The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 3

We're in Albert Lea, MN!!  No pictures of today because I can't seem to sync up my phone, this flea bag spot has thicky thick walls so it'll be quiet....using their crap wifi..GRR!!!  OK, now I'm better..oh, wait...and they also charged us $25 for my SERVICE DOG!!  Hell, she even gets to FLY for free, dumb *#%^'s!!

OK, so, we sure saw a bunch of pretty country.  Can't wait to go exploring the Badlands on the Harley some day.  We may have to stop and take pics on the way home.  It's as flat as they say on the Plains!  WOW, this Mountain Girl was really surprised.  It was similar when Tracie and I moved to Tri-Cities and couldn't tell our North/South/East/West on a cloudy day...we're used to mountains and hills to judge direction by!  Thank goodness for GPS!

We called Rich at the Wixom General RV Center and he said we should make it there tomorrow, but we're not holding our breath.  We're OLD!! hee hee  He also said that The Gypsy Rose is in the shop getting her W/D installed.  YAY!!  I know they don't was huge loads or anything, but it's going to be nice to have the option.  I spent too many years in my early motherhood with NO W/D, so I don't care if I have to wash them one item at a time, at least I CAN if I wanna!!

We have seen several smaller Class C's along the road the entire trip...heading West...and they are ALL Ford-based 'Chalet' units...some smaller, some larger, but all Chalets!  We're wondering that since we're not far from Winnebago, MN if they are driving their units elsewhere??  We seem to see them in groups of 3-5. Interesting!  A funny thing:  Pirate no sooner remarked that he hadn't seen any Hummers with these high gas prices, and sure passed us on the left!

We're starting to get pretty road weary, but Scooter is riding like a champ!  No complaints from her except when Daddy has the audacity to step out of the rig to fuel up (how DARE he?).  I sent Pirate off to find a bar and some food to bring back to me...I couldn't leave her with that sad look on her face.  She knows, and she works it!!  hee hee

Okie Dokie, got me some research on the internet to do....We're almost there!!! YAY!!!

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