The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yard Sale date set for July 16th

Miss Tracie will travel down from Seattle with her roommate and Bestie Lindsay.  It will be Heaven to see the Girls! =)  Wow, we're getting close!  And I must admit I saw denial on Pirate's face tonight when we were discussing the date.  He wanted to push it back a week...but I told him that this is the only tine Tracie has off. I do need to change the days on our pull out clock...they don't quite match up to the real days left in July.

I've found that if I make a list of what I want to accomplish, I usually get everything done.  My mornings are spent waiting for the first dose of painkillers to kick in, so I have time to write a list each day.  The sense of accomplishment is wonderful--nothing like crossing something off of a list to make you feel proud of yourself.

I have scored a rare cancellation spot at my Tattoo Artist for Thursday!  I'm very excited.  Jerrett Spaeth is a true artist, and we consider his whole family part of our family.  It's difficult to get an appointment with Jerrett, he's that good.  You'll wait months, if you're lucky.  I get 3 hours Thursday! Wahoo!  I will be getting a cartoon zebra brushing his teeth to honor my Boone.  I will also have his ashes incorporated into the ink.  Boone loved zebras, and he loved his teeth brushed.  There will be a banner underneath that says, "Forever with Mommy."  This will help put closure on the hurt.  I'm so happy that I will carry an actual part of him within me.  I am just so blessed to have had him for 7 1/2 years.  He truly was a Professor and Stud Muffin.  Big Pal, Mister B, Brother, Little Man...the list goes on.  He effected so many people in his short life.

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