The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gonna miss this face!




Please say “Howdy” to Roxy, our Granddogger from our son, Tony.  (Who is healing nicely, still no word on the guy who clocked him.)

Jelly~Belly, as Grandpa calls her, is such a delight.  She is an English Bulldog, now 6 years old.  You should see the set-up this lucky pup has! Her Daddy has set her up with the perfect kennel, including her own pool and mist system for the hot Tri-Cities weather, she has her own couch in the family room, and she is just all-around a good girl and very precious and loving…just don’t ever try to come between her and her Dad…she’ll knock ya down flat!!


We are really going to miss all of our kids, but Pirate and Tony are more than father-son…they are also best friends!  If you knew Pirate when he was younger, or happen to have the privilege of seeing his high school pictures…you’d think they were of the same person…that’s how much alike these boys are.  We always joke that Tony not only didn’t fall too far from the tree, but he has bark under his fingernails from the slide down!!  Nothing gives my heart more pleasure than to see the two of them go off on adventure together…whether on the Harleys, out to the range, hanging out drinking beer, or shopping the local hardware and sporting goods stores for the best prices. 


We are so thankful that Tony will be taking on such a large role in our RV life.  Tony will be our ‘point man’ and handle all of our mail for us, as well as taking in a lot of our furniture and garage items into his home.  Tony will also serve as our ‘helper’ to take items to and from his sisters’ homes, watching over the storage unit, and keeping the ‘girls’ under control, lol!


The advice and hints we’ve gotten from Tony are already too numerous to count, and we know we are in the best of all possible hands with Tony as our point man! 


Pirate continues to recover from this nasty chest cold…I’m so thankful he came down with this before we hit the road…it’s going to be a challenge to find medical help once we’re ‘out there.’  We will more than likely use Urgent Care centers across the nation as we need it.  I will still have to fly back to Washington State every 90 days to stay under my orthopedic surgeon’s care.  More than likely on those times we can’t drive, I will fly into Lewiston, Idaho so my parents can pick me up.  Colfax is only about 45 minutes away. 


Next week, the Pirate will have no excuses (me, either) for not getting down to business and getting this ball rolling.  If Pirate can start by going through his clothes, we can stop by the Crisis Nursery and the Mens’ Shelter and get that load out of the way.  Once things start getting bare, the momentum will keep us going.


I keep googling our Coach and peering over pictures, mentally deciding what is going to go where….should be interesting to see if I actually end up putting things away as I’m imagining.  Smile I cannot wait!!  Gimmee three steps, Gimmee three steps Mister…LMAO!!  My knees are tired of the 14 we currently deal with!!

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