The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cats are Patriotic, too!



I just love this photo


The dinner last was a total success!  We don’t have a head count yet, but Pirate and I guesstimate there were well over 200 dinner guests.  I am so proud of our community!  What’s even more impressive is the number of younger folks—friends of the parents—were there to support this family! What a blessing it was to see.


Pirate is currently on the road with #1 son Tony to go retrieve the Ford.  It’s been a challenge to only rely on the motorcycle for transportation…kinda hard to go grocery shopping, lol!


Just last night, Pirate helped one of the other condo owners move a boat that was blocking us out on the gravel apron.  Maybe now we can reposition the Gypsy Rose so Pirate can get the bike in there to see how she sits! YAY for progress!  Once he discovers how much room he will actually have, he can get the rail system up and going.

May we all be kinder and gentler with our words and actions…especially with those whom we love the most.

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