The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Heading to Michigan May 14th!




Finally, we know the day we’re leaving!  We have an appointment for the hitch on the 12th, then on the 14th, we’ll shoot on out to Wixom, Michigan and go get our new home!!  I don’t know if everyone is this excited for their new Coach or not, but I can hardly stand myself! LOL!


We’re sitting here waiting for the phone call to take Ruby to her new owner. I’ve been working on the ‘to scan’ picture pile all day, and Pirate has been working on cleaning up Ruby.  He took her for a bath and is cleaning, dusting, vacuuming her out for Mikey and his family.  I’m really happy Ruby is staying ‘in the family’ but sad my TFL Brookey wasn’t able to purchase her. 


I’ve got a list of items I’ll need to take with us to Michigan…working on fine-tuning it.  We’ll need to bring our own bedding, towels for bathroom and kitchen, the new coffee pot, thermos, of course our personal items for 10 days…as well as what Scooter will need and her Service Dog vest.  But what I’m more worried about is Willie.


Willie will have to stay at home while we’re on the shakedown cruise.  We have never been apart for that long before!  Momma don’t like!  I’m sure Willie don’t like, either!  Tony will feed him and clean the outhouse, Brookey will come by as often as possible, and hopefully Tracie will come stay a couple of days…she doesn’t know what her schedule will be yet, of course.  Sometime in there my folks will come over to see Tracer so I’m sure Willie will have lots of company.  I just hate that he has to sleep alone.  He always lays on top of me at night, usually on my stomach or legs.  Nothing like the soft lullaby of a warm purring kitteh to drift off to.


You like the Pirate/Kitty graphic I found?  I was waiting for an occasion to use it, hee hee. 


One step closer to the ROAD!!!

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