The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, May 27, 2011

The truth about those pictures on the internet...

They are taken at angles that 'enhance' the other words, things look bigger in the pictures the dealers show on their sites.  I was amazed when I actually got to touch my coach and see it for myself...the cabinets are small!  The oven is tiny....whaaaaat????  LOL!  I thought I would show you what I mean, so here are some pictures of what the RW 405 looks like with cupboard doors open.

 The long cupboard in my island

 the drawers in island

cabinet above toilet...maybe five towels will fit?

Also, the overhead cabinets in the kitchen are sweet, yes, but up too high.  I need to purchase a step-ladder with rails!

I will take photos again when I am all moved into our Coach.  I've got a litter box out in the 'garage' for now, but will get a smaller covered one.  ACK! Where to put everything....sigh! Oh, to have this be the biggest 'dilema' in my life is so wonderful!

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