The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seriously? Only 2 more weeks?!

Willie is trying to convince "Pretty Miss Tracie" that this is HIS ride...

I think I'm going to have to reset the countdown yet's looking like another 3 weeks instead of only 2 before we slip the moorings of our old life and motor out into the Black Seas.

I'm in Momma Heaven having my Tracie home and by my side.  I wasn't allowed to lift a finger, and we have had the best time visiting and laughing with each other.  We also have a friend from Arizona here, and Bobby has been staying out at the Gypsy Rose Inn.  We're down to only two beds left in the condo, so the 5 er is our guest house, lol!

My folks will be over today from the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley.  Actually, they live in Asotin, WA, but it's such a small town, we don't even have a stop light there.  It was a wonderful little town to grow up in.  This is the first time they get to see the Gypsy Rose.  I hope Daddy can tell if he could put storage under the bed for me.  We will just have to unscrew the plywood and see what's under there.

So, there is a little controversy happening in the Blog-O-Sphere over whether the blogging RVers all say positive things on each other's blogs because we're Sheeple or otherwise brain-washed or dumbed down beyond the capability to form our own opinions.  Personally, I'm a positive person and have found 99.9% of the RVing public to also be unusually positive folk.  Be it at a rest stop, park, dealership or blogspot...almost all of us are willing to smile, help out, laugh with you or at you, give you advice, help you work on your rig or whatever you need...fellow RVers are always ready to help.

We liken it to the brotherhood (peoplehood?) of motorcycle riders.  We all wave to each other our 'secret waves' on the road, we stop if we see a bike pulled off along the road (whether we're in a 'cage' or two wheels).  We've also noticed a new camaraderie with the truckers on the road. (Do YOU flash your lights when anyone passes you and is able to pull into the lane in front of you?) 

Life is way too short to get upset about the differences between people...we focus on what common ground we can find.  I will never know what wisdom you might have to share if I don't keep my mind open and mouth shut long enough.  And never, but not ever, should you mistake my kindness for weakness.  My body may not work right and appear feeble, but there's a whole lotta fire in this old blonde chick yet.  

I think our mothers all had it right long, long ago:  If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!

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