The Gypsy Rose

The Gypsy Rose

Friday, May 14, 2010

I CAN become neat and organized...I CAN!

My Kindle keeps saving my bacon, I swear!  Thanks a million to my two Kindle pals, Tink & Uma, who let me play with their Kindles until I decided it was right for me.  Books and articles on RVing, the classics, poetry, and....a book by Nancy Shelton on organization for "Messies" with a Messies Anonymous (MA) type of solution.  I feel SO empowered!

I don't have people over because of how the house looks...when you can't physically clean...what do you do?  I can't nag and barrage my Pirate to do on MY timeframe...he works all day and wants to relax when he gets home...who doesn't?  I wish I could be a 'normal' house-cat and make our home the haven for him to come home to...sigh!

Well, now I have ideas, a plan, instructions, how-to, no-excuses!!  We keep telling each other that once we move into the 5th, it will be soooo easy to remain uncluttered...everything MUST have a place.  But unless we change our ways now, that trailer will become just as bad.  The book I'm reading calls the basic 'get-out-from under-it" approach of what they do at a large historical site, Mount Vernon.  They keep this site under control by starting with walking in the door, cleaning right there, then walking around the outsides of the room and working in.  How simple, but I needed that motivation.  

Yep, I can't clean a 3 bed/3 bath condo, but I CAN and will clean 400 sft of trailer.  Especially since 12 ft  of it will be garage!  

486 more days to Heaven!!

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