The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home again, while it's still home....

First, you must watch this!!!The Ultimate Dog Tease         

From our daughter Amy's deck in Bellingham, WA

We had so much fun with our daughters this weekend!  They are both so happy and doing so well in the lives they've made for themselves.  We are truly blessed parents!  For those of you that still own teenagers or young us, this too shall pass and they will come out as human on the other side.  The ages of 25 through 27 seem to be when they 'flip' and remember you're pretty cool for someone with gray hair....and pretty smart, too!

We were blessed with an angel on our shoulders through the Seattle traffic.  Despite road and bridge closures, a Mariner's game and the Torch Light Parade, we didn't have a lick of trouble getting to Northgate and our Tracie.  We had no issues any place we went and had such a great time spoiling Miss Tracie.  The only thing she really needs is her bed from Idaho Falls, and we'll try to get that to her this month.  We loved spending time with her and her kitties and her roomie's pup Fella.  ('re famous now, Dude!)  We didn't even cry when we had to separate! YAY! We're getting better about this, Trace!

Up to Bellingham and to Amy...we got to meet her young man, Russ.  He is everything we want in a guy for our Amy.  Very caring, thoughtful, doesn't take her guff, loves her unconditionally...yep, we're really happy to have Russ on this journey called life with us!  Welcome to the Nuthouse!  Russ has a Pirate for a Dad, too, so he's all broken in already.  Sweet!

Amy also finally decided to speak up for something she wanted!!!  We'd had several pen and ink drawings of motorcycles, nicely framed.  We took them all up so Amy could pick which ones she wanted, and she wanted ALL  of them!  YAY!!  About time our girls spoke up!  I think when they both realized we actually were going to throw or give away things, they started deciding!

Not sure when the AC in the condo will get worked on.  Some time this week, we think.  As soon as that happens, we can take the portable unit out to the Gypsy Rose and move in.  It's too hot out there now, and we've only got 30 AMP service in the gravel apron.  (Just happy to have service at all)

To my Prayer Warrior Group...please send up some prayers for my dear friend Michael.  He's at the same spot we are and doing this by himself (Texas).  Thanks, PWs!  

Wow...ten more days!  Wahoooooo!!!!


  1. That's quite a view your daughter Amy has. Beautiful! Those ten days will be gone before you know it. Wishing you all the best.

  2. a nice visit with your girls!..sounds lovely!! the count down can begin!!!

  3. You are so right - our son turned 25 this year and has become such a wonderful man to be around. And I truly didn't think we were all going to live through those teen years. Getting rid of stuff - great feeling.