The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, April 29, 2011

Good~Bye, Ruby Tuesday!!




My Wheels! My Beautiful Ruby will be leaving the family next Wed.  She took such great care of me and never ever let me down or left me stranded.  I loved driving her, even though I tend to be ‘somewhat reclusive’ heh heh.  I would at least go to the store every Tuesday just so I got out of the house.  I remember being at my friend Brenda’s house and having the odometer turn over to 75,000.  It was a huge deal, as I’d had Ruby for over a year and still had only put 3,000 miles on her.  Brenda even came outside as my ‘witness!’


Now, I am truly going to have to drive the Beast if I want to go anywhere…YIKES!!  I drove it all the way to Idaho Falls, Idaho, yes I did, but I was scared the entire time.  Especially in town and any time a semi passed by…it felt as though I was a TANK and took up the entire road.  I know, if the mirrors fit, you fit.  Still feels weird driving such a big rig.  Emergencies are one thing…I can ‘buck-up’ any time I need to…but to just drive for driving’s sake…unuh…not this Kitty!!


I am thankful that Ruby is going to a family, actually to our piercer, Mikey.  He is such a nice guy and dear friend.  So, now we just need the condo sale to go as smoothly!  Looks like we’ll need to get going on the hitch, too….gotta have it installed before we go to Michigan.  Wow…the shake-down cruise will be SOON! Hope the condo association gets their act together and straightens out the parking situation quickly…very very quickly!!  It won’t be long and I’ll be posting pictures of the Gypsy Rose!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free at at last

Great news Connie,
Your new Fifth Wheel has just finished being built and is now waiting to be transported to the Michigan Dealership!!!!  I will let you know when the shipper has picked it up. . this is it Connie. . let the fun times begin!


JUST received this email!!!!!!

Gonna miss this face!




Please say “Howdy” to Roxy, our Granddogger from our son, Tony.  (Who is healing nicely, still no word on the guy who clocked him.)

Jelly~Belly, as Grandpa calls her, is such a delight.  She is an English Bulldog, now 6 years old.  You should see the set-up this lucky pup has! Her Daddy has set her up with the perfect kennel, including her own pool and mist system for the hot Tri-Cities weather, she has her own couch in the family room, and she is just all-around a good girl and very precious and loving…just don’t ever try to come between her and her Dad…she’ll knock ya down flat!!


We are really going to miss all of our kids, but Pirate and Tony are more than father-son…they are also best friends!  If you knew Pirate when he was younger, or happen to have the privilege of seeing his high school pictures…you’d think they were of the same person…that’s how much alike these boys are.  We always joke that Tony not only didn’t fall too far from the tree, but he has bark under his fingernails from the slide down!!  Nothing gives my heart more pleasure than to see the two of them go off on adventure together…whether on the Harleys, out to the range, hanging out drinking beer, or shopping the local hardware and sporting goods stores for the best prices. 


We are so thankful that Tony will be taking on such a large role in our RV life.  Tony will be our ‘point man’ and handle all of our mail for us, as well as taking in a lot of our furniture and garage items into his home.  Tony will also serve as our ‘helper’ to take items to and from his sisters’ homes, watching over the storage unit, and keeping the ‘girls’ under control, lol!


The advice and hints we’ve gotten from Tony are already too numerous to count, and we know we are in the best of all possible hands with Tony as our point man! 


Pirate continues to recover from this nasty chest cold…I’m so thankful he came down with this before we hit the road…it’s going to be a challenge to find medical help once we’re ‘out there.’  We will more than likely use Urgent Care centers across the nation as we need it.  I will still have to fly back to Washington State every 90 days to stay under my orthopedic surgeon’s care.  More than likely on those times we can’t drive, I will fly into Lewiston, Idaho so my parents can pick me up.  Colfax is only about 45 minutes away. 


