The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Messing with Blogger...

Just taking a break and wanted to see what all new features and goodies Blogger has put at my fingertips.  LOL!  Really, I was just catching up on some of my blogs...yes, even though YOU write them, I call them MY blogs...much better than a newspaper in my book.  Please know that we feel you all praying for us and sending us those good vibrations...keep them coming, please!

We've made huge progress, fine tuning our storage issues...and we found we can put more under Willie's couch than we ever thought possible.  We have almost everything we're storing in the loft up there and have areas for Willard to hide and play.  We're going to put his 'girlfriend Pinky' up there, too.  It's a nice fluffy pink chenille robe that he, um...well,'s his girlfriend, just don't ask more about that, you really don't want to know, lol!  He'll be a happy kitty, that's all that counts! snicker snort guffaw

Hopefully we'll have everything 'camera ready' here in a few more days and I can show off all of this hard work! =)

Thank you to Number One Son yet again!  We could NOT do this without Tony's help.  He's really a treasure!  We love all three of you!!!


  1. If you figure out all the features of blogger, you may be one of the first. I just keep slugging along.

    Just found your blog. It is am exciting time starting out full time. I remember five years ago, we were not really sure what we doing.

  2. can't wait to see your 'after shots'!!!