The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

Wow...we're so not where we thought we'd be by now.  But, at least we don't have to find a park for Labor Day!  That's finding a positive, lol!  There are just too few hours in the day and we only have so many kids...we're so thankful to Miss Tracie for spending yet another weekend helping us.  Pirate hates to paint, so that was HUGE!!  Yesterday the dining room table went to Tony's, as did the safe and any remaining boxes.  Thanks to Tony's pal Greg for helping...that gun safe was over 750 lbs and had to come down an L-shaped flight of stairs.  Today Tony and Pirate are steam cleaning the carpets. So...Willard and I are officially out here for good.

Thanking God for the cool down in temps today and for the next few days.  The condo will have to have all the windows open for a while to dry out the carpets.  I just hope the stains come up.  We had a very, very terminally ill diabetic, remember?  Poor Boone Dogger couldn't help it and we did our best to take him out, but he was also blind.  Sigh!  I miss my Little Man!!

So, I'll be out here fine-tuning things while the guys do the heavy stuff.  Sure wishing I wasn't disabled right about now! It kills my Type-A personality to sit.  I woke up with the shakes this morning and I didn't think I had overdone things yesterday.  Pirate sat me down and told me that the best thing I can do to help him is take care of myself and not overdo, cuz he ain't gonna have the time to nurse me.  I hear you, Honey!!  I'll sit on my hands if I have to.  As long as I confine my 'work' to out here in the RV, I'm 'pretty sure' I can't hurt myself.

Miss Tracie noticed while she was here that the cupboard above the microwave is usable space.  I hadn't even looked up there, as I just thought it was open with no shelf.  WRONGO!  I now have a whole drawer free for other things, as the dishtowels and pot holders fit ever so nicely there--and if they fall during flight, they just fall! Once I get everything in it's place, I promise to do pictures.  The kind of pictures I scoured the internet looking for.  WHAT goes in WHICH drawer? HOW did you arrange your closet?  WHERE did you put your food stuffs, etc.  The storage spaces in RVs are so might have a three-shelf closet, but those shelves might be 7" x 10" or some other oddball size.  Not too many of the space-savers out on the market actually fit where you want them too.  And these cupboards are NOT anywhere near as deep as your spaces at home.

Thankfully, there were tons of articles and pictures depicting what the typical RV kitchen is like, thank you kindly.  I'd have never known where to start, otherwise.  Meanwhile, it looks like we only have another week until the paperwork and cleaning is done and we're on our own.  This last few weeks has really been a push because of such ungodly hot weather here in the desert of WA State.  The kind of hot that makes you just crumple into a ball and wish for death kinda hot.

School is in session or starts soon around our beautiful America...keep watch for our little ones and SLOW DOWN!!  They are always a bit too excited that first few weeks to watch for you!  Once again, thank you for the's what has been keeping us going and we appreciate it more than we can say.  We're getting closer and closer to our 'good-byes' and we're putting off even thinking about it.  Once this work is all done, we're just gonna relax for about ten years or so, lol!  See you all soon!


  1. We are settled in for a week now and catching up with all the blogs we follow...glad to see you will be out here soon enough! Change is good, our plans are made in jello and love that part of our lives.

  2. getting all the chores done and soon it will be time to sit and watch the sun rise and set!! are so lucky that you are almost done!!