The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 sure to count yours

It feels so good to be home, to have 'made it' with our new home all safe and sound.  We only put on 5,000 miles in the last nine days!  I missed my Willie so much!!  Ahhh....

Anyone who already knows us, knows that we are very blessed people.  I want to take this time and point out a few things for those who are just getting to know Pirate & Kitty.  About two years ago, we were thinking we'd move somewhere where it's always warm, oh, say Panama, for instance!  Somewhere we could just fish, relax, do whatever...and Panama has a great standard of living as far as prices and with the Armed Services Bases, it's basically 'Americanized' down there.  Eventually, we came to the conclusion we'd like to travel the USA in an RV.  So, I started researching and dreaming....

Once we decided what we were going to do, it all started rolling.  I found our RV, we started making purchases with RVing in mind, saw ourselves living in one, figured out what we needed to make it happen.  We invested our time and energy, and it seems the Universe did the rest FOR us!!  Our truck 'landed' in our laps.  Even losing our diabetic Schnauzer to cancer was what was best, considering he was blind and last winter was one big ice storm.  

The timing continued to just chug along like WE had planned all of this!!  Even the timing of the delivery of the Coach coincided with us missing all of the Memorial Day Weekend traffic and hassle.  There is just NO WAY it can be denied that a Higher Power, God, Intelligent Design...whatever label YOU want to put on involved in all of this.  Even the people we ran into along the way at motels, stores, rest areas...they were all there to tell us something, show us a short cut, a tid bit of knowledge.  We take nothing we learn for granted, because we know we will NEED that information later.

We 1) decided what we wanted 2) put the effort and research into what we needed 3) allowed what came our way to come our way ....we didn't step on our own toes is the best way I can describe this part.  4) we are thankful for it all...even the worst, which was Boone's death.

We hope that we can inspire others to follow their dreams.  Life is for LIVING!!  Not for existing and just getting by.  What is really important to you?  Your 'things' or those you love?  Get back to the simple life.  You don't need botox and surgery to be happy, even Jessica Simpson doesn't look like Jessica Simpson without airbrushing and make give it up.  You don't need that certain car or huge house or whatever it is you 'think' you need.  You were born with what you needed to live your life.  So stop making excuses and start living it!!

We learned so many things on our 'shake down cruise' home, and I was going to go back and edit my 'swype' mistakes, but it is what it is and so I'm leaving them as is.  We will post later about the tips we learned, such as dumping a bag of ice into the toilet as you travel down the road to 'loosen things up.'  But for now, I have a lot of work to do!!  

Here's to dreams coming true!!!  Cheers!!

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