The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Waiting for my Girlie to get home…



“Just in case” y’all hadn’t noticed…WE LOVE OUR KIDS!!  Our youngest, Tracie, is currently 2 hours away or less from here…Seattle via Mom & Dad’s house.  Tracie is following her dreams and is moving to Seattle to live with one of her Lifers, Lindsay.  I have so much admiration for Tracie to step out on Faith and go for it.  She has some job ‘possibilities’ when she gets there, but no actual j-o-b to go to.  We know our Tracie, though…and Seattle doesn’t stand a chance!


It will be so very handy for us to have Tracie in Seattle, as Pirate’s sister Cathy lives there, and our oldest, Amy, is in Bellingham…a mere hour North!  Tony will be ‘all alone’ in Tri-Cities soon.  We are so thankful to him for being our point man and all-around go-to guy.


Bettered hit the store while Tracer is still in transit…don’t you just love the picture?  It is my tassel and hers together…20 years difference.  I certainly had some struggles along the way, having her so young and doing almost the entire thing alone…until meeting Pirate when she was age 14.  So, yep, we’re kinda tight!  purr purr purr


Okey dokey, the Pirate is ready to hit the supermarket….we need things for the weekend with Tracie and also to get ready for our trip to Michigan….I’ll bet not only everyone in the neighborhood will hear us squeal…YOU probably will be able to hear us, too!  SQUEEEE!!!!!!!

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