The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pirate's Garage is coming together

That's a whole lotta cow!

Tony helped his Dad install the rails and he found these racks for us

Scooter managed to sneak in the picture! We appreciate the diamond kick plates all the way around.

Pirate's wheel chock, waiting off to the side for now

Pirate even has a table for the Man Cave
Posted by PicasaSorry for the messy look tonight.  I'm trying this directly from Picassa and obviously I need to play with this feature a tad more, lol.  But I think I like this version so far.  Like I needed another program to learn! =)  But I think we're all  doing well, thanks to everyone's giving spirit.  Of course, would you expect anything less from Rvers?  We're naturally friendly folks...and always eager to help.  I like that if you have a question, you can have a 'hang out' with someone and get an explanation face-to-face.  All you need is a web cam, and they are under $20 these days.  I'm sure we'll be using that feature to ask RV related  questions once we get on the road in earnest.  That was the first thing I thought of when I saw how well it was working...if someone has an emergency or question, they can do a hang out and actually have someone talk them through a repair or recipe or what have you.  I like that I will be able to chat with our children this way, as well.  We can set up times for Skyping, but if we're both online at the same time....just even a quick hello is possible.  

While I've been learning new software, Pirate and Tony have been working their tails off out in the garage area.  They've got the rail system installed, put up some racks, and decided where to put the wheel chock.  I'm amazed all of our leathers are out there!!  We've just kept out our 'for now' helmets and riding gear.  We will be adding a strap around the leathers for travel days.  Over time, those heavy coats swinging back and forth would pull the screws right out of the wall.  We'll wait a bit to move the tool chest out...Pirate wants to tighten down Rosie and go through her again before we ride next month at his class reunion.  

I got a visit from my TFL (twins for life) Brookey today.  We are so similar, we've decided we're more than friends for life, we're twins for life!  Unfortunately, one of the things we share is dealing with chronic pain.  It's a real treat when we're both feeling ok enough to get together, and I treasure these days.  We know it's going to be a long time until May rolls back around, so each moment means all the more.

Tomorrow I'll get all of the small treasures together for each of the girls.  I want to try and make their packages pretty and fun to go through, but I may run out of steam.  We're leaving Saturday for Seattle, then we'll head up to Bellingham on Sunday.  We'll get to see all of our girls, including Pirate's Sis.  We've got a ton to take to them, and we still have that trip to Idaho looming.  We will probably do that once we're in the RV park here in town mid August.  Pirate is going to make that run alone, then I'll go with him on the Seattle leg.  By THAT time, everything going in storage should be stowed.  

We had a great dinner tonight at a wonderful Italian restaurant called Fat Olives.  Ooohh, it's so fresh and tasty!  If you're passing though Kennewick, WA, it's right off 395, kitty corner to the Starbucks...can't miss it.  


  1. looks like you are making a whole lotta progress!!..good for you!..and you are right that is a whole lot of leather hanging there!!

  2. Pirate is really starting to feel good about his progress out there. I'm trying not to worry about the house getting organized...I can't do much more until we start living out there, and I realize we will probably change things around several times before we find what works best. I'll have plenty of time this winter to re-organize to my heart's content...deep breathing as I release my need to alphabetize the spice rack...

  3. Oh my. Alphabetize the spice rack?? You do need to breathe deeply. :)