Next week, the Pirate will have no excuses (me, either) for not getting down to business and getting this ball rolling.  If Pirate can start by going through his clothes, we can stop by the Crisis Nursery and the Mens’ Shelter and get that load out of the way.  Once things start getting bare, the momentum will keep us going.


I keep googling our Coach and peering over pictures, mentally deciding what is going to go where….should be interesting to see if I actually end up putting things away as I’m imagining.  Smile I cannot wait!!  Gimmee three steps, Gimmee three steps Mister…LMAO!!  My knees are tired of the 14 we currently deal with!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011




It all started with some guys at the local pub talking about Arizona Bike Week.  Donny, the owner of Sport’s Page in Kennewick mentioned that this certain banker-biker would probably go with them…as they were looking for one more to split expenses with….and a lifelong friendship was born.

Mike O’Brien and his wife Colleen (RC) have become such dear, dear friends of ours, we don’t even want to imagine life without them! Today is Mikey’s retirement day…but, of course, there is a story behind even this day!


AZ Bike Week 2010:  Mikey and Pirate traveled down with the bikes, meeting another friend at the airport.  On the looong drive, Pirate mentioned to Mike our plan of RVing in a toy hauler.  Well, Mike was so upset, he refused to talk about it!   Then he asked RC if she would like to do what we were planning…um, NO! RC did get back on the bike for a few trips, including standing beside me as I married my Pirate in Vegas…but it just wasn’t something she enjoyed anymore. 


So, Mikey bought a boat.  That still wasn’t enough.  He finally decided they would move to Arizona and retire, so at least he could ride with his ‘brother’ all winter long.  They purchased a beautiful home that was in foreclosure, and set his retirement date for April 30th.  He thought he was pretty sneaky, retiring BEFORE Pirate, but as we know now, we snuck in there on April 15th!  hee hee


So, today is his retirement from King Beverage, a Budweiser company.  You know it’s gonna be a blow out party.  However, the Pirate is punky…that cold moved down into his chest and he is on antibiotics and special cough syrup.  My birthday was yesterday (39 again, thank you) and we had dinner plans.  We didn’t make it.  We won’t be long for the party tonight, either.  We will have to do dinner with them before they head south.


It’s going to be a long Summer without our friends!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

YouTube - Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying

YouTube - Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying

Have a wonderful Easter! May you talk sweeter and love deeper each and every never know what the 'morrow will bring.

Friday, April 22, 2011

YouTube - carrie underwood how great thou art w/ vince gill

YouTube - carrie underwood how great thou art w/ vince gill: ""

This really moved me. This is how grateful I feel to God, the Universe...for allowing us to dream, and for saying YES! to our desires. Always pay it forward. If we have helped you, help someone else, don't repay us. You'll be keeping the Love in motion so it can return to each of us, again and again. Pay it forward always! :) Be grateful for what you have. You have to be thankful in the bad times, truly thankful, before you'll ever be trusted with the larger things. And always say Thank You!

Feather Hair Extensions by Fine Featherheads Hair Feathers

Feather Hair Extensions by Fine Featherheads Hair Feathers

I would really, really like to try these...I actually think Steven Tyler has a version of this in his hair...albeit a more expensive version, I am sure. I love that I have a Pirate who lets me explore and experiment with my hair, clothes, tattoos and piercings. He never complains...even when I had PINK hair and stopped traffic in downtown Kennewick!

Poor Sweet Pirate is sick again today. He was around so many different people last week with the round of retirement parties and dinners. Our 'big adventure' of the day will be going to Fred Meyers. I want to purchase the flash drives today so I can start scanning and uploading pictures. I need to get four or five, depending on the GBs. Pictures take up so much room!

All we have to do is spend $50/month at Freddie's and we get a 10 cent fuel discount at all Shell stations, including diesel. Freddie's is way too expensive to be our 'regular' store. I usually shop Winco or Safeway. But on a 38 gallon tank, the discount adds up!

