The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Welsh Friend

I just wanted to take the time to shout out to our dear, dear friend, Sandra.  She has been faithfully following our blog, and when Pirate stopped in at his old job, Sandra told him so!  She probably told him a few other things, too, lol!  We love you, San, and will miss you and Ray so much.  When we come into town to see Tony, we will be sure to drop in for a Vodka and laughter! =)  Sandra, do you think our Mariners will EVER see a World Series??!

Another hard day of sorting, moving, and tagging.  It's so funny to discover how much "stuff" a person can pack into their home over the years.  Pirate had SIX gas cans!  All different sizes, too.  The most fun, however, is going thru mementos of the kids' childhoods.  That's what really gets us both.

Then there are the precious little particular, I have a hand-painted tea-pot with bright kitties all over it.  I received it from Pirate and Amy in 2002, right before I could no longer work at the bank.  It's so pretty, so ME, and the meaning behind it, well, that makes it even prettier in my eyes.  But there is no practical way to take it with us.  I'm hoping that either Amy or Tracie will want it.  I'm thinking Miss Tracie will, since I've drilled into her head passed on my love for felines.

The weather is nice, with a low pressure trying to sneak through and hit Spokane (200 miles north).  Just thankful I didn't have to run out to the Gypsy and close her vents.  She stays nice and cool out there with the new arrangement on the gravel apron.  The IDIOT that was parked crossways pulled RIGHT NEXT to us.  We can barely squeeze past, and couldn't open the second door in the garage if we wanted to.  When it comes time to load the Harley and arrange the garage, we're simply going to park beside the A building like our neighbor with the Class A does. (remember the video of Da Beast getting loaded onto the tow rig and how the tree out front is in the way?)

It will be such a blessing to have the ability to just pick up and MOVE whenever we want!

Also, I'm sure my fellow RV Bloggers 'get' this one:  we're starting to run into more and more "prejudice."  As in, folks not understanding why we would sell everything...isn't home ownership the American Dream?  I always answer that the Gypsy Rose is our home and OUR American Dream.  We've got too many things we want to do and places we want to see before it's the final lights out.  We want to be able to show our as-yet-unborn grandchildren their Huge Backyard.  We're even planning on stealing our Bella Boo when she's old enough!!  Since she will be the oldest, she gets to be the Queen or Princess, her choice!   Nothing like the innocence of a child to put life into proper perspective.

Miss Tracie, age 3:  Mom, I know how God made the grass!
Mom:  Really?  How did He do that?
Miss Tracie, with smug look on her face:  GRASSHOPPERS!!

This is also about the same time she asked me if we had a big tall ladder.  I asked her why?  She wanted to climb it so she could touch the clouds.  Oh, I miss that time!

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  1. I have a pretty good answer when they ask me why I want to be homeless. My answer is, "I won't be homeless, just house-less." Are you asking about linking words in the body of your post? If that's it, email me. It's easy.

  2. Michael...I can't figure out how to disable Yahoo...each time I try to email you, it directs me to my old account...gotta get inside there and change default the meantime, my email is Thanks, yet again, for saving my 'Blogger Bacon!'