The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sure hope this is the LAST adjustment to our countdown clock!

These two had bettered get ready

Little do they realize they 'sold' most of their toys in the yard sale, ha ha!  I admit I have a problem, and that's the first step, right?  I cannot pass by a store that has kitty or puppy toys and treats...or CANDY for me, if I'm honest.  (I have always had a need to carry candy in my pockets...)  We also always joke that if you're really super good in this life, you get to come back as one of my pets.  

I think Boone must have been Mother Theresa or a Dali Lama.  He was the most spoiled ever of all my four-legged kids.  The day we brought him home from the breeder I told everyone to just get over it Right Now because I wasn't going to miss one minute of his baby-puppy stage...and I did not!  Each day I nuzzled those puppy smells, touched his ears, toes, everywhere to get him used to a lifetime of groomers handling him...the games we made up!  He was such a smart guy, we called him The Professor and I swear I could've taught him to read!  No regrets with him other than he passed away too soon. (Cancer)  

When Boone died, Scooter complained to the Management that things had quickly gone down hill!  Sissy has a 'slight' weight issue, so we cut back on the treats.  (We'd been giving Boone whatever he wanted at the end, whenever he wanted it.  It was so hard to get him to eat.  Since he was blind, Scooter would wait until he dropped the treat, then rush in to steal it)  Now Sis and Willie have their own little games they play and their routines.  

I can't wait until they are both so comfortable in the Gypsy Rose that they will play chase!  With limited area to run, this could get interesting...and I'm sure there will be several trips 'round the kitchen island!

I think the young man who has no furniture will be coming by tonight or sometime soon to get our couch, chairs, and the last bed besides our King.  We had hoped we'd find a 5er with a king so we could just put in our Sleep Number bed, but none of the toyhaulers had more than a queen, darn it! (Heartland is our chosen brand)  We will either put it in storage or sell it....

Google + keeps growing!!  We're really getting quite the circle  of RV bloggers on there.  I'd like to get my friends and family on Google + so I could dump facebook.  My daughter remembered when we were all on myspace and no one was on fbook.  Now no one is one myspace!  Will Facebook become a victim of Google?  If they start with the games, probably.  Too many folks won't want to leave their farms or fish tanks or mafias.

In the meantime, I did figure out how to get your blog to feed into your fbook notes page!  Go to your notes, then on the bottom left there is an option to manage subscriptions, click on that, and it will prompt you for your url.  Easy!  This blog 'should' self-publish.  It took about my last ten blog entries!

See y'all out there in 25 days...and that's a hard and fast date now...we HAVE to be somewhere the 13th of August with the Gypsy Rose!  Pirate's got a 35 yr reunion at Chelan County Fairgrounds....full hook ups!  There is one special classmate of his that I'm truly excited to meet so I hope she can make it! =)  I'd say her name, but don't want to embarrass her, but B knows who she is and why she's so special to me! 

Anyone who needs a Google + invite, email me!  I still have a ton of them left.

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