The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, July 25, 2011

We're exhausted!

Even Willie is tired!

Pirate was able to transfer all of the tools in his Craftsman chest into a smaller plastic bin system he can configure any which way.  We still haven't had the opportunity to get the Gypsy Rose's Ramp Door opened and get Rosie the Road Glide in there.  But between Pirate and Number One Son, they have it mapped out in their heads of how it will all fix together.  We were really hoping a chrome wardrobe rack we have would fit out there, but we're playing it by ear and learning on the fly that just because you WANT something to fit into your RV, doesn't mean it will!

Whew, we're really looking forward to relaxing after we're finally out of the condo!  It's amazing, if you think about it, what all you're going through to get 'out there.'  Major life changes.  Retirement, selling your home, cleaning out your possessions, purchasing that new 'home' is also a biggie, and you probably need a new rig to pull the new house...and somewhere in here you need to move into the new house, make any repairs to the old house, all while going through the emotional 'trauma' of giving away your things as though you've died.  Hmm, wonder why we're so worn out?!  Oh, and throw some road trips in there to get said items to family members who don't live near all takes time and energy.

We are so blessed that we don't have any hard and fast dates to get the condo ready.  I think even Pirate and I would have blown a gasket by now, and we're pretty much unshakable! I can only imagine the stress of during this time trying to keep the house "show ready" at all times with a lock box on our door and worrying about the pets getting let outside while a realtor schleps lookie-loos through. Nope, our worst worry is that Miss Tracie's bed is still in Idaho Falls and somehow we still need to make the 10 hours-each-way drive for her.

Today finds me sporting my least favorite accessory, especially in this hot weather:  Neck brace--my neck muscles have decided they don't wanna hold my head up for me and are on strike again.  How dare they in this heat?!   Poor Pirate! I'm not much help as it is with my limitations, but when I'm down like this, it heaps worry on top of it all for him.  Usually these flares resolve on their own, so I'm not worried, just hurting, lol!  I think I know what 'happened.' 

I finally received the special pain cream with all the lovely muscle relaxers in it to stop the dystonia (muscles on constant ON position).  While I had those muscles 'doped up' and all relaxed, other muscles had to take over and got strained.  I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm chasing my own tail!  One things hurts, so ya fix that, only to discover a new issue.  I am going to 'save' the cream for the really super super super bad days when nothing helps.  This cream reminds me of taking steroids...feels so much better while it's working, but when it wears off, the pain hits you again at full force.  Talk about a rude awakening!  (Take home lesson is wear the neck brace to begin with when using the cream)

Google Plus is a great distraction, and was even on the's growing fast and furious!  I feel so 'special' to be in on the Beta testing.  I'm really starting to enjoy it, now that I understand it's a blend of Twitter and Facebook.  I was kinda 'hung up' about not being able to post on a person's wall. But that's the part that is like Twitter.  And since this is from Google, their other features all integrate and I think that's pretty neato!

Hope everyone has a great Monday.  Sure enjoyed Sadie's adventure today, Donna!


  1. 19 days and counting. I am feeling your pressure and looking forward to your release. Believe me, I understand. You two are blessed to have each other. Try doing this alone. The point is....19 days and counting.

  2. the count down is fast approaching..soon all these days will just be but a distant memory!..hang in will all get done!!

  3. Michael, I send up extra prayers for you because you're going through this alone. I think Pirate and I would've been so overwhelmed if we weren't partners in crime, lol.

    We know someday we will look fondly back on this time, so we're 'trying' to appreciate it. This is the hard part and will make finally getting out there all the sweeter. Thank you for the encouragement, my Friends! You all keep our eyes on the goal with your blogs of the wonderful sites we will soon be seeing. God Bless!!

  4. Glad I finally found your blog...where are you heading first? Hope to meet up on the road and maybe get in some riding together!!! We'll be heading to AZ for the winter...