The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm at a standstill here!

I can't complete my kitchen until we're closer to moving in...we keep having to schlep back out to the RV to get this or frustrating!  I almost wish--ALMOST--that we had a deadline to meet.  GRR!  Pirate can't start on his garage until he can see how the Road Glide sits...I can't load anymore of our stuff until we're not in the house and needing those things!  LOL, what a blessed life we lead!

We ARE  going to have to live out there soon so we can start the few repairs we need to make.  Too bad we're in the Summer months.  We've yet to hit the mercury higher than 82, but in this neck of the woods, that will happen sooner rather than later.  With only 30 amp service in the gravel apron out back, this will be a challenge to cool.  I guess we'll find out if the portable unit can hack it and let the condo swelter while we're completing the move out?

I also am having a hard time getting out there whenever Pirate happens to be out on errands.  Miss Scooter has decided since our Michigan trip to NEED both of us 24/7.  Not too handy!  If Pirate is outside in the Gypsy Rose, she cries.  If it's me out there, she howls.  If he's gone to the store or out with Tony...she whines at the slider the entire time.  Good thing we have a PetSafe no-barking device!  She can only whine when we're out on the Harley...right?

Willie just wants to play, eat, sleep, play...depending on what YOU want him to do..he'll be busy doing the opposite, for sure. He is a big helper, though!  Just ask him!

Not much else going on...repairs continue, I keep struggling with what to make for dinner, and we are just so happy God has richly blessed our lives!

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