The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From this day forward….



Finally, the day of all days has arrived! Pirate’s last day of that four lettered word…WORK!!  No more lonely days home alone…no more riding his desk when he’d rather be on the Harley!!  Now, The Road Trip begins!


Our intention is to explore the meaning of the word FREEDOM to it’s fullest.  We like the idea of the toy hauler because it gives us the most options.  We can detach the truck, take the Harley out, get down the bicycles, or inflate the kayak and go exploring.  We have no destinations in mind other than winter in Arizona and North and visiting family in the Summer.  

We have a goal of staying off the beaten path and visiting smaller towns and communities…spending our dollars where they will do the most good and living the Simple life. We relish the thought of stopping by roadside stands and farmer’s markets for our veggies…stopping in a shop or store run by a little old couple who will tell you where to get the best meal and all the town gossip.  We want to see the big things, the monuments, and we want to get back to nature and connect with the small things.  Fishing, hiking, kayaking, walking, smelling the flowers, and most of all, riding the Road Glide…these are going to be our new ‘rat race’ as we slow down our pace.


Back to a time where life was simple, people were friendly, word was word, there was no 24/7 bombardment of world crisis and urgency.  We take great pleasure in the beauty of a sunset, the richness of a warm breeze caressing our skin,  sipping a glass of plummy wine, watching our animals be silly, getting a phone call from one of the kids, that ‘removing of the boots’ after a long, dusty ride,  gazing into the eyes of our soul mate and feeling the deep wealth of happiness to be living ‘the good life.’


You can have your fancy cars, your designer this and that…whatever it is that you consume to make yourself feel sexy, lose weight, grow hair, remove unwanted hair, enhance the right things, hide the others…all in an attempt to satisfy something inside.  You cannot buy happiness…it’s something you create. No thing and no person can ‘make’ you happy.  Be responsible and figure out what it takes to make YOU happy. 


Life is short, our days aren’t guaranteed, so we’re off to work on that bucket list.  You’re invited for the ride!


These next few weeks will be devoted to clearing out the house and it’s contents to get prepared to moving into the Gypsy Rose. She is being built as we ‘speak’ and we will me traveling to Michigan …probably towards the end of May…and taking our shake-down cruise home.  We plan to stick around in the North/NorthWest for the Summer/Fall and spend the Winter in Arizona.  I can say with certainty we will be returning to Colorado and Wyoming this Summer!! 


We will take pictures and videos along the way, show you the sites, rate the places we stay and eat  and keep you up to day with the Gypsies!  Time to stop dreaming and start LIVING!!!

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