The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I get so much joy from the 'little thangs!"

These cupboards are so high!

But that's ok, cuz my Pirate bought me a step-ladder today!  Hee hee...I love it so much, I just might name it!  Pirate and I braved Walmart today and we totally scored...found a million things we needed for the Gypsy Rose.  Pop up garbage bins, a sweet little broom/dust pan combo, a gopher 'grabber' for the high shelves and fan in the kitchen, organizer bags for in the bathroom and living room...YAY!  Those little things are going to make day-to-day life so much easier.  I found all of the cables and cords we need yesterday, plus a set of walkie-talkies.  We also found covers for the outside steps so I don't fall when they are wet.  Score on acrylic wine glasses, as well.  I even found one of those 'rodent things' that you plug in.  We WILL be traveling with a Mighty Kitty, but while the Gypsy Rose sets out in the gravel apron, mice could have been an issue.  Don't forget about those unwanted guests...for under $10 we have it handled now.  The one we found also doubles as a night light, but I plugged it into the outlet in the loft.  I also got 25 feet of extension cord so we can plug the surge protector into it and not worry about the lack of handy outlets in the living room.

Willie got a new kitty box, Clever Cat, and it looks pretty much like one of those storage bins you use at Christmas time.  It has a lid with a large hole, the lid also sports groves to collect the litter from his feet.  It is tall enough we won't have to worry about him flipping litter on the floor.  I hope the kids that invented Clever Cat make a million.  What a great idea they came up with!  Now let's just hope it keeps the smell down as advertised.  We've been lucky with our boy so far.  The Booda Dome he currently uses keeps the smell down so well, our litter box is under the dining room table, believe it or not.  

I found some things for hanging keys and pictures that won't wreck havoc on my brand new walls.  I also don't have to try to pound 1 inch nails into my pristine walls.  We have clearance to 1 1/2" but don't want to take any chances.  I picked up a tip from another blog to put a line of clear silicone sealer on the bottom of items to keep them in place, too.  The only picture we're super worried about is the portrait of Boone our tattoo artist painted for us in oils.  THAT goes in a very special spot in our bedroom.

I've taken a small rest, and now it's out to the Gypsy Rose again!  I love playing out there!!

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