The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I haz a spud!




Willie is such a Big Helper…here’s the proof he likes to cook.


I wonder which spots in the Gypsy Rose he will roost on.  I’ll bet his favorite ‘helper spot’ will be on the Island Countertop.  He’s already gotten up there several times, so I think he’ll hang there while I’m cooking and doing KP.

We’ve made the executive decision to remove the 4” foam mattress from the bed and put it back up into the loft.  It made the bed too firm for Pirate’s back—he’s fused in his lower verts.  It will take two of us to get it back up there, but it will be a cushy a soft spot for the rifles.  This idea made me dance with joy, because now I get to use all of that space under the couch for storage of ‘house stuff!’ 

(guess where the canned goods and bulk ‘Costco stuff’ are  going!)

I couldn’t sleep last night (again) so I put price labels on all of the yard sale items…all except Pirate’s garage treasures.  He and Tony will have to decide on prices for that kind of stuff.  We have already sold all of our Gorilla racks!!  Tony also knows of a friend who has no furniture, no anything, so we’re going to be donating a LOT of stuff his way.  This is so wonderful, as we have some things that just are too far gone to sell or donate…my Dad’s chair, our sofa bed, old computer desk on it’s last leg…

I was looking at the closet in the Gypsy and what I’ve already moved out there..yeah, I’m a gonna have ta pare down even more.  Where am I going to wear some of that stuff?  And if a wedding or funeral comes up, I can always go to Wal-Marche’ for a $15 outfit.

Pirate made the executive decision to NOT take his Craftsman tool chest.  Not only will this save us a ton of room, but also over 300 lbs.  We have a light, multi-configurable chest that can be taken apart into whatever drawer combo he wants.

Tomorrow I get to see my daughter!!  =)


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  1. Hubby taught me to always have one dress for a funeral, one for a wedding, and a pair of panty hose.

    It will be interesting to see Willie adapt and feel at home in the Gypsy.