The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My future Kitchen



I’m beyond excited to start our new life…and look at the beautiful kitchen I get to prepare my Pirate’s meals in!!  Heartland is truly a top-notch manufacturer, and General RV has really gone above and beyond to make it happen for us.  If you’re ever in Draper, UT, stop in and see Christine!

Today was a very emotional day. Pirate had friends come from all over to be there today…former neighbors, co-workers, and friends.  Two very special people that made it despite the amount of pain they were in was our dear friend Sandra, only 2 weeks out from hip replacement, walker and all…and our dear, precious Brooke and her man AJ.  Brooke has been in intense pain and it made today all worth while to be able share it with her.  WOW is all I can say…we are so truly loved!!

It is interesting that everyone says they would like to do what we are doing.  We’ve really struck a chord in the souls of others, and I hope that each and every person that reads our blog finds their dream and follows it!

I would like to thank Ardean, Juanita, Debbie, LouAnne, and Beth for all of their hard work to make today happen.  These ladies put in so much time and love…the food was perfect, the refreshments amazing!!  And we were so glad to see our dear friends Rene and Alysha who brought their delightful daughters with them today.  It was a beautiful ‘full circle’ of life…the little ones just starting their journeys, while we are at the other end of the spectrum!  Actually, back to childhood in our own way.

We just can’t thank all of you enough, and we hope we bring a smile to your face as we start this new chapter in life.  We wish all of you the happiness that we have found.  May the blessings continue to flow!

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