The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, April 29, 2011

Good~Bye, Ruby Tuesday!!




My Wheels! My Beautiful Ruby will be leaving the family next Wed.  She took such great care of me and never ever let me down or left me stranded.  I loved driving her, even though I tend to be ‘somewhat reclusive’ heh heh.  I would at least go to the store every Tuesday just so I got out of the house.  I remember being at my friend Brenda’s house and having the odometer turn over to 75,000.  It was a huge deal, as I’d had Ruby for over a year and still had only put 3,000 miles on her.  Brenda even came outside as my ‘witness!’


Now, I am truly going to have to drive the Beast if I want to go anywhere…YIKES!!  I drove it all the way to Idaho Falls, Idaho, yes I did, but I was scared the entire time.  Especially in town and any time a semi passed by…it felt as though I was a TANK and took up the entire road.  I know, if the mirrors fit, you fit.  Still feels weird driving such a big rig.  Emergencies are one thing…I can ‘buck-up’ any time I need to…but to just drive for driving’s sake…unuh…not this Kitty!!


I am thankful that Ruby is going to a family, actually to our piercer, Mikey.  He is such a nice guy and dear friend.  So, now we just need the condo sale to go as smoothly!  Looks like we’ll need to get going on the hitch, too….gotta have it installed before we go to Michigan.  Wow…the shake-down cruise will be SOON! Hope the condo association gets their act together and straightens out the parking situation quickly…very very quickly!!  It won’t be long and I’ll be posting pictures of the Gypsy Rose!!

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