The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We just might make that pull out date yet...

...if I learn to cook nutritious meals for my Pirate in this tiny oven, that is! LOL!!  The inner dimensions are 7 1/2" X 17" and the biggest dish I can use is a 13" X 9".  Also, I read that our pans MUST be no larger than 10" in diameter.  DARN!!  I have to say goodbye to my favorite bacon-fryer!!  Our 'misfortune' is Miss Tracie's gain, so it's all good, I guess.  She's going to get all of my jelly roll pans, too.  Good thing I had to 'give up' on baking a while back.  My disabilities make it extremely difficult, so the family doesn't get my good gooey cookies anymore.  Or the pumpkin rolls I made in those pans all of these years.

Pirate took the Gypsy Rose down to Les Schwab to get her bad wheel fixed.  Turns out we had picked up a little hitchhiker along the way in the form of a screw.  Just super glad we have triple axles on our fiver!  We also learned, as Pirate was turning off the propane...or so we thought!  At Wixom, MI and our walk thru, the tech said he would turn off the left tank, and we didn't check it!!  We had been using the right tank.  ALL THAT TIME we were travelling with the propane ON!  All the fuel stops....OH MY!  We certainly have angels on our shoulders!!  NEVER take anyone's word on what they did or did not do!!  Check for yourself!!

I'm hoping to get out and vacuum my Gypsy today.  Pirate is taking some well earned rest, so the slides are still all tucked in.  I so do not want to hassle him, so I'll just wait.  I know HOW to kick the slides out, but I'm not sure what his plans are.  The other day he had all of his little gizmos and gadgets all lined up on the tailgate, with the truck perfectly positioned...and I needed to go to the store for a prescription.  He was soo sweet, he just calmly put away his things and brought the Beast around.

I DID ask that we take the kids out there this evening and watch our Netflix DVD so I can send it back.  Just hoping I get the chance to get out there to tidy up first.  If not, I can always vacuum tomorrow!

ARGGHH!! I've lost internet yet again.  This is actually the 3rd time I've tried to write this post!  Now I'll finish up and fire up the phone so I can post.  I just wish my modem would support both of our laptops at the same time, but I'm not complainin!!!!


  1. Traveling with the propane on and stopping at fuel pumps... yes, I can relate to that. When I drove my coach back to Louisiana from Florida where I purchased it, I was told to leave the propane on to cool the refrigerator and not told to turn if off when refueling. After I got home and read the manuals that came with the coach, I realized how dangerous that was.

  2. Thanks, Gypsy...hopefully between the two of us, we'll save someone down the road from a fire!