I can't wait to go get our Gypsy Rose...I wonder if she 'knows' she gets to go on such a big adventure?!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

View from Shotgun



This will be my ‘Travel Day’ view, and I can’t wait!

Little Miss Scooter loves her car seat, all I need to do is find the perfect pillow so she can rest her head when she’s tired.  We’ve tried several combinations, and so far she prefers the wadded up hood to my pink ‘puffy vest.’ 

I really wish the weather here in the Pacific Northwest would clear up for us.  I’d like to get Willie out of doors and onto his ‘kitty leash’ to get him used to it.  We will also take him for practice rides when it’s nicer out.  Gotta get him used to riding in the truck.


We have found on our travels that when we tell someone we are from Washington State, they immediately think lush evergreens everywhere and constant rain.  This IS true on the Western strip from the Cascade range to the Pacific Ocean.  However, the Eastern part of the state is much drier.  Where we live in South Eastern Washington, it’s drier than a bone and actually high desert.  Our main source of greenery is sagebrush, with the plentiful tumbleweed thrown in there for good measure. 

However, since we are  so close to the Ocean-as the crow flies-that we still get storm after storm come through.  These low  pressure systems are what kill me.  Among orthopedic and nerve issues, I also suffer from Cervical Dystonia, which means I have a neck muscle that is constantly turned to the ON position.  Think 24/7 charley horse in your neck.  This is made worse by atmospheric changes to lower air pressure.  Many, many people feel so much better in Arizona…I cannot wait to Winter there!!  This last winter was horrible in Washington.  Wet, snowy, icy…


So far, the Pirate and I continue to take each day as it comes.  Whittling away at the little errands and chores on our ‘to-do’ list.  Small steps on a long, wonderful journey. 


I was re-reading our blog and I realized I hadn’t told “Scooter’s Story” yet!  Here goes:

While walking my Beautiful Boone one summer evening, I met a young man named Chris.  He excitedly explained that he, also, had a Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Chiquita, and would I walk around by his home so his Dad could see Boone?!  Sure!  We met Chris’ family and little Chiquita. 

Soon, each time we walked that way, at least one member of the family would come out to pet Boone and swap Schnauzer stories with me.  I even gave Chris my Schnauzer reading material.  Occasionally they would walk over to the condo so Boone and Chiquita could run and play together. 


One day, Chris sadly told me that the family was moving.  Mom got a job at an apartment complex, including free rent.  This way, they could rent out their house! Only, no dogs allowed.  Would I take Chiquita?  No, I can not.


Three months went by, and Chris knocked on my door, with Chiquita, and told me that the little Schnauzer was not doing well.  The people renting their home did nothing with her, barely fed her….and worse!  Would I take her NOW?  YES!!!!


That was in 2007.  When we took her that August, she had never been groomed or had her nails cut in the nine months she’d been alive.  “Scooter” as she was renamed, adjusted to our family and Boone even sorted his toys into 3 piles. “Doesn’t touch” “I shares” and “She can have these”  It was amazing to watch Boone tend to his new little sister.  There was jealousy, don’t get me wrong, but Boone was also so kind and considerate.


The two ‘kids’ were inseparable, and when Boone developed diabetes, Scooter was ‘Sister Nurse’ and constantly checked his breath and urine for signs of sugar or fruity smells.  Alerting me when he needed me, or, after he developed cataracts, telling me Boone got stuck somewhere, guiding him, keeping him in-between us on walks…devoted to him!


After Boone’s death, Scooter moped for two straight days, never leaving her post at the slider.  Willie, our Snow Shoe Siamese, lay beside her the entire time.  Just as he lay beside Boone that last night…the whole night through.


Thank you, Chris, for your prayers! God heard a young boy’s prayers that his little Schnauzer find forever love!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mapping out our route to Michigan



Pirate has been busy this morning mapping out our route to Wixom, Michigan.  The Google route is not gonna work…too long! We’re debating I-84 thru Salt Lake, or the route we took to Sturgis, going thru South Dakota instead of North.  I know one thing for sure, my Pirate can find us the easiest route!!

