The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, August 5, 2011

Going through the "Lasts"

Scooter on one of her "Last" ventures by the tennis court

We're almost there!  Next Saturday we will be pulling out for our first scheduled trip.  We're going to Cashmere, WA for the 45th reunion of Wenatchee High's class of 1966.  It will be held at the Chelan County Fairgrounds, with hook ups!  And we've heard from our buyers...they are wanting to move in at the end of the month! YIKES!!  They are so excited, they aren't going to want a whole bunch done, thank you, Jesus!  So...push is coming to shove-off!  

We're trying to remember these are our last days here, and to really enjoy them.  Less than a month from now, we will no longer be tied to a stix and brix and all that comes with that.  Happy to trade in a house payment, garbage, sewer, water, 'lectricity, taxes...for FREEDOM, sweet freedom.  I've begun calling to cancel services here and found to my delight that our contract with our internet service is only 5 days away from being done!  Wahoo! (I've heard that folks have had a hard time getting them to stop billing their credit card, so we shall see!)

We're looking at storage units today...found a 10 X 10 for under $80/month.  It's more room than we'll need, but the smallest unit they have.  This place has been in business for quite some time, so we feel good about them.  Now to figure out when we'll make Idaho Falls and Seattle again for Miss Tracie's bed.  Poor Girls are having to double up in Lindsay's bed for now.  There's plenty of room, but with 2 cats and 1 dog, it's a bit crowded.

One thing I'll be glad for is fewer low pressure systems...hard to believe we've got one over the top of us when it's in the 90s out there, but we do!  I can feel it, :(  I used my pain cream today and has a great hour of relief...sure wish it could last longer.  It's hurting to type, so I'll go for now.  We're really excited around here, when we're not feeling overwhelmed, that is!  I'll take overwhelmed any day over being stuck in the stix!


  1. You are doing good. You have your momentum and your mojo!!

  2. So glad to find your blog. It was a year ago that we actually left onour adventure (lived in our rig for 4 months near our home town prior to that). sounds like your ready and getting things in order. The rig looks beautiful and have fun on your first trip. We have family in Bellingham too! Hope to be that direction next summer.