The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy with our choice of Coach

We originally were looking at the RW 395...much smaller kitchen

Much happier with my island...and the cross seating.  These were the factors that decided the RW 405

We also realized that having a 2nd bathroom only takes away even more room from the living quarters.  It's so funny how we've wavered back and forth before landing our Gypsy Rose.  Over two years ago, we started researching just what was out there.  Pirate and I have never RV'd before (talk about stepping out on faith!) but knew this was the only way we could make our dream of riding the US on our Harley possible.  A week to ten days out isn't long enough, but it's way too long to leave our four-legged kids.  And I think the Gypsy Rose is the perfect compromise.

When we finally got down to the nitty-gritty and started looking to place offers, I was very disappointed to find no RW 405's for sale!  We came across a 2007 Cyclone (can't remember the model now, but it was in the 400 series no longer made) that was in our price range and figured this would be the 'best' we could do.  I really wasn't looking forward to living in someone else's house, dealing with their stains and messes, nor with any 'funky smells' never know if they smoked, fried bacon, spilled beer, or were hiding mold.  Yuck!

There was a period of time that we were even going to try and forego a toy hauler all together. We'd gone to a local dealership and made the 'mistake' of touring a Big Country Coach, also from Heartland.  We looked at the expansive kitchen, sat in the recliners, noticed all the touches that even included ceiling fans...and we wanted THAT!  Surely there is a way to haul the Harely...we'll figure it out.  Well, yes, we could've bought some product for towing our 850 lbs bike off the back...and never knowing how much stress was going on the unit.  But let's just assume it would work with no's the rub:  Where do you store all of your gear, then?  It can't all fit in the massive passthrough!  Where?  

We couldn't figure that part out.  With the loss of both garage AND loft, we didn't see how it was going to work out.  Sadly, we stopped looking at the nice residential 5 ers and went back to where we started...the Road Warrior Toy Hauler series.  Heartland has two lines of TH's, Cyclone being the more 'upscale' of the two, but there is such little difference for the extra $10 grand, we stayed with Road Warrior.  

I can't believe the incredible deal that we got from  Christine McBride at General RV!  Our local dealer wanted to do us a 'real favor' and sell us a Cyclone 3850 for just under $70 grand...gee, what a deal cuz it's marked down from $86 grand!  No thanks!  In fact, most dealers won't carry the RW line, as they feel the resale value is better.  Ok, cool, thanks for lookin' out, but we wanted a RW...we are going to live in our Coach for quite some time, possible even die there, so we don't care about resale value. (I know Tracie, don't talk about dying.  Love you, Sweetie.) 

So, here we are today, proud owners of a RW 405, custom ordered and we couldn't be happier with our choice.  I wish there were a way to take the bathroom from the RW 361 and put it on our rig, but hey, who needs that much room in the loo anyway?  I barely remember to wear tinted moisturizer there days, let alone spend hours in the bathroom creating hairstyles like a teenager.  

I have a couple of questions for you all today.  First is about screen rooms.  Does anyone have one?  We were looking at getting one for our ramp door instead of the Patty'O room that comes off the door...we'd lose area with the slide out in the way.  The ramp door version comes with the posts to hold the door up off the ground for the 'floor' and side panels allow for fresh air and also privacy.  This will also put our 'relaxing area' out of the next person over's earshot and line of sight.  

Second question is about the ramp doors.  Has anyone else had any problems with the ramp door getting slick if it's wet?  There must be a product out there that will help.  Thank you, everyone.  We're staring that 15 days up there on the countdown clock straight in the face and we laugh!  We'll 'get 'er done' in time.  I know this because God hasn't let us down yet!  Stay safe and cool out there, and we'll SEE you soon.


  1. Since you don't see the inside of the door when it's closed, maybe some spray on type non skid, like bed liner material would work, you could mask it into the shape you want and pray it on. It dries hard and you won't slip on it. Just an idea, but you never know till you see if it will work. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. We have a Patty O'Room and really don't use it very much. A lot of campgrounds won't allow it and when we're camped in the desert, the wind blows so much it's not worth the effort to put it up. We're not sure if we're going to keep it or not.

  3. only 15 days left?..lucky you!..can't wait to hear all about the last few days of actitvity as you prepare to hit the road!! vicariously through your adventures as we 'plug away'...

  4. We ARE going to ride..ride....and ride some more. Good job on the RW. What's her?his name? I think I would be partial to Max/Maxine. Right?

  5. Michael...she is ...drumroll....The Gypsy Rose. Our Road Glide is named Rosie, so it's a little confusing, but it works, lol! Keeping you in my prayers, Friend! When it gets overwhelming, get out there and blow some stink off in the wind. It will all get done. It will!!

    Thank you for the info, everyone. Now we know the Patty'O Room is out, and we're going to try the spray on liner after we get out there. Too much to do for now. Pirate will just have to watch it if it's wet until then.

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