The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, April 21, 2011

View from Shotgun



This will be my ‘Travel Day’ view, and I can’t wait!

Little Miss Scooter loves her car seat, all I need to do is find the perfect pillow so she can rest her head when she’s tired.  We’ve tried several combinations, and so far she prefers the wadded up hood to my pink ‘puffy vest.’ 

I really wish the weather here in the Pacific Northwest would clear up for us.  I’d like to get Willie out of doors and onto his ‘kitty leash’ to get him used to it.  We will also take him for practice rides when it’s nicer out.  Gotta get him used to riding in the truck.


We have found on our travels that when we tell someone we are from Washington State, they immediately think lush evergreens everywhere and constant rain.  This IS true on the Western strip from the Cascade range to the Pacific Ocean.  However, the Eastern part of the state is much drier.  Where we live in South Eastern Washington, it’s drier than a bone and actually high desert.  Our main source of greenery is sagebrush, with the plentiful tumbleweed thrown in there for good measure. 

However, since we are  so close to the Ocean-as the crow flies-that we still get storm after storm come through.  These low  pressure systems are what kill me.  Among orthopedic and nerve issues, I also suffer from Cervical Dystonia, which means I have a neck muscle that is constantly turned to the ON position.  Think 24/7 charley horse in your neck.  This is made worse by atmospheric changes to lower air pressure.  Many, many people feel so much better in Arizona…I cannot wait to Winter there!!  This last winter was horrible in Washington.  Wet, snowy, icy…


So far, the Pirate and I continue to take each day as it comes.  Whittling away at the little errands and chores on our ‘to-do’ list.  Small steps on a long, wonderful journey. 


I was re-reading our blog and I realized I hadn’t told “Scooter’s Story” yet!  Here goes:

While walking my Beautiful Boone one summer evening, I met a young man named Chris.  He excitedly explained that he, also, had a Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Chiquita, and would I walk around by his home so his Dad could see Boone?!  Sure!  We met Chris’ family and little Chiquita. 

Soon, each time we walked that way, at least one member of the family would come out to pet Boone and swap Schnauzer stories with me.  I even gave Chris my Schnauzer reading material.  Occasionally they would walk over to the condo so Boone and Chiquita could run and play together. 


One day, Chris sadly told me that the family was moving.  Mom got a job at an apartment complex, including free rent.  This way, they could rent out their house! Only, no dogs allowed.  Would I take Chiquita?  No, I can not.


Three months went by, and Chris knocked on my door, with Chiquita, and told me that the little Schnauzer was not doing well.  The people renting their home did nothing with her, barely fed her….and worse!  Would I take her NOW?  YES!!!!


That was in 2007.  When we took her that August, she had never been groomed or had her nails cut in the nine months she’d been alive.  “Scooter” as she was renamed, adjusted to our family and Boone even sorted his toys into 3 piles. “Doesn’t touch” “I shares” and “She can have these”  It was amazing to watch Boone tend to his new little sister.  There was jealousy, don’t get me wrong, but Boone was also so kind and considerate.


The two ‘kids’ were inseparable, and when Boone developed diabetes, Scooter was ‘Sister Nurse’ and constantly checked his breath and urine for signs of sugar or fruity smells.  Alerting me when he needed me, or, after he developed cataracts, telling me Boone got stuck somewhere, guiding him, keeping him in-between us on walks…devoted to him!


After Boone’s death, Scooter moped for two straight days, never leaving her post at the slider.  Willie, our Snow Shoe Siamese, lay beside her the entire time.  Just as he lay beside Boone that last night…the whole night through.


Thank you, Chris, for your prayers! God heard a young boy’s prayers that his little Schnauzer find forever love!

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  1. Connie, that is a very touching story about Willie, Scooter and Boone... I would LOVE it if I could find such an awesome cat like Willie! The way he loved you and your family was sooooooo very touching!!!