The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The pain catches up with Kitty

It is so good to be home!!  The folks here at the condo did move a boat and camp trailer, so we were able to put the Gypsy Rose into the gravel apron and put the slides out.  Now the hard part really begins.  Where do I put everything!  LOL!!  There is such a limited amount of room in a 5th wheel, yet it seems like I have so many cupboards, I don't know where to start!

I had purchased, online, some of those handy dandy helper gadgets for my shelving issues...well, none of them fit!!  My cabinets are just a wee bit too small.  At least the drawer thingy will fit under the bathroom sink.  Wow...I have my work cut out for me.

Before we left, we did not shop for sense having to throw out spoiled food, right?  So after nine days of 'road food' we come home to eat more road food!  Today we are going grocery shopping, to a dr's appointment, and sometime in all of this we need to work on the condo and keep forward motion going.  I would love to just crash and burn, as my pain is so bad.  I am thankful my dear Pirate did all of the driving, but being disabled and in chronic nerve pain doesn't make 5000 miles sitting in a truck pleasant.  I just feel so badly for what Pirate has had to do alone, I am pushing through the pain and just doing things anyway.  I don't really have a choice!

I'm glad we don't have to sell the condo through 'regular' means, as that would mean deadlines to meet.  We CAN do this at our own pace, but this beautiful family is living in such a small space I feel the pressure of wanting to make their dreams come true as soon as possible.  This condo unit will be happy to have childrens' laughter once again echo in the halls.

As I was cooking our dinner last night, I was amazed at how inconvienant our house kitchen is!  LOL!  One thing I love about my Gypsy Rose is everything is right there.  As these poor knees climb the 14 stairs, I want to already be in my new place!!

I will miss having three bathrooms, but we're old and know that sometimes, you are sick, sometimes things happen in the bathroom that aren't for the faint of heart...and it just is what it is!  You know the 'honeymoon' is over when you can have explosive diarrhea with your spouse close at hand and not be embarrassed! LOL!!

The storms that we drove through in the Mid West are now causing havoc and destruction across the nation.  Wow, are we blessed!  I feel so badly for those effected, and for those RVers who are/were looking forward to a great weekend...please stay safe out there!!

Today I will work on packing up the 'treasures' and working on those remaining boxes of photos.  It all seems so overwhelming with so much work still to thing at a time and one day at a time!  I am going to be good to myself in that I will take the time to label each and every box with the items inside.  I know it's a pain now, but will be worth it later when trying to find something!  

...speaking of finding things...has anyone seen my set of RV keys? I still can't locate them, lol!

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