The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What's happening now?

We had a great day, yesterday...we went and spent our $100 at Fred Meyers so we can get diesel 10 cents cheaper per gallon at Shell stations.  Found some great towel racks and bins for the bathroom.  With such a small bathroom (we're used to having 3) we're going to have to boil down our 'bathroom routines' to be able to fit into a very small bin we can scrunch under the cabinet.  Since both won't fit, I'll "let" Pirate keep his stuff under the sink, I'll keep my baskie either in the closet or on one of my shelves in the bedroom.  I also got a nice chrome bin for the spices to live in while traveling.  There is more than enough room for them around the stove top while we're parked.  I also found a nice 'expand-a-shelf' for the canned goods.

We then went to Chief's RV to pick up our ordered front 'footie' landing gear plate.  While there, Pirate wanted a tube to stow the sewer hose.  Chief's didn't have one on hand, so Angel, the very sweet lady at the counter, called over to Russ Dean RV and found that they had it in stock.  We won't forget how nice and sweet that was, Angel!  We'd been a little 'put off' by one of Chief's sales reps, who wouldn't have a Road Warrior on his lot, why don't we buy a Cyclone....hey, buddy....we bought ours from an RV dealer who wanted to work with us and still came in $25k UNDER your best deal!!  YAY, Christine at General RV!!  And guess what? They were more than willing to order our custom RW 405!  I hope Christine made a great big fat commission, cuz she worked her tail off for us!!  Kudos to Rick Yonkers at their Wixom, MI location who worked "paper magic" for us, too!  In fact, each person we met at General RV has been 100% top notch and honest...telling us what NOT to waste our money on, what to spend more for and why...they got us set up and on the road with quality items, not just 'whatever' to get us out of their hair.  Wow, it's great to have customer service in this day and age!

Speaking of NO service...I had heard on Youtube that if you put 4 6" x 6" UNglazed ceramic tiles in your RV oven, it will make it work more efficiently and won't burn the bottoms of your cookies or biscuits.  We stopped by our Kennewick Home Depot...apparently it was too much trouble to bother the 'lady' in flooring...after she loudly screamed across the store "I'M ON THE PHONE" I patiently waited for her to finish.  She didn't even stand up to greet me!!  I told her what I was looking for and she scoffed and said, "We don't carry them any more and cannot order them."  Then turned around and ignored me!!  Typical no service from Home Depot!!  When we got home, it took me all of 3 seconds to Google it and find a website where I ordered a box of 40 for under $55, with tax!  Geez, lady, your attitude just cost you big time!

Pirate is dragging our portable AC unit down the stairs.  It's supposed to reach the 80s today...and our AC went out last summer.  This little baby can cool 800 sq ft, and keeps our entire condo (1800 sq ft) cooled off using only 110 power.  It is also a dehumidifier, so of course we will take it with us.  We found we will be able to fix our big outside unit for far less than the stated $3500.  We also own two of those Eden Pure ceramic radiant heaters.  We barely use our home furnace, so it'll be more than enough to heat our 'wobbly box.'  We can put one heater at the stairs, and the other out in the garage.  It's truly God's Hand that we bought these things before we even decided to full time RV!

Today is a 'catch up on projects' kinda day....which means I get to go out to my new home and 'play!'  Can't wait to get on the black seas for real!

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  1. I hate rude service! Im happy you guys are finding stuff that works for your new home and maximizes your space! Love you! -tracers