The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What has happened to Customer Service?!

I wanted to tell them to try this:  Sit & Spin 
this is Miss Tracie Christmas 1986

In May, my HTC phone had totally stopped working...even taking out the battery and putting it back in wouldn't help.  So, I used Pirate's upgrade credit for my Samsung Mesmerize.  At that time, we were told to come in a month or so later for Pirate's upgrade.  Sounds simple, right?  Oh, NO! Nothing is ever that simple.  We were told that records showed both of our upgrade dates were for Nov 2012...what?!  Pirate has had the same phone since 2009!  They actually let us walk out of the store with no resolution, no offer to make it right.  If we hadn't be so upset, we would have waltzed over to the nearest Verizon store and got iphones!

I decided to call their HQ.  I'm so glad I did!  The nice young man from Oklahoma not only cried foul on the store, he fixed what was wrong and is sending out TWO new phones for us.  Wow...did he save their company bacon.  We have been with US Cellular for 11 years because of their coverage.  (Flat tire on the Harley+Mojave Desert = you'd better have cell service! Out of three of us, only our phone had coverage.) 

We are so relieved this issue is resolved.  It really hurt our feelings more than angered us--we've been their best advertisement for 11 years!  

Google + tip:  on the mobile app, you can now change the level of your location status to just your city.  Before, if your profile was public and you made public posts, your EXACT location could be observed by STRANGERS!!  This really worried me, being the mother of two single daughters.  Kudos to Google for getting on that so quickly.  I still have invites if you'd like...just send me an email and I'll fix ya right up!


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