The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, May 13, 2011

We’ve come a looong way, Baby Girl!



This picture is from the start of Tracie and my adventure in life alone.  Taken January 1989…right after we left a marriage that just wasn’t meant to be and moved in with my folks.  Wow, Tracers, we sure went through some hard times, but we landed in the exact right spot, huh?!  Can you believe where we both are today?

Tracie is in Seattle, all safe and sound with a promising job interview yesterday.  She negotiated I-5 traffic and got a rock chip in her window as a souvenir. She is so happy to be following her dream in HER city, she didn’t even get upset! We are so proud of our youngest ‘chicklet’ as she spreads her wings and soars with the eagles!!

Miss Scootie pants has to go to the vet today and get updated on all of her shots and we will grab a copy of her vaccination records.  I have read ahead that some RV parks do require your pet’s shot records.  Glad I have been researching this all along…we’d have been stuck between a rock and a hard spot!  I’m not going to do the same for WillBilly…I think our pets are over-vaccinated as it is!  I had my Big Boy Boone titer tested and he did not need one more vaccination had he lived to be 100 years old.  But, we are a nation of laws….and I’d hate for someone NOT to vaccinate their dog.  If Willie catches something inside our house or trailer, then it was meant to ‘get him.’ 

I have some natural flea spray (clove oil) and this is about as harsh a chemical I’ll put on my babies.  For Scooter’s ‘backne’ or “Schnauzer Bumps” we are using emu oil and it’s clearing it up rapidly!!  Yay for holistic methods!  It’s taken all of the red from her irritated skin and is soothing the itchies, too!  The ‘bumps’ or blackheads, are also falling off!  Thank you once again to her groomer, Nicole at Purrcision Pooch in Richland, WA.

I signed us up for Netflix yesterday…I did sign up for the DVD delivery, as we will be ‘in town’ basically until September, so we will have the chance to watch them…NCIS series!!  I just used Tony’s address from the ‘git’ and once we hit the road for ‘reals’ I’ll take the DVD service off.  It’s only $2 more/month, and only $7.99 for the instant access.  We plan to hook our laptop to the TV to watch our movies on the ‘big screen.’

I also found an awesome TV app on my android phone!  Watched the latest episode of NCIS on it this morning!

So, looks like we’re leaving tomorrow for Michigan…wish us luck and we’ll be posting down the road!  Pardon any misspellings now, as I’ll mostly be update with ‘blogger-droid’ from my phone.  My kitty-paws don’t do fine motor skills well anymore, so this swyping thang is working for me…but I still won’t be able to ‘really’ double-triple check my mistakes, so just enjoy the pictures, lol!

My big worry is going to be my Willie…and he’s just  not going to be happy and there’s just not anything I can do about it….Brookey will be over, and of course, Tony will be over twice a day.  Tracie will be here a few days while we’re gone, but not sure which days yet.  Yep, Willie will have TONS of company…but it’s still not his Momma by his side. =(


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