The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Da Beast LIVES!!

...and so do the techs at the Ford Dealership!!  It took them less than an hour!  Now, if only they had taken the time to program that chip in the first place!  I wanted Pirate to have them reimburse us for at least half of our diesel on the Michigan trip, but he was just happy they weren't making him get out that famous "Scorpio Stinger!"  Just ask the kids about that stinger and his deadly piercing blue eyes!! LOL!!  We NEVER had to spank any of our kids!  And I had my 'snap thang' going with Miss Tracie...we have excellent children, and we'd like to think it's because we love them so unconditionally.  The first time ya do something, it's a mistake...ya do it again...well, that's on purpose and you'll lose TV or internet.  (Thanks Miss Faith! that is her favorite quote to her three boys.)

I keep searching for more and MORE RV blogs to follow, and when I added the gadget of blogs I follow, I found I am following 90!  WOW!!  I must say, Terri & Doyle continue to be my favorites, as they also full time in a Heartland Road Warrior.  I LOVE the mods they have done to their coach!  Their unit is a 361, ours a 405, but we almost went with their model, and they ours!  It's so funny what makes a certain coach "the one."

If you read back to last years' posts, you'll see a write up about Heartland.  After searching in magazines, buyer's guides, and the internet, when we stumbled upon their website and read about the company...we were hooked.  Again, special thanks to Christine McBride at General RV for daring me to dream and making that dream come true.  We recently priced the Cyclone (sister) line at a local RV dealership...they STILL aren't even within $15000 of what we paid!  And that includes the cost of taking delivery and driving 5000 miles round trip!

I love my Coach!  I wish we already lived there.  Each time I walk up my staircase here at the condo and my knees groan in protest, I just tell 'em wait!  Soon there will only be three steps to navigate, only 400 sq ft to clean instead of 1800, and only one bathroom to scrub instead of three.  Getting older and becoming decrepit isn't for sissies!

Found online that we are doing the exact right things to prepare Willie for travelling.  We do still need to make that further step and start taking him for rides in his Tube.  Good think his 'high value' treat is dehydrated chicken.  It's easy to store in a pocket and simple, not too messy to feed.  He and Scooter always vacuum up the crumbs.

I'm going to try and get some organizing done out in the Gypsy today....wish Scooter calmness!

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  1. You are getting there. Congratulations. I don't think you guys are old and decrepit, yet.