The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, June 6, 2011

Our countdown clock...

"I could go East, I could go West..." ~Bob Seger, Roll Me Away

I noticed our countdown clock on our blog is getting down into the 40s!  Only 47 more days to pull out!  That's kinda arbitrary, as we don't have a "D-Day" per se.  Just our plan to be out of the condo before the end of July.  I've been reading several RVing might say I am addicted, lol!  I love hearing about those who are already out there on the Black Seas, love their pictures, how they handle family gatherings, etc.  One couple I follow meet their grandchildren at designated times and each child gets their 'birthday' present at that time.  What a great way to connect with the kids and keep Grandparents involved in their lives.  We can't wait to have grandbabies who wanna RV with Pappy & Gramma Kitty!!  Sigh!!  Our Bella from one of our 'acquired' kiddos did come by yesterday in her pink cowboy boots!  And Momma and Daddy told us she discovered how to crawl....time for Baby Jail!!  Gotta break out the playpens now!!

We have a dear friend, Dick Leonard, staying with us for a few days here at the condo.  Dick is the friend responsible for introducing Pirate to Harleys and one of a handful of friends Pirate has had since childhood.  When you ARE a great friend, you HAVE great friends.  Nobody is a greater friend than Pirate.  He truly is a great, great man.  I am a very lucky Kitty!  Who woulda thunk it all those years ago when our eyes met and time stood here we are, together for ...omg...12 years this June 23rd!  Can that be right?!  I guess so! We've been married for 8 years this September.  (Yes, I turned him down for four years!  I didn't say no, just not yet.)

It was truly a treat to see Heather, Manix and Bella yesterday.  Kinda sad to know that this is one of the last times we'll get together here at the condo.  Heather was so sad to look around and the pictures are all down off the walls, lots of furniture is gone already, and the garage looks so bare!  Seems like yesterday Heather and Tracie were upstairs giggling and worried about hair and make-up.  Now both of them are adults with good heads on their shoulders and we're so proud of them!!  ALL of our kids make us proud!! =)

Saying goodbye IS going to be difficult.  We just got a phone call this morning from an old friend at the bank. Elaine wants to have lunch sometime soon so we can all catch up before we hit the road.  She is such a dear, sweet person, and certainly one I wouldn't leave town without loving on first.  I'm hoping we can have some sort of gathering for everyone before we take off...THAT will be an emotional day!

We have just a few things going on this month.  June 18th is Tim McGraw at the Gorge in George, WA, and then June 25th my brother and Pirate and I are taking my folks out to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Miss Tracie has to work, which is the only fly in the ointment.  Otherwise, we just plan to slowly move into the Gypsy Rose, get her bad wheel fixed, dump her tanks, and reposition her so we can get the bike in the garage.  Pirate can't really 'move in' to his garage until he sees how Rosie the Road Glide is going to sit.  Seeing how she sits will dictate if he can move a certain rack into the hold.  IF that rack fits, we're golden as far as how we'll pack all of our leathers and helmets and assorted riding gear.  Let's just concentrate on that rack fitting...I don't wanna think about the alternative, lol!  

I had taken down the 4" foam mattress from atop the loft and put it on our bed.  Well, Pirate isn't so sure it helps.  UGHH!  I do NOT want to haul it back up there!  My solution is to start sleeping out there and find out! We've got to get out there and start watching our Netflix DVDs soon or they'll think we're weirdos...I probably did jump the gun on the Netflix thang.  I still need to figure out which cable I need to hook the PC up to the television...RAdio Shack, my hero!

I continue to tease and love my Pirate, and he continues to cherish and love his Kitty.  I swear I am the most blessed woman on this Earth.  So thankful for my wonderful beautiful life, with my Soul Matey by my side!

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  1. Dick did you guys a big favor when he 'introduced Pirate to the Harley world'. In my family, we are serious about Harleys and Fords. My brother and I both ride Ultras and both drive F350 crew cabs. It kind of was predestined for us. Our dad's name was Harley. Brother lives in Daytona Beach and I'll bet that is where I will get to meet you guys. Daytona is the Harleyist town I have ever been to.