See that little area where the ladder to the loft is?  That is where Willie’s treefort will go. We will have to move it and lay it down on travel days, but when we are stopped and have the slides out, he can easily hop up into the loft and ‘rule his kingdom from on high!’


Hopefully we don’t have too much going on today…I’ve been out and about more this week than I usually am.  I don’t have a lot of stamina, especially after this hard winter.  Wow, am I looking forward to warm days and easy moving.  I know the times we’ve been South, I feel so much better.  And to be able to ride every day…I just can’t put into words how wonderful that will be.  Priceless!


I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful, caring Pirate who has stopped at nothing to make our dream come true and get his Bride to the warm!!  I love you, my handsome Pirate!!  Thank you from the bottom of my Little Kitty heart!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You’re taking your CAT??!!??!




Seriously?  Well, DUH! Of course we are! He’s part of the family, too!  What is so strange about taking our loved ones with us?  The two kiddos in this picture are our lives….so of course we’re taking them! 


We have a ‘pet tube’ for Willie to safely ride in, a carrier to take him into/out of the truck, and Scooter has her own car seat so she can sit up high and look out.  We have traveled to Grandma’s with both pets before and they did great.  We just cannot imagine leaving them behind.


In fact, the reason I picked the RW 405 is because I ‘saw’ exactly where Willie’s ‘tree fort’ or cat tree will go.  He can crawl around in the loft to his heart’s content, and we will make sure he has tunnels to run around through up there.  (We plan to use our loft for storage of items we need to take but won’t be using on a regular basis.) 


In the loft, we will put clear plastic storage boxes that will hold, among other things, treasures from our lives, children’s childhoods, our wedding.  Our cold-weather clothes like sweaters and long sleeved gear will also go ‘upstairs.’  Memories of our Boone and his toys we can’t part with will also have a spot up in the loft. 


Since Willie doesn’t mind riding in the truck, we are planning our travel days to run something like this:  Once everyone is loaded in the truck and we’re on the road, after a couple of hours we will pull off to a rest stop, Pirate will take Scooter off to the ‘pet area’ while Willie and I go into the Gypsy Rose and into the bathroom.  Once inside the closed bathroom, I will let Willie out of his carrier, and he can use his ‘outhouse’ which will stay in the bathroom 24/7.  I can use ‘our’ facilities, too.  Then, we will wait for Pirate and Scooter, if pre-planned, or we will load back up while they are doing their business.  Depends on what the plan for the day is. 


If, for some reason this doesn’t work, we will figure out new ways to the routine.  I will NOT allow Willie to ride in the 5er while we are driving.  Can you imagine if he were in mid-leap and we had to hit the brakes really fast?  I don’t want my Baby Cat to break a leg!!  Plus, Willie is such a ‘Momma’s Cat’ that he would not do well ‘left alone’ inside while Mommy is in the truck…just not smart all the way around.


Willie is more like a dog than a cat to begin with.  He will be the purrfect Road Traveler!  He is young enough to adjust (One year old on April 25th, also Mommy’s birthday!) and has been an explorer with no fear since the day we received him into our lives.  He only stayed in the ‘nursery’ for 3 days before he took on those ‘doggies’ and had four wonderful months of having Boone to learn from. 


Remember, we’re taking this on as a lifestyle, not a vacation.  We have no agendas or time frames to follow.  If we need 15-20 minutes per potty stop, so be it!  We plan to do our exploring on the Road Glide, and that means both pets will be inside the ‘house’ during that time.  This way neither pet will be lonesome during our absence.  We have a Pet Safe Bark Controller so Scooter doesn’t bark her fool head off, and I pity the idiot who tries to enter our Coach while we are gone.  Scooter will fight to the death to protect her people, property, and cat. 


