The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, June 20, 2011

Feeling better! Warmth comes to the NorthWest!

Couldn't believe how high the Mighty Columbia is! NEVER seen it this high before in my entire life!

Could it be...?  Maybe?  PLEASE!!??  Can it be Summer now, please?  Since Mother Nature has seemingly forgotten how Spring works, lets see if she can just skip on thru to the hot stuff!  Blessed High Pressure System, you are the best medicine for these ol' Kitty bones.

Now, my next challenge of the day will be to NOT overdo it.  When will I ever learn, take it slow when I feel good so I can stretch out the feeling.  When you deal with chronic pain and health issues, you have to 'save up' the things you want or need to do for those times when you feel good.  I seem to think that I need to do everything on that list all at once.

Some of the items I ordered from Amazon should be here today.  I sure hope the over-the-sink shelves fit around my faucet fixtures, though.  The kitchen faucet seems like it may be in the way, but I won't know for sure until it gets here.  I ordered one for the bathroom, too.  I'd dearly love to have my magnetic knife safe hung  up, too.  I'm not going to ask Pirate to do it, though.  He has enough on his plate.  It will get hung before we take off...that's all that matters.

Last night Pirate made a special dinner (he loves to cook, even on Father's Day).  I had to go out to the RV for so many things for him, he finally 'gets it' about living in two places at once. Only about another month...I just gotta keep sane for another month-ish!

Thank you, Heather and Manix for hauling off...I mean, accepting the treasures I wanted to give them, ha ha!  I feel so good knowing that you guys have those things...and more to come later, of course!  Like the BBQ, for instance!  I love knowing Chevy and the pups will have Mr. Professor's cool cot to lounge on.  He loved laying on that thing, and it's so large, a pit bull will fit on it very nicely.

Since we've decided to go ahead with a storage unit shared with all the kids, our loft in the RV won't be too crowded with stuff.  I AM taking the precious treasures with us, because I NEED those things on the really tuff days.  Some days, you just need to hold the treasures of your life.  To touch them again and re-memorize their details.  To chuckle and remember the childish script, to marvel at what words they knew at such young ages, the curvy mistakes of those big fat crayons and small hands...I wonder if my mother ever goes through my old childhood gifts and tokens of affection?

It was great to talk with my Daddy on the phone yesterday.  He's my first hero!!  When I was about nine years old I remember asking my Daddy about death.  He promised me on the spot that HE  would live forever, so don't worry about it...he even PROMISED!  I still remind him of it often!! =)  I sure love that Daddy of mine!

We are driving over to Asotin, WA (in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley along the Snake River border) this Saturday to take my folks out to dinner for their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  My brother is also pitching in and it was even his idea!  Go, Big Brudder!!  Pirate and I will celebrate 12 years together this Thursday, too. I told him not yet for four years, so we've only been Mr. & Mrs. for eight of them.  The best 12 years of Tracie and my lives!

I think, think with paws crossed, but I think I have finally found an electronic cigarette that will work for Pirate.  He will vape with me in the truck, but still smokes the real coffin nails more than he vapes.  (Been 6 months for me, other than the two on the shakedown cruise)  I found a slick little device that looks more like a walkie-talkie...has a flush button so he won't accidentally ignite it and cause the sticky fluid to leak all over his pocket.  I really want him to be done with the cigs...they STINK to me, now!!

Thank you to all my blogger friends for keeping me occupied while I couldn't get much done.  I learn so much from all of you that I could never pay y'all back, so I just hope I'm paying it forward for someone else.  That's our goal!

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