The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who messed with Blogger while I wasn't looking?!

Wuddn't mee, Mommy...I'z been busy ridin!!

I take a week off from blogging and someone moved my cheese!!  Remember that book from the late 90s?  Great book...makes you look at things differently and whether you're a Hem or Haw 'er.  When someone 'moves your cheese' you choose how to react, you really do!  I'll choose these changes are for the better for now...we'll see!  I've heard a lot of others are having trouble with it.

Luckily for Willie, his, and I do mean HIS, couch is next to the bird-feeder of the house behind us.  Kind of a built in babysitter for him...I know where he's going to be!  Now I just have to wipe the drool marks from the window and it's all good!  What a ham he is!

Scooter is going with the flow.  She doesn't like either of us out of her sight, so it's been interesting.  She and I are out here without Daddy!!! Oh, the horrors!!  But she'd be barking her fool head off if she were in the condo without ME!  

Ok, so far, we're still smiling and still like each other...just a minor melt down, but it IS so overwhelming.  I've had two years of  plotting, planning, research and scheming under my belt, so it's a natural continuation for the Kitty.  Mister Pirate has had so many 'sudden changes' happen to him, I don't blame him one bit.  Retirement.  Selling your home.  Large purchases like the truck and the Gypsy Rose.  Pick ONE!  Let alone all of it all at once.  

It astounded him that I had so few boxes to go in the loft and into biggest item is the dresser my Daddy built for Mom as a wedding present.  It's made of cedar and too large for Miss Tracie at this point.  It's also very heavy, so it will wait for her to find a permanent home...I'd hate to see her stuck with such a heavy item and moving from apartment to apartment over the next few years.  I've also been weeding out my clothes, rethinking what I really need to hang on to.  

Speaking of which...Pirate just showed up with the boxes for the loft...see y'all later and know we're A-OK!  Thanks for the prayers...we can feel you! 

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