Yes, Willie is HER cat.  When we went to Grandma’s with Willie, Scooter got between Willie and the other dogs to ‘protect’ him!  She also did this when our oldest daughter Amy brought her Golden Retriever, Gus, to visit. 


Bottom line is we know our pets and we feel comfortable living the Gypsy Life with them by our sides!  …and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

How this nonsense all started

It’s hard to believe it has been ten years ago that we went  on our very first Road Trip!  We learned so much on that trip…mainly to never be married to your destination and to never, ever UPS your  raingear home. 
We also learned that we create magic on the road…and never worry about a place to stop..there will always be one provided.  I cannot tell you the amount of times we’ve gotten in to a motel and got the last room for miles or found the one restaurant still open so we can have a hot meal. 
That first trip our destination was Yellowstone.  However, when we stopped at a roadside fruit-stand to try white nectarines, we ran into couple on their bike who told us it was 104 degrees in Yellowstone.  We decided that was way too hot and decided to go North! 
We had been having issues with our starter the entire trip.  When we hit Boise, we almost stopped at their Harley dealer, but looked in the HOG book and saw that Twin Falls was open on Mondays. (found out that was a typo and they just ‘happened’ to be open because of the Holiday.) We rode into Twin, found the dealership, but it was closed.  There was a Sonic next door, so we had a burger and walked back to the bike to sit and contemplate our next move.
No sooner had we sat down, when a Chopper roared up.  It was the mechanic stopping by the shop for a misplaced item.  He told us to come back at 7:30 am and directed us to a motel.  The next morning, we were treated like royalty by Snake Harley!  They ran to Boise to get the starter, loaned us a softail and told us where the local sites were…wow, were they ever top notch!
After this, we headed up thru Ketchum, ID got the last spot to stay there…Galena Summit, all the way up thru Hamilton, Mt.  As we rode to Swan, MT the state patrol stopped us and said, “This isn’t your lucky day.  We have to close the highway for the town’s 4th of July parade.”  To the right was “Liquid Louie’s” and we said, “nope, looks like it IS our lucky day!”  Not only did we end up staying 3 hours in this little town, but we also ended up in their parade!
We did Glacier Park—gorgeous, been back there several times.  On the way back south, we got hit by a rainstorm.  We pulled off to wait it out, but it was not stopping.  We just looked at each other and said, “Let’s go for it!”  It rained on us all the way to Hot Springs, where we pulled in for an old-fashioned grubstake breakfast.  Our leathers had formed to our bodies by this time and we appreciate our soft skin-protection each time we ride!
This magical journey taught us so much about riding, the biker community, and being on the road and enjoying the journey rather than hurrying from destination to destination.  No one can ever take away our memory of the doe in the stream on the Salmon River, the guy fly-fishing out of McCall, being in the parade in Swan…

We are so eager to take you all on this Journey of a Lifetime aboard the Gypsy Rose.  We hope you all enjoy it half as much as we know we will.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We got some holes in our heads!!




So, what does the average person do the day after they retire?  WE have no idea, since we aren’t the average person…what Cozarts do is get their ears pierced!!


Aren’t we just delicious?


On a serious note, the Universe served up quite a hard lesson to our family in the early morning hours.  Our son was hanging out in a local watering hole listening to his buddy sing, and a random stranger blind-sided him with a metal beer stein to the nose.  A broken nose, 4 stitches, and a messed up back (he had surgery December 2nd, 2010) later…we’re all left wondering what the heck happened!  The bar did not have security cameras, and while there was a bouncer on duty, he was worthless.  The perp is probably missing an eye, however, as Tony’s buddy grabbed the guy by the eye to pull him off of our son.

We are taking this as a warning to NEVER be incapacitated out in public. Tony thought he was ‘safe’ in a local pub, surrounded by friends and minding his own business.  We will do our drinking inside our Gypsy Rose!!  Wow, what a hard lesson to learn.  Needless to say, we are on guard.


