The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another night at the Gypsy Rose Inn

Little Mister had fun "helping" me reorganize the kitchen

A great time was had by all!  We watched the DVD last night and had great fun seeing Tony, Gibbs, Kate, Ducky, and Abbey seems so young!!  This DVD included the first four shows of the entire, what a cool story...and nice to know the extra 'b' in Gibbs stands for 'bastard!' LMAO!!

I always wonder if other fulltimers buy simple items, like the previous pictures of my tea, with the thought in mind...I can use that container for...LOL!  I mean, I could put things in there!!  Or Pirate could use it out in the toy hauler area...I mean, Clubhouse!!  What a useful product I have procured!!  I am the Queen of Shopping!!  Ahahahhaaa!!!  Well, that's what I tell myself, anywayz!

Just wanted to let my fellow bloggers know that y'all keep us going.  We love hearing your adventures and what are the awesome spots to stop to eat  or camp.  We were actaually considering joining the Elks again for the sites, but heard some are curtailing this practice...darn!!  We may still rejoin, as you never know when these memberships can come in handy.  

So far, we have only joined Good Sams'.  I considered joining KOA for about five seconds.  With a limit of 27 days, no discounts for longer stays...well, sorry, but too rich for my blood!  I am going to investigate the Thousand Trails club I keep reading about and seeing such nice properties!  

Gonna get this posted before I lose we are relaxing and cleaning the Gypsy...yep, gonna play with my Yellow Jacket Central Vac...I so love the dust bin feature!  Tomorrow should be an interesting post, as we're making the trip to our Ford Dealer...anyone wanna offer to bail us out of jail if fireworks fly?!  I know you would, Tracer!!  Much you too!!  We've waited three weeks to calm down, but I don't know if I can control him tomorrow....after all, his Bride was in danger because of their neglect!!

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