The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Sunday, July 10, 2011

sorting, sorta...

Willie fell asleep in his catnip this morning!

We're slowly and surely packing, sorting, making messes, disorder everywhere!  We spent the night out in the Gypsy Rose again last night.  It had been a week, and Willie was hesitant to get into his "Go-Rig."  We realize we need to get our ducks lined into a better row and spend more time out there...otherwise, Mister Dink Stinker Cat-Face will not be happy.  We also have to get on putting him into his tube and going for rides in the, time is whizzing by!

Everyone's blogs continue to keep us in the Spirit as we wait to join you.  We find it immensely interesting that most of you are up in our neck of the woods at this time.  Makes sense to us, it's BEAUTIFUL here in the Pacific North West!  (PNC)  Having been raised here, we tend to take the area for granted...well, not any more!  Once we pull out with the ink barely dry on the sale of the condo, we plan to stay in our town for a bit...2 weeks max...and will play tourist in our own town!  

We often take Harley rides all over the PNC, but rarely to we see the 'touristy' thangs in our town.  Having Hanford Nuclear Reservation right here you'd think we'd have done a tour by now! Nope!  And there are so really cool shops, wineries, and wonderful parks here.  Sounds like a challenge to me, to find out what other 'tourists' see while they are here in our area.

It's another hot one out there today, and it's supposed to reach triple digits the day of our yard sale...that will mean a cranky set of Cozarts!  Willie just woke from his stupor and is attacking the keyboard, so I'd best go for now, lol!  See you all soon!

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