Please send a prayer Tony’s way…we still don’t know if his back has been reinjured.  Thank you!!

General RV - Utah RV Dealer - Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Pop Ups

General RV - Utah RV Dealer - Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Pop Ups

Good Morning! It's officially Saturday Forever Day!! I just wanted to give y'all the direct link to hook up with Christine and the wonderful team at General RV. We are so looking forward to our Dream Coach! By this time next month we should either be home with it or on the road to go pick it up. We can't say enough great things about this dealer! They truly mean it when they say to give them a chance to work their magic. Don't be shy, give 'em a try!

Friday, April 15, 2011

6 months without our Pal



It’s hard to wrap my head around it…it seems like Boone has been gone forever, and at the same time it seems like he should walk around the corner or be sleeping in his chair. 

We know that he was here to do a ‘job’ and that job was over.  He signed up to be my Pal, my baby, my confident, my sweet sweet boy…my Service Dog, by cohort in crime! Big Sigh!

He was truly an amazing young man, and I miss him so much.  I still haven’t been able to part with all of his toys, but I know I’m going to have to pick just a few and be happy with it.  Moving into an RV is going to be a real blessing, as it is forcing Pirate and I to deal with his death in a permanent way.  Like we really have a choice, huh?! Smile

It is impossible to describe how special Boone was.  But if you’d met him, you’d know.  He had the charisma to wrap anyone around his paw, especially the ladies.  Oh, my, was he ever a ladies man.  I take comfort in knowing that I did not miss a minute of his life, I soaked it all up and didn’t take it for granted.  Yep, he was spoiled…as all animals SHOULD be!!  We always joked that Boone must be the reincarnation of someone very, very special!  He was treated like a Prince and gave back to us ten-fold. 



Thursday, April 14, 2011

My future Kitchen



I’m beyond excited to start our new life…and look at the beautiful kitchen I get to prepare my Pirate’s meals in!!  Heartland is truly a top-notch manufacturer, and General RV has really gone above and beyond to make it happen for us.  If you’re ever in Draper, UT, stop in and see Christine!

Today was a very emotional day. Pirate had friends come from all over to be there today…former neighbors, co-workers, and friends.  Two very special people that made it despite the amount of pain they were in was our dear friend Sandra, only 2 weeks out from hip replacement, walker and all…and our dear, precious Brooke and her man AJ.  Brooke has been in intense pain and it made today all worth while to be able share it with her.  WOW is all I can say…we are so truly loved!!

It is interesting that everyone says they would like to do what we are doing.  We’ve really struck a chord in the souls of others, and I hope that each and every person that reads our blog finds their dream and follows it!

I would like to thank Ardean, Juanita, Debbie, LouAnne, and Beth for all of their hard work to make today happen.  These ladies put in so much time and love…the food was perfect, the refreshments amazing!!  And we were so glad to see our dear friends Rene and Alysha who brought their delightful daughters with them today.  It was a beautiful ‘full circle’ of life…the little ones just starting their journeys, while we are at the other end of the spectrum!  Actually, back to childhood in our own way.

We just can’t thank all of you enough, and we hope we bring a smile to your face as we start this new chapter in life.  We wish all of you the happiness that we have found.  May the blessings continue to flow!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From this day forward….



Finally, the day of all days has arrived! Pirate’s last day of that four lettered word…WORK!!  No more lonely days home alone…no more riding his desk when he’d rather be on the Harley!!  Now, The Road Trip begins!


Our intention is to explore the meaning of the word FREEDOM to it’s fullest.  We like the idea of the toy hauler because it gives us the most options.  We can detach the truck, take the Harley out, get down the bicycles, or inflate the kayak and go exploring.  We have no destinations in mind other than winter in Arizona and North and visiting family in the Summer.  

