy.  We also have to get on putting him into his tube and going for rides in the, time is whizzing by!

Everyone's blogs continue to keep us in the Spirit as we wait to join you.  We find it immensely interesting that most of you are up in our neck of the woods at this time.  Makes sense to us, it's BEAUTIFUL here in the Pacific North West!  (PNC)  Having been raised here, we tend to take the area for granted...well, not any more!  Once we pull out with the ink barely dry on the sale of the condo, we plan to stay in our town for a bit...2 weeks max...and will play tourist in our own town!  

We often take Harley rides all over the PNC, but rarely to we see the 'touristy' thangs in our town.  Having Hanford Nuclear Reservation right here you'd think we'd have done a tour by now! Nope!  And there are so really cool shops, wineries, and wonderful parks here.  Sounds like a challenge to me, to find out what other 'tourists' see while they are here in our area.

It's another hot one out there today, and it's supposed to reach triple digits the day of our yard sale...that will mean a cranky set of Cozarts!  Willie just woke from his stupor and is attacking the keyboard, so I'd best go for now, lol!  See you all soon!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ink Therapy

Hot off the press

This is really, really special to me...well, to all of us in the Cozart family.  Boone's ashes are incorporated into the black ink.  Boone LOVED getting his teeth brushed (Crest Vanilla Mint, please!) and his favorite toys were zebras.  The entire family and all of our friends were always on the lookout for Zeebies for him.  There was something, probably the black and white colors, that made zebs his best toy.

Just had to share...I'm a wee emotional right now.  Thank you, Friends, for dropping by today.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yard Sale date set for July 16th

Miss Tracie will travel down from Seattle with her roommate and Bestie Lindsay.  It will be Heaven to see the Girls! =)  Wow, we're getting close!  And I must admit I saw denial on Pirate's face tonight when we were discussing the date.  He wanted to push it back a week...but I told him that this is the only tine Tracie has off. I do need to change the days on our pull out clock...they don't quite match up to the real days left in July.

I've found that if I make a list of what I want to accomplish, I usually get everything done.  My mornings are spent waiting for the first dose of painkillers to kick in, so I have time to write a list each day.  The sense of accomplishment is wonderful--nothing like crossing something off of a list to make you feel proud of yourself.

I have scored a rare cancellation spot at my Tattoo Artist for Thursday!  I'm very excited.  Jerrett Spaeth is a true artist, and we consider his whole family part of our family.  It's difficult to get an appointment with Jerrett, he's that good.  You'll wait months, if you're lucky.  I get 3 hours Thursday! Wahoo!  I will be getting a cartoon zebra brushing his teeth to honor my Boone.  I will also have his ashes incorporated into the ink.  Boone loved zebras, and he loved his teeth brushed.  There will be a banner underneath that says, "Forever with Mommy."  This will help put closure on the hurt.  I'm so happy that I will carry an actual part of him within me.  I am just so blessed to have had him for 7 1/2 years.  He truly was a Professor and Stud Muffin.  Big Pal, Mister B, Brother, Little Man...the list goes on.  He effected so many people in his short life.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gliding with Arm Rests



My handsome Pirate attaching the arm rests from Arlen Ness…God Bless the Chrome!

Hanging Pictures and Good news from my Doc!

 This is the 3M product, found at Target, Wal-Mart and the like

 Oldest daughter Amy has given us a series of pieces made of hammered metal (the chili peppers) and youngest daughter Tracie drew the kitty.
 This little painting by Tracie is one of our favorites...right above Mom's sink!
 Tracie's artwork in our bedroom
 In the Tracie
The two favoritest favorites...Palm tree metal from Amy, painting of a palm-tree Christmas by Tracie

Now for the good news!!  My orthopedic surgeon has come across a topical pain reliever that actually is supposed to work on nerve's compounded at a pharmacy in Alabama, goes down into the skin an entire inch, and will be mailed to me sometime soon.  If this works for me as well as some of his other patients...I could be off morphine soon!!!!!!

Combined with the warmer climates we'll be in, and I'm sure I'll still have to take hydros for breakthrough pain...but I can live with that just fine!  Oh, to no longer be Mother Morphine's slave...I'd try not to get my hopes up, but they already are.  I felt like hugging my doc!  Our 'action plan' since the botox stopped working has been to keep me out of pain and wait for research to catch up.  Dystonia, you don't own me!!!  This is MY body and I want it back!

I'd like to thank everyone for their prayers sent this way.  I still haven't heard a tally on how much was raised this last week, but as soon as I know, I'll make it known.  Oh, where Oh, where are the media when young folks are doing good?!  I spoke with Tawney's Mom this week, and she, too, is amazed and blessed by all the young 'kids' that are there for her heart-broken daughter.  It's so comforting to know that over 200 of us parents raised our kids right!  And those are just the young folks that I know about...I'm sure there were several who couldn't make the different fundraisers and gatherings.  Some of the kids' friends are away in the military, as well.

May we all remember to be as kind and generous as these young folks as we fight the traffic and get all hot and sweaty and short-fused out there!