The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, April 26, 2011




It all started with some guys at the local pub talking about Arizona Bike Week.  Donny, the owner of Sport’s Page in Kennewick mentioned that this certain banker-biker would probably go with them…as they were looking for one more to split expenses with….and a lifelong friendship was born.

Mike O’Brien and his wife Colleen (RC) have become such dear, dear friends of ours, we don’t even want to imagine life without them! Today is Mikey’s retirement day…but, of course, there is a story behind even this day!


AZ Bike Week 2010:  Mikey and Pirate traveled down with the bikes, meeting another friend at the airport.  On the looong drive, Pirate mentioned to Mike our plan of RVing in a toy hauler.  Well, Mike was so upset, he refused to talk about it!   Then he asked RC if she would like to do what we were planning…um, NO! RC did get back on the bike for a few trips, including standing beside me as I married my Pirate in Vegas…but it just wasn’t something she enjoyed anymore. 


So, Mikey bought a boat.  That still wasn’t enough.  He finally decided they would move to Arizona and retire, so at least he could ride with his ‘brother’ all winter long.  They purchased a beautiful home that was in foreclosure, and set his retirement date for April 30th.  He thought he was pretty sneaky, retiring BEFORE Pirate, but as we know now, we snuck in there on April 15th!  hee hee


So, today is his retirement from King Beverage, a Budweiser company.  You know it’s gonna be a blow out party.  However, the Pirate is punky…that cold moved down into his chest and he is on antibiotics and special cough syrup.  My birthday was yesterday (39 again, thank you) and we had dinner plans.  We didn’t make it.  We won’t be long for the party tonight, either.  We will have to do dinner with them before they head south.


It’s going to be a long Summer without our friends!!!


  1. You will be very missed but you will have such fun adventures with old and new friends alike. I miss Mikey and RC, they are some of the sweetest people ever!

  2. Thank you, Tracie! I already miss you the most! Much love, Dear Daughter!!