We have a goal of staying off the beaten path and visiting smaller towns and communities…spending our dollars where they will do the most good and living the Simple life. We relish the thought of stopping by roadside stands and farmer’s markets for our veggies…stopping in a shop or store run by a little old couple who will tell you where to get the best meal and all the town gossip.  We want to see the big things, the monuments, and we want to get back to nature and connect with the small things.  Fishing, hiking, kayaking, walking, smelling the flowers, and most of all, riding the Road Glide…these are going to be our new ‘rat race’ as we slow down our pace.


Back to a time where life was simple, people were friendly, word was word, there was no 24/7 bombardment of world crisis and urgency.  We take great pleasure in the beauty of a sunset, the richness of a warm breeze caressing our skin,  sipping a glass of plummy wine, watching our animals be silly, getting a phone call from one of the kids, that ‘removing of the boots’ after a long, dusty ride,  gazing into the eyes of our soul mate and feeling the deep wealth of happiness to be living ‘the good life.’


You can have your fancy cars, your designer this and that…whatever it is that you consume to make yourself feel sexy, lose weight, grow hair, remove unwanted hair, enhance the right things, hide the others…all in an attempt to satisfy something inside.  You cannot buy happiness…it’s something you create. No thing and no person can ‘make’ you happy.  Be responsible and figure out what it takes to make YOU happy. 


Life is short, our days aren’t guaranteed, so we’re off to work on that bucket list.  You’re invited for the ride!


These next few weeks will be devoted to clearing out the house and it’s contents to get prepared to moving into the Gypsy Rose. She is being built as we ‘speak’ and we will me traveling to Michigan …probably towards the end of May…and taking our shake-down cruise home.  We plan to stick around in the North/NorthWest for the Summer/Fall and spend the Winter in Arizona.  I can say with certainty we will be returning to Colorado and Wyoming this Summer!! 


We will take pictures and videos along the way, show you the sites, rate the places we stay and eat  and keep you up to day with the Gypsies!  Time to stop dreaming and start LIVING!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Family



Dad, Tracie, Mom, Kyle, Me, Steven


This picture is from the ‘Grinolds Gang’ when they came to visit with Miss Tracie, who is living in Idaho Falls, Id as of this writing.  Titus is in there, too!


We will sure miss these guys a lot, but they are all so happy for us to go on our adventure of a lifetime.  My Mom and Dad aren’t really travellers, but they are thinking of visiting Mount Rushmore sometime in the  next year.  I highly recommend every American go see this park.  And if you’ve gone that far, make sure you visit Deadwood, Spearfish, Lead…all great little towns.


On your way, you’ll also want to stop by the Indian Museum and the Crazy Horse exhibit.  WELL worth it!  Built on Custer’s Last Stand, complete with the gravestones where the dead fell, a mass grave with a monument.  Inside the museum, each and every American Indian tribe has an exhibit.  Since I grew up close to the Nez Perce tribe’s reservation, I was most interested in their exhibit.  The original trade beads for Manhattan are also on display, and the beautiful headdresses there…WOW!!


Thursday the bank is having an open house from 1 pm to 5 pm for Pirate and then he’ll probably just work a half day Friday.  Then, he belongs to the Kitty!!  Wahooo! I cannot wait to have my best pal with me every day.  If we start getting on each other’s nerves, just remind me of this blog post, lol!


See ya down the road SOON!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The last week of work for Pirate

The very last Monday...the very last week...the last trip to the dry cleaners...for a lifetime! it has been so emotional, and I'm sure this week will be as well.  The bank is holding an open house for Pirate's retirement on Thursday, and it will be sad to say goodbye to everyone who has been a part of our lives for so many years.  But, it is also so exciting to start OUR OWN journey finally.  Ahh...just my Pirate and me, doing what we want, at our own pace.  It's hard to put our heads around it, but it truly is time!!

Here's to goodbyes!  May everyone be as happy as Pirate and Kitty!!

The Retirement Song (BMI) - Nash Rambler