The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yesterday was...

Quite a lesson in adaptability. Part of interstate 90 was flooded at the wy/mt border, so we had to detour across the big horn mountains. With the way the truck is running, we used an eighth of a tank to go thirty miles.

Then out of that area and before we connected back up with 90...gravel washboard road. Only one light fixture came loose!

We hope to make kennewick today, which is home. This phone has fabric us several times on this shakedown cruise. So thankful for it.

We pulled out of the walmart in laurel, mt at 6am. We'll see if we make it, but pretty sure we will. I am so proud of pirate and his handling of each situation as it arose yesterday. I sure married a good man!!

At least the detour was beautiful...
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  1. You guys are doing great! Remember,when you drive/tow your RV, it's just like a 10.0 earthquake going down the road. . everything shakes around. . . I think this is why they say RV'ers should have a sense of humor!!! haha. . once you both get your routines down, and you will get set into a great routine for setting up, taking down and traveling, you will be enjoy sailing the black seas!