The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Our Unit has arrived!

Trying this from Picasa, so I'm hoping the picture of Boone and Scooter comes thru...these two are the #1 & #2 reasons we decided to RV...and Willard is #3! We had to find a way to keep our babies with us while we fulfill our desire to ride the Lower 48. Although our Big Pal has passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, he is still with us wherever we go.

Time to gear back up for a road trip, cuz our new home will arrive in Michigan tomorrow! I think we are leaving Saturday, but Pirate is at the hitch center getting our badd-ass Hensley hitch installed. It may have cost us an arm and a leg, but the money we will save down the road, plus the smooth ride we will enjoy...priceless! This hitch keeps the pin from sliding around, up or down, or side-to-side. This means there is less stress on the coach, our belongings won't get tossed to and fro so much, it cuts the vibration, so wiring, pipes, etc won't rub together as much, less friction all around. This one item will keep our truck and coach 'together' longer and keep us out on the road longer, too! Plus, as soon as you get the pin anywhere 'near' the reciever, it automatically 'grabs' the pin...this will be important as our eyes start getting worse and in case I ever have to be the one to hook us up (read emergency!). LOL!!

As a 'frequent road-tripper' on our Harleys, I've learned over the years to carry my make-up and anything like pills in a backpack attached to ME. It serves as a back cushion and also keeps things from being vibrated into powder. The first time I got into my make-up bag and found my powdered items were a nice pile of eye shadow or blush...I decided to change the way I carried things. Have you ever seen a blister pack of benadryl after it's ridden a few hundred miles on a bike? Powdered!!

I think we have everything we're going to need already purchased. Now I just need to start packing up our road-trip stuff. I have a list of what we'll need to take. Bedding, linens, the coffee maker...Poochie-Smoochie's stuff, get Willard all ready to have folks come in to care for him....HERE WE GO!!

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